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Israel Is Running The Pilot Test For America And The World

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Israel Is Running The Pilot Test For America And The World

All Israelis Will Have to Join Biometric Database From Next Year, Minister Says

The Jews are using their base of Israel to bring it up on line as a pilot test. The most brutal and totalitarian aspects of it will be set up in America and the Goyim world however. As they are Kosher mission creeping this into America and Europe, especially in place like Britain.


The Jewish Forced Marched To The Microchip for the Goyim...


Its been known for awhile the Jewish Power Elite want to bring the microchip into the population. And that such a chip will have everything from GPS tracking to the ability to manipulate emotions and memories by electric pulse waves. And even a literal kill switch if you rebel. This gives them total control forever.

The Jews work by problem, reaction, solution basically. They are using the threat of terrorism they have created in society [911 was done by them] and the fear machine of their media and their control of the Justice and general legal system to create a situation in people are scared, which crime is rising, society is breaking down [the Jewish created drug culture and trade is responsible for this along with their media] and people are getting terrorized on a daily basis. Identity theft is a huge problem as well. Which is another excuse to march towards this. People have already been volunteer chipped and now pets. The only question now is when will the Jews make there next big play to force this and other control measures onto the populace directly.

They are also pushing this as general life improvement and safety measure.

And guess Jew is behind the company that has developed micro chipping for humans:

Note the Jew does not address the actual question of Big Brother raised by the reporter, he doges it. He does however state this is going to be pushed till accepted by the populace. Jews are freedom hating creeps. The Jew created the biggest toleration regime in history. The Soviet Union. Which killed a hundred million people in a real holocaust:

The Real Death Camps And Holocaust:

Keep in mind the Jewish faces behind the expanding police state in America in the Government, NSA and Home Land Security. Working night and day to bring this about. Former Head of Home Land Security, Jew Michael Chertoff who allowed Mossad operatives connected to 911 to return to Israel safety. Is now running the Chertoff Group a security consultant company that is all Jewish in the top key positions, such staffers who are former members of the Department of Home Land Security themselves. The Chertoff Group acts as key consultants to advise Home Land Security in creating a Police State more effectively. The Chertoff Group was also awarded by Congress the mega contract to install the RapiScan devices for the TSA in all of American's major Air Ports. Jews such as Heyman and Cohn are heads of Policy for Home Land Security meaning Jews are shaping, manufacturing and at the lead of policy making. The list of Jewish names faces just goes on and on. Even when one Jew steps down another Jew takes their place. Jewusical chairs, itz.

One can witness the depth of the grip internal Jewry has on America from the Government and down by 911 a terrorist attack on American soil organized and carried out by Mossad and their Jewish networks in control of American key positions. This was witnessed early by the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty killing many American service men in a false flag attack:

Of course for a police state they need to ban and grab your guns. The Jew are behind and leading the charge to dismantle the right to bear arms and push gun confiscation:

The NSA was found to be contracting Israeli companies such as Verizon of which one of the founders Jacob “Kobi” Alexander, was a former Israeli intelligence officer. owns Verint. In 2007 a previous head of Israel’s intelligence wing “Unit 8200" told Forbes Magazine that the technology of Comversethe company that owns Verint is based on Israel’s “Unit 8200″ intelligence expertise." The Jews are creating the technology as well building and running the apparatus both technological, legislative and social, political level. Of a growing global Police State that is the ground work for the coming microchip of the Jew World Order.

Here is the first wave of this which is now coming in:

New regs say passengers cannot fly without biometric ID card ... e-real-id/

Both federal passports and REAL-ID cards require a number of unique personal identifiers to be stored together in government databases, including his or her full name, date of birth, Social Security Number, scanned signature, and other identifiers. Both cards require biometric data: a front-facing digital photograph of the passenger’s face, which is ultimately used with a facial recognition database

California cops sign contract to begin using massive biometric database

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department – the fourth largest local policing agency in the United States – has taken another step towards building the biggest biometric database outside of the FBI’s by inking a new $24 million contract.

NEC Corporation of America – a Texas-based IT firm that provides biometric services to commercial entities, law enforcement groups, and governments around the globe – announced on Monday that it’s been awarded a multi-year contract by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to provide the agency with specialized, state-of-the-art policing services, including high-tech facial recognition software.

Previously published paperwork out of the LA County Board of Supervisors reveals that the Sheriff’s Department requested approval last year for a $24.4 million contract with NEC that would provide the agency – the largest sheriff’s department in the US – with biometric identification services for six years. The board authorized that request in December, setting the stage for NEC to soon provide area law enforcement with a new toolkit with regards to investigating criminal activity and tracking down suspects within a jurisdiction that includes roughly 2.6 million residents.

According to a statement put up by NEC Corp. this week, the deal will allow the LA Sheriff’s Department to access fingerprint, palmprint, face, voice, iris and DNA matching capabilities offered through the company’s Integra ID 5 Multimodal Biometrics Identification Solution (MBIS), as well as the NeoFace program touted by NEC being the “most accurate facial matching product” available in the world.

According to NEC, the biometric service being leased to Los Angeles law enforcement interfaces with databases maintained by outside agencies, including state, city and federal police groups such as the California Department of Justice, the Western Identification Network and the Next Generation Identity (NGI) – a system that the FBI elevated to operational status last September, allowing cops in Southern California to quickly, in theory, ID a suspect caught on closed-circuit surveillance cameras with any millions of images on any linked repository.

Texas schools punish students who refuse to be tracked with microchips
A school district in Texas came under fire earlier this year when it announced that it would require students to wear microchip-embedded ID cards at all times. Now, students who refuse to be monitored say they are feeling the repercussions.

