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The Multi-Plans of the Jews for NS Movement control

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Now as all observers can see, the enemy has some plans they are pulling out.

For one, they are trying to unite Islam with Christianity and build a "tolerance" between the two, while at the same time they push things in the opposite direction. They use their "Christians Vs Muslims" troops into the "Far Right" and the NS Movement, to poison them, while they are linking the majority of the other cuckolded Christian slaves that remain, with the criminal Muslims. After all, Christianity and Pisslam are one and the same, just a different adjusted hoax for a different audience. All Abrahamic excrement. The endline is the same. No spirituality, anti-life, anti-survival, and JEWISH. Its supposed to be made that way to sound different, but lo and behold, one sees these "enemies" now trying to become more and more better friends. Should be evident as to why. They are trying to put these murder groups in fusion, in order to cause Racial assimilation as well and also, be able to control both sides. Most Christians who really cannot give up eating the jewish excrement, are all in to betray their Race or anyone else in the behalf of the hebrew imposed-on-blood "Christ".

This is nothing new in history. The NS movement has to be relentless and open eyed when it comes to these people as acceptance of this hebrew garbage to the point of addiction, or past the point of addiction, IE, putting Rabbi "Brother" Nathanael above one's own people, should be evident. Traitors, betas and failers of the NS movement always gravitated to "Christianity" and the so called "Christian Europe", beyond the point of curing themselves by OBVIOUS evidence. These people are enslaved mentally by the jews through their own choice, but not all of them are like this and most of them don't really bother with these things at all. There is a small minority that is pushed as some sort of "Majority" by the jews, in order to push the "Christian NS" narrative. National Socialism and Abrahamic Christianity, which is form the root of Judaism, do not, and will never mix. As for these people, they may know half of the Truth, and accept some part of it- They are however, divided between two elements.

One cannot be a real full blooded fighter against the jews, unless they rebuke them forever and completely, starting with this from within their spirit. Christians and their materialism and lack of spirituality, values and anything else, have brought the West on its knees. Let alone the apparent low IQ and stupidity that is seen as a virtue amongst the traitorous Christians. Christians were a majority up to now because the jews controlled the majority of the populace, within and without. As this changes this, their xian influence which is a massive jewish deception and speel will wither away, rapidly fast, as it does. So they inject more Abrahamism into the West in the form of Mudslimes.

When you educate this excrement above, who are the so-called "Christian Antisemites" or "NS Christians", just throw them the information and don't waste time on them. The Revolution against the enemy will not commence from these slaves who fancy getting in their knees to pray to a Jewish Hebraic Thoughform, rather than Odin or the Ancient Gods, or at least, no "God" at all. In the future its expected, when the kikes will start rapidly losing customers and power from all their previous sides, they will start kissing our ass and trying to infiltrate our movement, with 75% "Truths and Gentile" stuff, 25% "smoke and mirrors", which is what they always do.

This can be observed in "David Duke" (Dr Surgery, to hide his jewisheness), "Andrew Anglin" (the 5'2 who nails an Asian Girlfriend and preaches about the White Race), Donut Trap (whose family tree, corporations and whole lot is taken on by jews), "Alt Right" (which is just the new progressive left), "Brother Nathanael" who is a damned jew that preaches the "Orthodox" line of "Anti-Semitism", "Alex (ADL) Jones" who is another gatekeeper that preaches about "Nazis" and "Elites from Brussels" (married to a jewess of course) and the list goes endless..........until the end of time. There are millions of lies and controlled oppositions that are, and will be created.

One needs the insight to see behind this. When the fundemental ways of operation are understood, all this falls in vain. These however seriously boomerang in the head of the jew, who considers the "Goyim" too stupid to figure out absolutely anything. The "Goyim" are though waking up, in the global scale, and these enemy predictions on how people are animals, are failing and will fail miserably.

The whole game is rigged against the common people. The enemy is a major hater of the simple and common people, the working class and generally, the people in whose hands is the real power of this "system". Their approach is systematic in that they try to hide this power from people, alienate them and control them, like a parasite takes over the mind of a powerful animal in order to survive for itself. Its the common people that must be brought into the meat grinder by the enemy. The enemy pushes all of the above, they also push Race Mixing and generally, they attack the people from all frontiers. Their advances are so rapid and quick, and remember, as always, the jews want to attack all sides and gain from all sides. A paradigm of this is, how they inject insane amounts of gay hating Muslims, while at the same time, they want to butcher both the Muslims and the gays. On one hand they control the "radicals" on the other hand, they control the "gays and their rights" so the jews aim for wins and influence in both sides.

