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Jewish Run China Forcing Veganism On Populations

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Jewish Run China Forcing Veganism On Populations

The (((Communist government of China))) the same Communist Party that was founded by Chinese Jews, working with Jews out of Moscow and Wall Street and the leader after Mao, was an open Jew.......

Has now decided to cut meat consumption by 50% and is hiring American celebrities of (((Hollywood))) such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron to promote this Noahide agenda on the populace of America and China. Remember the (((UN))) all that Jewish Rockefeller money there and right in Jew York as well. Demanded the whole world has to go well. ... ate-change

Meanwhile in((( Israel))) the meeting of the (((The Kehillah)))...


"Da Goy moost be vegan!"


"Wve gat da Vegans thang go'in's now, da Goy'im's love owr moovie star's!!!!, Sheky is on da jobs, cook'in up the vegan slopz for da Goy'im's to fall for!"


"Oy, rights boss!"

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Also a reminder that it's only a matter of time before the jews do the same to the western world. Jewry is not solely a chinese or a russian thing, it's about every piece of the globe. They just happened to book a lot more success in taking away firearms in China.

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I challenge them to come with this against the gaucho, the great resistence

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