U.S. Military May Implant Chips In Troops' Brains
2007-08-02, KUTV (CBS affiliate in Salt Lake City, Utah)

Imagine a day when the U.S. government implants microchips inside the brains of U.S. soldiers. Well you don't have to think too far into the future. The defense department is studying the idea now. The chip would be the size of a grain of rice. How far is too far when it comes to privacy? The department of defense recently awarded $1.6 million to Clemson University to develop an implantable biochip. It would go into the brain using a new gel that prevents the human body from rejecting it. The overall idea is to improve the quality and speed of care for fallen soldiers. "It's just crazy. To me, it's like a bad sci-fi movie," says Yelena Slattery [from] the website Slattery says, "Soldiers can't choose not to get certain things done because they become government property once they sign up. When does it end? When does it become an infringement on a person's privacy?" Once the chip is in, she says, could those soldiers be put on surveillance, even when they're off-duty? A spokesman for veterans of foreign wars also urged caution. Joe Davis said, "If you have a chip that's holding a gigabyte, or 10 gigs, like an iPod, what kind of information is going to be on there? How could this be used against you if you were taken captive?"


RFID Implants NBC dateline:

FDA Approves Sale of Pills With RFID Microchip ... -mircochip ... ation.html
Children & Microchip Identification

Microchips and radio-frequency identification devices (RFID) have been used to track items and pets for years. For animals, the chip is injected into the top layers of skin and can either be read by a GPS device or scanned by specific reading devices if the pet is lost. The same technology is being developed for children.

Your next:

Mind-control device lets people alter genes in mice through power of thought
2014-11-11, The Guardian (One of the UK's leading newspapers) ... ter-gene...

Scientists have created a mind-control system that allows a person to alter the genes in a mouse through the power of thought. A person wearing the device could alter how much protein was made from a gene in the mouse. Volunteers found that they could turn the gene on or off in the mouse at will. The experiment could lead to the development of a radical new approach to the treatment of diseases. Martin Fussenegger, a bioengineer who leads the project at ETH Zurich said he hoped to see clinical trials in people with chronic pain or epilepsy in the next five years. Fussenegger’s team describes a system that demonstrates the idea. The mouse was fitted with a small implant containing copper coils, a light-emitting diode (LED) and a tiny container of genetically modified cells. When the electromagnetic field switches on beneath the mouse, an electric current is induced in the implant’s coils which makes the LED shine. This light illuminates the cells which are designed to respond by switching on a particular gene, causing the cells to make a new protein which seeps out of the implant’s membrane. In the tests, the new protein ... allowed scientists to measure its levels ... while people wearing the headset changed their state of mind. In a series of follow-up experiments, volunteers wearing the headset could see when the LED came on, because the red light shone through the mouse’s skin. In time, they learned to control the light – and so the gene – simply by thinking.

Human microchipping: I've got you under my skin ... zqvho.html
Thousands of technology enthusiasts use it as the ultimate app, enabling them to lock and unlock their homes, cars, computers and mobile phones with a simple wave of a hand. But there's a catch: they must have a microchip inserted into their bodies.

The idea may seem weird, and painful, but human microchipping appears to appeal not only to amateurs, who call themselves biohackers, but also to governments, police forces, medical authorities and security companies.

It involves using a hypodermic needle to inject an RFID (radio-frequency identification) microchip, the size of a grain of rice, usually into the person's hand or wrist. The same kind of chip is used for tracking lost pets.

The implants send a unique ID number that can be used to activate devices such as phones and locks, and can link to databases containing limitless information, including personal details such as names, addresses and health records.

RFID chips are everywhere. Basically, if you have to swipe a card, your ID is encoded in the magnetic stripe. If you touch it to a reader, as with Myki, it has an RFID chip with your number on it linked to the relevant database with your info on it. The latest credit cards have both stripe and RFID.

Students ordered to wear tracking tags
2005-02-09, MSNBC News

The only grade school in this rural town is requiring students to wear radio frequency identification badges that can track their every move. Some parents are outraged, fearing it will rob their children of privacy. The badges introduced at Brittan Elementary School on Jan. 18 rely on the same radio frequency and scanner technology that companies use to track livestock and product inventory. The system was imposed, without parental input, by the school as a way to simplify attendance-taking and potentially reduce vandalism and improve student safety. Some parents see a system that can monitor their children's movements on campus as something straight out of Orwell. This latest adaptation of radio frequency ID technology was developed by InCom Corp., a local company co-founded by the parent of a former Brittan student, and some parents are suspicious about the financial relationship between the school and the company. InCom has paid the school several thousand dollars for agreeing to the experiment, and has promised a royalty from each sale if the system takes off, said the company's co-founder, Michael Dobson, who works as a technology specialist in the town's high school.

Microchip to allow wallet-free drinking
2005-01-17, The Telegraph (One of the UK's leading newspapers) ... let-free...

A Scottish nightclub is about to become the first in Britain to offer its customers the chance to have a microchip implanted in their arm to save them carrying cash. The "digital wallet", the size of a grain of rice, guarantees entry to the club and allows customers to buy drinks on account. Brad Stevens, owner of Bar Soba in Glasgow, said his customers had responded enthusiastically to the idea. The VeriChip is inserted by a medical professional and then scanned for its unique ID number as a customer enters the bar. The scheme was criticised by a spokesman for the Scottish Executive, who said the microchip could encourage excessive drinking, and by Notags, a consumer group set up to resist the spread of radio frequency identification devices. A spokesman said: "The chip contains your name and ID number and, as this could be read remotely without your knowledge, that is already too much information."

