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Post Mon Jul 11, 2016 5:22 am
That's not true. Some of the most powerful are Lilith (She will destroy communism and the enemy), Astaroth, Mastema, Maat, Nephthys, Sekhet, Seshat, Agares,
Byleth, Bune, Crocell and many more.

In Ancient Paganism (Satanism), both men and women worked together.
Unlike the Judeo/Christian/Muslim excrement that in its fear and hatred of women, has nothing but male angels, a male "god" etc.

In the legends of our Gods and Goddesses, the females had every bit as much power as the males. Our Gods were never insecure or fearful about our Goddesses having power.

Also, never in our Pagan Pantheon, did our male Gods treat our Goddesses condescendingly, or as inferiors. They worked together.

In addition, they never covered their bodies in shame like those abominable Muslims.

It is glaringly obvious just how much the alien vermin that promotes and runs those foul programs that are ignorantly called "religions" fears anything human.

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Post Mon Jul 11, 2016 9:33 am
Cool :D

Post Mon Jul 11, 2016 4:33 pm

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To be honest here, one of my most favourite gods is FurFur as she's totally awesome! :D ..

And I kind of knew this also, though I wasn't away that Bune, Nephthys and Sekhet were female!
That's totally awesome! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ..

Post Mon Jul 11, 2016 6:13 pm

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More female more Satanic.
The Abrahamic religions are left brained, this is why they opress women, because women have the right side of the brain as predominant, seeing life with your own eyes and your own feelings as oposed to seeing based on a book is Satanic.

Women are anti christ

Post Mon Jul 11, 2016 8:33 pm

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VovinPrgel wrote:
To be honest here, one of my most favourite gods is FurFur as she's totally awesome! :D ..

And I kind of knew this also, though I wasn't away that Bune, Nephthys and Sekhet were female!
That's totally awesome! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ..

The lovely Astral Arts of the Gods site has pictures of the Gods and will clarify their gender.

Astral Arts of the Gods
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Post Mon Jul 11, 2016 9:24 pm
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Something that ties into this post:

In the Ancient Civilizations, you had 12 Gods, like let's say, the Greek Pantheon. You had an equal number of Gods and Godesses. This was out of respect to the Female element and the union of it with the male. This is because women were seen as equals to men. One gender completed the other. Despite of what your Marxist historian is going to tell you.

For instance, there were all the Natures of women into these 6 Godesses. First, you had Athena. Athena was the Goddess of knowledge, justice, war, ethics, education, calculated warfare. Then, you have Artemis. Artemis was the goddess of the hunt, more brutal warfare, nature, even gardening and anything else, growth, some could even relate her to athletics. Then you have Aphrodite, which was the Goddess of beauty, lovemaking, affection, relationships, literally, the Goddess of love, union of opposites.

Then you have Hestia, which was the Goddess that had to do with home, homekeeping, everything that has to do with the country or state, taking care of the family (the state being a big home etc). Then, Goddess Demeter, having to do with the harverst, the Earth, food and grain, also Goddess of Law and Justice as well. Because without homes, erm, evidently, there is no civilization. And without family there is no existence. And without food death. Lastly you have Hera, which was the equal wife of Zeus, other than in the part that Zeus is supposed to be the "Father of the Gods". Hera is the Goddess of Magick, literally, the woman who is a woman that is wife, but at the same time, a stern mother, a literal boss if needed. The Goddesses associated with Magick, like Hecate, were of the highest power in these pantheons.

But of course, you just know about Aphrodite most probably. Because she was so beautiful. And yes she was. But this is not the conversation point here. Because if the kikes try to talk about the above in depth, then you understand that your freedom is not quite expressed by twerking your ass, or doing drugs, but actually minding the important stuff in life. And actually living life. Because if you were to live like "YOLO", you should better make your life worth it, at least. OR the real healthy and pleasurable stuff. Or the spiritual stuff, which is EVEN worse for the jew. Then the kikes have a lot of questions to answer, and they are just like "oy vey, these women were suppppreseeed!! Truzt uz!!"

Its like women basically had the most important things of civilization placed on their own hands. Or equally, the things that were super important. We are talking about thousands of years of evolution in this way. Its not like the word of the jew is most important. People who go against this are plagued by nature and rightfully so. So the above were in rough lines, the . Now they throw it away to get the Madame Figaro, which teaches them how they should further their inner emptiness.

You can see this in Hypatia, Cleopatra and other prominent figures of the Ancient world. The Egyptians had Pharaoh women now and then as, it could be more rare, but some women came up with indispensable abilities and leadership. We are obviously not talking about feminist, cuck and such. We are talking about natural occurrences of gifted people. Women were also priestesses in Egypt, Greece and elsewhere. There are no priestesses in the enemy religions. Why? Because women are considered dirty, unclean and whores.

The massive hatred on the enemy has been towards Lilith, same as their attempts to objectify women such as, the 72 virgins the kikes told to Arabs they will get after they explode to the mall. Women though are actually, spiritual creatures. This is all over the paintings of the West. Such as the Virgin Priestesses of Artemis. But your Marxist Historian is not going to teach you that these women were entirely free and they were treated as equals, even though as Goddesses in the flesh such as in the case of Pythia. Which women weren't even whores or anything degenerate as the enemy forcefully jams down people's throats.

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