Professor has nightmare vision of global positioning technology
2003-05-07, City Star (Leading newspaper of Kansas City)

Jerome Dobson is not joking. The University of Kansas research professor, a respected leader in the field of geographic information technologies [speculates about] "geoslavery" -- a form of technological human control that could make "George Orwell's `Big Brother' nightmare ... look amateurish." He's talking about overlords electronically punishing errant workers. He's talking about the possibility of people hooked to, tracked by, and potentially shocked or burned using inexpensive electronic bracelets, manacles or implants. Dobson worked for 26 years at Tennessee's Oak Ridge National Laboratory creating, for the government, the maps used in global tracking. He is the president of the American Geographical Society. And he is not alone in his thoughts. [In] the journal published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, a paper titled "Geoslavery" is co-written by Dobson and Peter F. Fisher, British editor of the International Journal of Geographical Information Science. "Human tracking systems, currently sold commercially without restrictions, already empower those who would be masters. Safeguards have not yet evolved to protect those destined to be slaves," they wrote. With a laptop computer, employers can keep track of their drivers' every move. Implanted chips ... keep track of livestock or pets. Whereify Wireless Inc. sells its GPS Kids Locator for $400. The device, which also looks like a watch, can be locked to a child's wrist. Dobson said that ... none of the companies was thinking of anything nefarious. [Yet he] worries that where there is an evil will, there is an evil way. He hopes [to ] create debate and perhaps legislation or safeguards around the technology that will keep it from being misused.

Scientists develop 'brain chip'
2003-03-12, BBC News

US scientists say a silicon chip could be used to replace the hippocampus, where the storage of memories is co-ordinated. They are due to start testing the device on rats' brains shortly. If that goes well, the Californian researchers will test the artificial hippocampus in live rats within six months and then monkeys trained to carry out memory tasks before progressing to human trials once the chip has been proved to be safe. The hippocampus is an area at the base of the brain in humans, close to the junction with the spinal cord. It is believed it "encodes" experiences so they can be stored as long-term memories in another part of the brain. the researchers were able to devise a mathematical model of a whole hippocampus. The model was then programmed on to a chip. They suggest the chip would sit on a patient's skull, rather than inside the brain. Bernard Williams, a philosopher at Oxford University, UK, who is an expert in personal identity, said people might find the technology hard to accept at first.

US group implants electronic tags in workers
2006-02-13, MSNBC/Financial Times

An Ohio company has embedded silicon chips in two of its employees - the first known case in which US workers have been "tagged" electronically as a way of identifying them. A private video surveillance company said it was testing the technology as a way of controlling access to a room where it holds security video footage for government agencies and the police. Embedding slivers of silicon in workers is likely to add to the controversy over RFID technology, widely seen as one of the next big growth industries. RFID chips – inexpensive radio transmitters that give off a unique identifying signal – have been implanted in pets or attached to goods so they can be tracked in transit. "There are very serious privacy and civil liberty issues of having people permanently numbered," said Liz McIntyre, who campaigns against the use of identification technology. "There's nothing pulsing or sending out a signal," said Mr Darks, who has had a chip in his own arm. "It's not a GPS chip. My wife can't tell where I am." The technology's defenders say it is acceptable as long as it is not compulsory. But critics say any implanted device could be used to track the "wearer" without their knowledge.

Passports go electronic with new microchip
2004-12-09, Christian Science Monitor

The US passport is about to go electronic, with a tiny microchip embedded in its cover. The chip is the latest outpost in the battle to outwit tamperers. But it's also one that worries privacy advocates. The RFID (radio frequency identification) chip in each passport will contain the same personal data as now appear on the inside pages - name, date of birth, place of birth, issuing office - and a digitized version of the photo. But the 64K chip will be read remotely. And there's the rub. The scenario, privacy advocates say, could be as simple as you standing in line with your passport as someone walks by innocuously carrying a briefcase. Inside that case, a microchip reader could be skimming data from your passport to be used for identity theft. Or maybe authorities or terrorists want to see who's gathered in a crowd and surreptitiously survey your ID and track you. Why not choose a contact chip, where there would be no possibility of skimming, asks Barry Steinhardt, director of the ACLU's Technology and Liberty Project. "There was another way to go, which was to put an electronic strip in the passport that would require contact." The State Department says it's just following international standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), under the umbrella of the United Nations. The ICAO specified the RFID ... at the behest of the United States. All countries that are part of the US visa-waiver program must use the new passports by Oct. 26, 2005. Mr. Steinhardt ... says the US pushed through the standards against the reservations of the Europeans. "Bush says at the G8 meeting, 'We have to adhere to the global standard,' as though we had nothing to do with it," he says in exasperation.

Edible RFID microchip monitor can tell if you take your medicine
2010-03-31, BusinessWeek ... tor-can-...

Researchers at the University of Florida have combined RFID, microchips and printed nano-particle antennas to make pills that communicate with cell phones or laptops to tell doctors whether patients are taking their medicine. Still a prototype, the inventors hope their tattletale technology can be applied commercially to a range of medications in clinical trials and in treatment of patients with chronic diseases in which it is essential that the doses are taken and taken on time. The pill is a white capsule with a microchip embedded and with an antenna printed on the outside with ink containing silver nanoparticles. A device worn by the patient energizes the microchip via bursts of low-voltage electricity. The chip signal confirms the pill is in the stomach and the device sends a signal that the pill has been swallowed. The messages can go to cell phones or laptops to inform doctors or family members.

Look out, your medicine is watching you
2010-11-08, Fox News/Reuters ... -microchip

Novartis AG plans to seek regulatory approval within 18 months for a pioneering tablet containing an embedded microchip, bringing the concept of "smart-pill" technology a step closer. The initial program will use one of the Swiss firm's established drugs taken by transplant patients to avoid organ rejection. But Trevor Mundel, global head of development, believes the concept can be applied to many other pills. Novartis agreed in January to spend $24 million to secure access to chip-in-a-pill technology developed by privately owned Proteus Biomedical of Redwood City, California, putting it ahead of rivals. The biotech start-up's ingestible chips are activated by stomach acid and send information to a small patch worn on the patient's skin, which can transmit data to a smartphone or send it over the Internet to a doctor. Because the tiny chips are added to existing drugs, Novartis does not expect to have to conduct full-scale clinical trials to prove the new products work. Instead, it aims to do so-called bioequivalence tests to show they are the same as the original. A bigger issue may be what checks should be put in place to protect patients' personal medical data as it is transmitted from inside their bodies by wireless and Bluetooth.

Soon it will be you wave your hand under a scanner:

Electronic Pickpocketing
2012-01-10, WREG-TV (Memphis, TN CBS affiliate)

Call it high-tech hijacking. Thieves now have the capabilities to steal your credit card information without laying a hand on your wallet. It’s new technology being used in credit and debit cards, and it’s already leaving nearly 140 million people at-risk for electronic pickpocketing. It all centers around radio frequency identification technology, or RFID. It’s supposed to make paying for things faster and easier. You just wave the card, and you’ve paid. But now some worry it’s also making life easier for crooks trying to rip you off. In a crowd, Walt Augustinowicz blends right in. And that’s the problem. “If I’m walking through a crowd, I get near people’s back pocket and their wallet, I just need to be this close to it and there’s [their] credit card and expiration date on the screen,” says Augustinowicz demonstrating how easily cards containing RFID can be hacked. Armed with a credit card reader he bought for less than $100 on-line and a netbook computer ... for about an hour he patrolled Beale Street, looking for RFID chips to read, and credit card information to steal. Even scarier, Augustinowicz says bad guys could work a crowd, stealing numbers and then e-mail them anywhere in the world. It’s not just your credit and debit cards at-risk. While they are harder to hack, all US passports issued since 2006 contain RFID technology that can be read, and swiped. “It gives me a lot of personal information like your date of birth, your photo if I wanted to make some sort of ID,” said Augustinowicz demonstrating with his reader.

An Orwellian solution to kids skipping school
2007-02-20, Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Atlanta's leading newspaper) ... uants.html

Let's say your teenager is a habitual truant and there is nothing you can do about it. A Washington area politician thinks he might have the solution: Fit the child with a Global Positioning System chip, then have police track him down. "It allows them to get caught easier," said Maryland Delegate Doyle Niemann (D-Prince George's), who recently co-sponsored legislation in the House that would use electronic surveillance as part of a broader truancy reduction plan. "It's going to be done unobtrusively. The chips are tiny and can be put into a hospital ID band or a necklace." Niemann's legislation mirrors a bill sponsored by state Sen. Gwendolyn Britt (D-Prince George's). Both would provide truants and their parents with better access to social services, such as mental health evaluations and help with schoolwork. Electronic monitoring would be a last resort. Still, the prospect of tagging children and using them in some "catch and release" hunt by police casts a pall over everything that's good about the plan. Odd how billions and billions of dollars keep going to a war that almost nobody wants, but there's never enough to fund the educational programs that nearly everybody says are needed. Aimed solely at students in Prince George's — the only predominantly black county in the Washington area — the truancy effort is called a "pilot program," a first-of-its-kind experiment. It would cost $400,000 to keep track of about 660 students a year.

Military Plans To Test Brain Implants To Fight Mental Disorders
2014-05-26, NPR blog ... o-test-b...

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, is launching a $70 million program to help military personnel with psychiatric disorders using electronic devices implanted in the brain. The goal of the five-year program is to develop new ways of treating problems including depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, all of which are common among service members who fought in Iraq or Afghanistan. The new program will fund development of high-tech implanted devices able to both monitor and electrically stimulate specific brain circuits. The effort will be led by scientists at the University of California, San Francisco and Massachusetts General Hospital. The UCSF team will begin its work by studying volunteers who already have probes in their brains as part of treatment for epilepsy or Parkinson's disease. That will allow researchers to "record directly from the brain at a level of resolution that's never [been] done before," says Eddie Chang, a neurosurgeon at UCSF. And because many of the volunteers also have depression, anxiety and other problems, it should be possible to figure out how these conditions have changed specific circuits in the brain, Chang says. The scientists ... hope to design tiny electronic implants that can stimulate the cells in faulty brain circuits. "We know that once you start putting stimulation into the brain, the brain will change in response," Chang says.

California cops sign contract to begin using massive biometric database

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department – the fourth largest local policing agency in the United States – has taken another step towards building the biggest biometric database outside of the FBI’s by inking a new $24 million contract.

NEC Corporation of America – a Texas-based IT firm that provides biometric services to commercial entities, law enforcement groups, and governments around the globe – announced on Monday that it’s been awarded a multi-year contract by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to provide the agency with specialized, state-of-the-art policing services, including high-tech facial recognition software.

Previously published paperwork out of the LA County Board of Supervisors reveals that the Sheriff’s Department requested approval last year for a $24.4 million contract with NEC that would provide the agency – the largest sheriff’s department in the US – with biometric identification services for six years. The board authorized that request in December, setting the stage for NEC to soon provide area law enforcement with a new toolkit with regards to investigating criminal activity and tracking down suspects within a jurisdiction that includes roughly 2.6 million residents.

According to a statement put up by NEC Corp. this week, the deal will allow the LA Sheriff’s Department to access fingerprint, palmprint, face, voice, iris and DNA matching capabilities offered through the company’s Integra ID 5 Multimodal Biometrics Identification Solution (MBIS), as well as the NeoFace program touted by NEC being the “most accurate facial matching product” available in the world.

According to NEC, the biometric service being leased to Los Angeles law enforcement interfaces with databases maintained by outside agencies, including state, city and federal police groups such as the California Department of Justice, the Western Identification Network and the Next Generation Identity (NGI) – a system that the FBI elevated to operational status last September, allowing cops in Southern California to quickly, in theory, ID a suspect caught on closed-circuit surveillance cameras with any millions of images on any linked repository.


All Israelis Will Have to Join Biometric Database From Next Year, Minister Says
In event marking millionth person to sign on, Interior Minister Dery says after end of pilot phase, all passports, ID cards will be biometric; 'I can say with certainty that this is a secure database.'

Interior Minister Arye Dery announced on Thursday that starting next year, joining the biometric database will be obligatory.

“From now on anyone obtaining a document from the Interior Ministry, whether an ID card or a passport, will receive a biometric one. We’ve decided on having this database and we’ll soon decide what will be included in it,” Dery said at a ceremony marking the millionth person to join the biometric database, which was held at the new Population and Immigration Authority office in south Tel Aviv.

“Israel is joining many other countries around the world which have concluded that their citizens should have smart and secure documentation. With all the attempts by various organizations to steal identities, it’s important to have a smart and reliable document,” Dery added. At the end of the ceremony he issued himself one.

“I’m not sure I’m the millionth, but we’re close. I’m issuing one for myself since I don’t have one yet. It’s the right and safe thing to do – there is nothing to worry about. There is nothing more secure than this database. People can remain calm, I can say with certainty – we have a secure database. Everything we do is for the benefit of our citizens,” he declared.

During the third quarter of 2015 there was a sharp drop in the number of people signing up. Only one quarter of people taking out new documents in that period opted for biometric ones. The Population Authority released data showing that between last November and May there was a rise in these numbers, with 31 percent opting for biometric documentation.

The rate of people choosing biometric documents goes up with age, except for people who are 80 years old or older. There are gender differences, with somewhat more men who signed up during the pilot phase. Twenty-four percent of people who signed on never returned to pick them up. From August, these documents will be mailed to people for whom they were issued.

The pilot phase began in July 2013 and was supposed to end after two years. However, it was extended twice. Former Interior Minister Silvan Shalom assumed his post a month and a half before the end of the pilot, and requested more time to study the issue. The Knesset approved his request and extended the pilot by nine months, ending in March of this year.

After Shalom’s departure, Dery was appointed minister in mid-January. At his request, the Knesset again extended the pilot by nine months, until the end of 2016. Dery will have to decide in the coming months what should be done with this database. He clarified that he wouldn’t annul it but would make it compulsory to sign on. It is still unclear, however, which data will be conserved in the database. In any case, approval by the Knesset plenary is required for this move.

The main objective of the biometric database is to prevent the forging of ID cards and passports, prohibiting anyone from assuming a false identity. The database includes high-resolution facial photos and the prints of applicants’ two index fingers. By law, the biometric data is stored in a secure database with limited access. Only an encrypted code enables the linking of the data to the personal details of any person.

Senior Interior Ministry officials said they are now looking at different models for the database. One option is to include only a facial photograph. “That’s a good option for people who are reluctant to provide fingerprints, but its effectiveness is lower. Faces change over time, and people often choose to wear head covering while taking their photos. Such passports will therefore be issued for shorter durations. This will cause people to be hassled by appearing more frequently at our offices as well as imposing a greater burden on our employees. Another option is to make the provision of fingerprints compulsory, but this will evoke opposition.”

In internal discussions, Dery has been looking at a third way that combines the two – in this option a facial photo will be compulsory and the fingerprints voluntary. This may encourage people to give their fingerprints. “When people learn that passports with fingerprints will be issued for longer periods of 10 years instead of three to five years without fingerprinting, most people will provide their prints.”

Opponents of the database argue that there is a high risk of sensitive information leaking out. They suggest making do with smart documents that will contain the biometric data, rather than holding it in a centralized storage site. Opponents also recommend more intense questioning by the Population Authority at the time documents are issued, to minimize the risk of identity theft.

Attorney Yehonatan Klinger, the legal adviser of the Movement for Digital Rights, says, “We claim that this database is unnecessary, since people rarely lose documents that can prove their identity. There is no need for a database that will store fingerprints – identities can be verified without this. We’ll do our utmost so that the interior minister makes the right decision and halts the establishment of this database.”

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Thanks for your info & work HP. Always appreciated.

What do you think of this? It's called Aurore Rouge (Red Dawn). Supposedly written in 1985, it reads like an update of the Protocols. Not sure about its validity, it may have been "debunked" like the Protocols (ie tried to be debunked by jews).
It seems to be written for Christians, because it hints to the 'elite'(& author) and the new 'World Religion' being Satanism, which is a typical jooish tactic. It's lies mixed with truth. But nonetheless it presents a scary scenario:

--------------------------- FEEL FREE TO DELETE THIS POST IF IT CONTAINS TOO MUCH DISINFO ---------------------

Aurore Rouge (“Red Dawn”)

By Serge Monast

Canadian author Serge Monast, who died around
a decade ago, is most recognized in assoication with
his disclosures regarding Project Blue Beam, the use
of advanced technologies to undertake a high-tech
“rapture” (to NOWHERE) of unwitting Christians.
The following document, in its French version,
came to my attention and I don’t believe it has ever
before been carried in the Phoenix Journals or
Contact newspaper. It amounts to a (1985) UPDATE
of the Protocols and shows, for example, how the
World Wide Web (“World Electronic Network”) was
to be used to enslave all people. Please forgive the
crude translation from French to English.

By Serge Monast

The following is an excerpt from “6.6.6.: RED DAWN, Globalist Project: ESTABLISHMENT OF The OCCULT WORLD ORDER”
Means of Financing of the Project: Control F.M.I. G.A.T.T., Commission of Brussels, NATO, O.N.U. and other International Organizations

… The last eighteen years were very advantageous
for the advance of our world projects. I can say to you,
Brothers, whom we now almost touch with the goal.
The fall of the State-Nations is not any more than
a question of time, rather short, I must acknowledge in
all confidence.

Thanks to our Agents of infiltration and with our
colossal financial means, unprecedented progress has
been accomplished in all the fields of Science and
Technology of which we control the largest
corporations financially.

Since the secret meetings with Mr. de Rotchild
[Rothschild, presumably] in the years 56, and the
purposes of which were to develop the development,
and the world establishment of the “Computers”, it is
now possible for us to foresee the installation of a kind
of “International Motorway” [“The Internet
Superhighway”] where all these machines would be
connected between them.

Because, as you know it already, the direct and
individual control of the populations of the planet,
would be at the very least completely impossible
without the use of the Computers, and their electronic
fastening one to another in a vast “World Network”.
These machines besides have the advantage of
being able to replace a million individuals. Moreover,
they have neither conscience, nor morals; that is
essential for the success of a project like ours.
Especially, these machines achieve, without
discussing, all that is dictated to them. They are
perfect slaves of which our predecessors dreamed so
much, but without them being capable to suspect that
one day, it would be possible for us to achieve such
a wonder.

These machines without fatherland, color, religion,
political affiliation, are the ultimate achievement and
tool of our New World Kind. They are the

The organization of these machines in a vast
“World Network” of which we will control the higher
levers, will be used by us to immobilize the
populations. How?

As you know it, the basic structure of our New
World Kind is composed, in its essence, of a multitude
of various “Networks” covering each one all the
human spheres of activity on all the extent of planet.
So far, all these “Networks” were connected
between them by a common ideological base: that of
the Man as being the “Center” and “the Ultimate
Achievement” of the Universe.

Thus, thanks to all these “Networks” linked by the
bond of the “New Religion of Man for Man”, we
easily could infiltrate all the human sectors in all the
Occidental countries, and modify of it the base

The result is that today, this Man, as it conforms
to the role of the Policy, Economic, of the Social one,
of Education, of the Scientist or of the Monk, has
already, since our last Meeting at the end of June 67,
abandoned its heritage passed to replace it by our ideal
of a World Religion only based on Man.

Half-compartment as it is henceforth of its
historical roots, this Man does not wait more,
ultimately, than a new ideology is proposed to him.
This one, of course, is ours; that of the “Total
Community Village” of which it will be the “Center”.
And it is precisely what we will bring to him
while encouraging it to form part, “Body and Heart”,
of this “World Electronic Network” where the borders
of the State-Nations will have been abolished forever,
destroyed to their deepest roots.

While this stray man is absorbed by his blind
enthusiasm to form part of his new “World
Community” by forming part of this vast “Computer
network”, for our account, we will see, starting from
the higher levers which will be hidden to him, to cardindex
it, identify it, to enter it, and to make it
profitable according to our own objectives.
Because inside this “New Total Company”, no
individual having a potential of “Profitability” for us,
will be able to escape from us.

The constant contribution of “Electronic
Technology” will have to ensure us of all the means
to drive, identify, and control all the individuals of the
populations of the Occident.

As for those which will not represent any
“Exploitable Profitability” by us, we will see that they
are eliminated from themselves through all the local
internal wars which we will have taken care to make
burst here and there while having been useful to us,
and of the “Fall of the Economy” of the State-Nations,
and the “Oppositions and the Claims” of the various
groups composing these same States.
Here thus the detailed manner by which we will
proceed from here 1998 to pave the road with the birth
of our “World Government”.

1. To multiply by ten the “Leisure Companies”
which were so advantageous to us to date. While
being useful to us of the invention of the “Video” that
we financed, and of the plays attached to him, let us
stop to pervert the morals of youth. Let us make it
possible to him to satisfy all its instincts now.
A being had by its directions, and slave of those,
let us understand, has neither ideal, nor interior force
to defend anything.
He is an “Individualist” by nature, and represents
a perfect candidate whom we can easily model
according to our desires and our priorities. Moreover,
you will recall how our predecessors could direct all
German youth at the beginning of the century while
being useful yourselves of disabusement of the latter!

2. To encourage the “Dispute Coed” for all the
causes attached to “Ecology”. The obligatory
protection of the latter will be a major asset the day
when we will have pushed the State-Nations to
exchange them. “Domestic debt” counters the loss of
33 % of all their territories remained in a wild state.

3. Let us fill the interior vacuum of this youth by
initiating it, as of its very youth, with the universe of
the Computers. Let us use, for that, its system of
education. A slave with the service of another slave
whom we control.

4. On another plan, let us establish the
“International Free-Exchange” [“Free Trade”] as being
an absolute priority for the economic survival of the
This new economic design will help us to
accelerate the decline of the “Nationalists” of all the
Nations; to insulate them in various factions, and at
the wanted time, to savagely oppose one against the
others in internal wars which will complete to ruin
these Nations.

5. To ensure us at all costs of the success of such a
company, let us make it so that our Agents already
infiltrated in the Ministries for the Intergovernmental
Businesses and the Immigration of the State-Nations
make [or] amend in-depth the Laws of these Ministries.
These modifications will primarily aim at opening
the doors of the Western countries to an increasingly
massive immigration inside their borders
(immigrations which we will have caused besides
while having taken care to make burst, here and there,
of new local conflicts).
By press campaigns well orchestrated in the public
opinion of the targeted State-Nations, we will cause a
significant surge of refugees which will cause
destabilization of their interior economy, and increase
the racial tensions inside their territory.
We will see to make it so that groups of foreign
extremists form part of these surges of immigrants;
these will facilitate the political destabilization,
economic and social of the Nations concerned.

6. This “Free-Exchange” which, actually, is not a
bus it is already controlled by us all at the top of the
economic hierarchy, core it in “Three Side
Commissions”: [that of Asia, that of America, that of
Europe]. It will bring to us the discord inside the
State-Nations by increased unemployment connected
to the reorganizations of our Multinationals.

7. Let us transfer slowly, but surely, our
multinationals in new countries acquired with the idea
of “the Market economy”, such as the Eastern
European countries of Europe, in Russia and China for
example. We card-index ourselves well, for the
moment, whether or not their population represents a
vast basin of new consumers.
What interests us, it is to have access, initially,
with one “Hand-of work-Slave” (at a cheap rate and
not syndicated) that these countries and those of the
Third World offer us. Moreover, aren’t their
governments set up by us?
Don’t they call upon the foreign assistance, and
the loans of our “International Monetary Fund” and of
our “World Bank”?
These transfers offer several advantages for us.
They contribute to maintain these new populations in
the illusion of “Economic Release”, of “Political
Freedom” whereas actually, we dominate them by the
appetite of the profit and a debt of which they will
never be able to discharge.
As for the Western populations, they will be
maintained in the dream [Economic Well-Being]
because the imported products of these countries will
not undergo any rise in price.
On the other hand, without them realizing at the
beginning, some and more and more industries will be
obliged to close their doors because of the transfers
which we will have carried out of the Western
These closings will increase unemployment, and
will bring important losses of incomes for the State-

8. Thus we will set up a “Total Economy” on a
worldwide scale which will escape completely from
control from the State-Nations.
This new economy will be above all; no political or
trade-union pressure will be able to have control of it.
It will dictate its clean “World politics”, and will
oblige with a political reorganization, but according to
our priorities on a worldwide scale.

9. By this “Independent Economy” having Laws
only our Laws, we will establish a “World Mass
culture”. By the international control of Television,
Media, we will institute a “New Culture”, but
leveled, uniform for all, without any future
“Creation” escaping us.
The future artists will be with our image or will
not be able to survive. Thus finished this time when
“Independent Creations Cultural” put constantly in
danger our globalist projects as that was so often the
case in the past.

10. By this same economy, it will be then possible
for us to avail ourselves of the military forces of the
State-Nations (such those of the United States) with
humane aims.
Actually, these “Forces” will be used by us to
subject recalcitrant countries to our will. Thus the
countries of the Third World and the other similar ones
to them could not in any measure escape from our will
to use their population as hand-off work-slaves.

11. To control the world market, we will have to
divert the productivity of its goal first (to release the
man of the hardness of work). We will direct it
according to turning over it against the man by
subjugating this last to our economic system where he
will have no choice but to become our slave, and even
a future criminal.

12. All these transfers abroad of our Multinationals,
and the purpose of the world reorganization of the
economy will be, inter alia, to cause unemployment in
the Western countries to climb.
This situation will be all the more realizable
because at the beginning, we will have privileged the
massive importation of the basic commodities inside
the State-Nations and, at the same time, we will have
overloaded these States by the exaggerated use of their
population to the production of services for which they
will not be able to pay any more.
These extreme conditions will multiply per million
the masses of social-assisted of all kinds, illiterate,
without shelters.

13. By losses of millions employed in the primary
sector; with disguising the escape of foreign capital
out of the State-Nations, it will be thus possible for us
to jeopardize unto death social harmony by the
spectrum of the civil war.

14. This international handling of the governments
and the populations of the State-Nations will provide
us the pretext to use our F.M.I. to push the Western
governments to set up “Budgets of Austerity” under
the lid of the illusory reduction of their “National
Debt”; hypothetical conservation of their “International
Dimension of Credit”; impossible safeguarding of
“Social Peace”.

15. By these “Urgent Budgetary Measures”, we
will thus break the financing of the State-Nations for
all their “Mega-Projects” which represent a direct
threat with our world control of the economy.

16. Moreover all these austerity measures will
enable us to break the national wills of modern
structures in the fields of Energy, Agriculture,
Transport and new Technologies.

17. These same measurements will offer the
occasion dreamed of by us to found our “Ideology of
the Economic Competition”. This one will be
translated, inside the State-Nations, by the voluntary
reduction of wages, voluntary departures with
[Handing-over of Medals for rendered Services];
which will open to us the doors with the introduction
everywhere of our “Technology of Control”.
From this point of view, all these departures will
be replaced by “Computers” with our service.

18. These social transformations will help us to
change in-depth the Police “and Soldier” of the State-
Nations. Under the pretext of the needs for the
moment, and without waking up suspicions, we will
get rid once and for all of all the individuals who are
“Aware Judeo-Christian”.
This “Reorganization of the Police Bodies and
Soldiers” will enable us to dismiss without dispute, the
old personnel, just as all the elements not moving by
our globalist principles.
Those will be replaced by young recruits deprived
of “Conscience and Morals”, and already all involved,
and favorable to the ill-considered use of our
“Technology of Electronic Networks”.

19. In the same time, and always under the pretext
of “Budgetary Cuts”, we will take care of the transfer
of the military bases of the State-Nations towards the
Organization of the United Nations.

20. From this point of view, we will work with the
reorganization of the “International Mandate of the
United Nations”.
From a “Force of Peace” without decisional
capacity, we will lead it to become a “Force of
Intervention” where will be molten, in a homogeneous
whole, military forces of the State-Nations.
This will enable us to carry out, without combat,
the demilitarization of all these States so that none of
them, in the future, are sufficiently powerful
(independent) to call in question our “World

21. To accelerate this process of transfer, we will
insinuate the current force of the United Nations in
conflicts impossible to regulate. In this manner, and
with the assistance of the Media which we control, we
will show to the populations the impotence and the
uselessness of this “Force” in its current form.
The frustration helping, and pushed with its
paroxysm at the wanted time, will push the
populations of the State-Nations to beg the
international authorities to form such “a Multinational
Force” in order to protect “Peace at all costs as soon
as possible”.

22. The nearest appearance of this world desire for
a “Multinational Military Force” will go hand in hand
with setting-up, inside the State-Nations, a “Force of
Multi-Jurisdictional Intervention”. This combination
of “Police and Military Manpower”, created with the
same pretext of increasing political and social
instability growing inside these States collapsing under
the burden of the economic problems, will enable us
to better control the Western populations.
Here, the excessive use of identification and
electronic pointing of the individuals will provide us
a complete monitoring of all the populations

23. This reorganization of police and military
interior and external of the State-Nations will make it
possible to make converge the whole towards the
obligation of the installation of a “Legal World Center”.
This “Center” will allow the various “Police
Bodies State-Nations” to have quickly access to “Data
banks” on all the potentially dangerous individuals for
us on planet [Interpol].
The image of better legal effectiveness, and the
increasingly close links created and maintained with
the “Soldier”, will help us to emphasize the need for
a doubled “International Court” of a “World Legal
System”; one for the civil cases and criminal
individual, and the other for the Nations.

24. During the growth accepted by all of these
new needs, it will be pressing for us to supplement as
soon as possible worldwide control of firearms inside
the territories of the State-Nations. With this
intention, we will accelerate the “ALPHA PLAN”
implemented during the Sixties by some of our
This “Plan” in the beginning had two aims which
have remained the same ones still today: By the
intervention of “insane Gunners”, to create a climate
of insecurity in the populations to bring to a tighter
control the firearms.
To direct the acts of violence so as to make some
take the responsibility by religious extremists, or
people affiliated to religious allegiances of
“Traditional” tendency, or, people claiming to have
communications privileged with God.
Today, in order to accelerate this “Control of
Firearms”, we will be able to use the “Fall of the
Economic Conditions” of the State-Nations which will
involve with it, a complete destabilization of the Social
order; thus increase in violence. I do not need to
remind you, nor to show it, Brothers, the bases of this
“Control” of the firearms.
Without this one, it would become almost
impossible for us to bring to their knees the
populations of the States concerned. You recall the
success with which our predecessors could at the time
control Germany of 1930 with the new “Laws”
applied; Laws besides on which the current Laws of
the State-Nations for this same control are founded.

25. The last “Stages” are referred to the “OMEGA
PHASE” tested starting from the experiments carried
out at the beginning of the Seventies. They contain
the implementation, on a worldwide scale, of the
“Electromagnetic Weapons”.
“Changes of Climate” involving the destruction of
harvests; the bankruptcy under these conditions, of the
arable lands; the denaturation, by artificial means, of
the foodstuffs of everyday consumption; the poisoning
of nature by an exaggerated and ill-considered
exploitation, and the massive use of chemicals in
agriculture; all that, Brothers, will carry out to the
certain ruin of food industries of the State-Nations.
The future of the “Control of the Populations” of
these States passes obligatorily by absolute control, us,
from the food production on a worldwide scale, and
by the takeover of the principal “Food Roads” of the
planet. With this intention, it is necessary to use the
Electromagnetic one, amongst other things, to
destabilize the climates of the most productive States
on the agricultural level. As for the poisoning of
nature, it will be all the more accelerated that the
increase in the populations will push there without

26. The use of Electromagnetics to cause
“Earthquakes” in the industrial areas most important to
the State-Nations will contribute to accelerate the
“Economic Fall” of the States more threatening for us;
just as to amplify the obligation of the installation of
our New World Kind.

27. Which will be able to suspect us? Who will
be able to suspect the means used? Those which will
dare to be drawn up against us by disseminating
information as for the existence and with the contents
of our “Conspiracy”, will become suspect with the
eyes of the authorities of their Nation and their

Thanks to the misinformation, with the lie,
hypocrisy and the individualism which we created
within the people of the State-Nations, the Man
became an Enemy for the Man.
Thus these “Independent Individuals” who are
precisely more dangerous for us because of their
“Freedom”, will be considered by their peers as being
enemies and not liberators.
The slavery of the children, the plundering of the
riches of the Third World, unemployment, propaganda
for the release of drugs, degradation of the youth of
the Nations, the ideology of the “Respect of the
Personal freedom” diffused within the Judeo-Christian
Churches and the State-Nations, obscurantism
considered as a base of pride, inter-ethnic conflicts,
and our last realization: “Budgetary Restrictions”; all
that finally enables us to see the ancestral achievement
of our “Dream”: that of the introduction of our “NEW

End of the Document of at the end of June 1985.

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