Victory will NEVER come from people siding into a "respective" of these sides, or advocation thereof. It doesn't matter if you are a Feminist, or a Patriarchical Jewish Nut. The jew owns you BOTH ways. It doesn't matter if you vote Killary or Trumpey. This is the classic and old, Divide and Conquer. The Victory will not come in this way, neither form slobs who can't really see behind this. It will only come when everyone involved or at least a quite a few people start to see the JEW behind everything that they do, behind their small "divide and conquer", and not the smokes and mirrors they project. Most people are just focusing on the mirrors because they like to see their own self-delusional reality, and not the real reality, that most of these so called "sides" are totally controlled by the jews. This ties into how the average people who can't take reality, can't really take it that a small group like the jews, has been destroying them for centuries. Strong people are needed for this realization. We ought be after these people. For this reason, reach massively and these people will come to us, from all walks of life, as the Jew makes *ALL* Gentiles suffer deeply.

Now as all of you are aware, there is must jew talk around and the list never grows over. The best way to actually penetrate beyond the jewish vail is to understand some fundemental rules and just pamper these to others. Don't aim for a "logical" awakening of the people, especially the sell-outs. These people don't have any logic or common sense, as even this has been acutely adjusted to the Jewish System of thinking. Throw on the table the info, and let people study it. Those who are strong will feel compelled to do this and finally really take a stand. Others that will delay, procrastinate and "let it be" or be "lazy" or try to play tabs on you, are not and will not really be interested. You know the Truth and they don't, so don't waste your prescious time on them. Keep spreading the Truth like a medicine to the jewish intellectual plague and the enemy will be destroyed.

For instance, one rule, is that the groups whom the jews try to coup unsuccessfully, they try to take them over from the within. This is especially True with Freemasonry, Politics and other unions such as the Worker Unions. The groups they hate the most, they try to destroy through terrorism and use of shekels, but when they fail, they try to take these over from others who were really advocating for the rights of those inside.

Take the Feminists for instance. The jews are original exceptional haters of Women. This can be seen in all the Abrahamic Religions. Women are nothing but sex dumps, they don't deserve anything, they are nothing more than spoils of war and the list goes on. They are by definition retarded and this is the major idea in all the Abrahamic Jewish Mindset. This is what the enemy thinks of women. Plain and simple. Many people want to sugar coat everything because they are part of this deceptional agenda of the eenmy and reap rewards from it, such as "security", "serenity", high amounts of $$$, followers, the list goes. You don't need to go a lot further, but to just look at the facts in the Abrahamic religions of pisslam and Xianity. After all this is said and done and women get some rights, in the evil White countries, here do stand the jews in the opposite side, trying to "advocate" for Women, by overextending them, making them completely stupidly immoral, making them humiliate themselves and the list goes.

Take then the GBLT community. The same hatred can be traced into the Abrahamic Programs. This hatred did never, exist prior, for people of the Third Sex that were decent people. The jews were an original hater of the 3rd Sex and they tried to wipe out these people over and over again in the ages (one instance: The USSR Gulags). Now, they try to again destroy them by taking them over and making them socially deprived, degenerates and overextending them so that there is a social reaction against them, that will rob their rights forever. They also overextend this into grounds of pedophillia and anything else. This is purposeful and this is another method. They destroy things by achieving coups and then trying to reaffirm "leadership" of what they attack.

Take State politics. Jews were always instigating coups, chaos, death and dismay for Gentiles for hundreds of years, until they finally found the opportunity to get into politics and slowly kick off the Gentiles from their positions. Of course, no "conversations" or anything else, but only, "revolution". Ie, the Jewish Revolution. Revolution for jews doesn't meant anything but just placing their own in power and furthering a death grip against the unsuspecting masses. Jews bought their way into politics, lied their way into politics and everywhere else, took leadership of the people they want to destroy and finally made the global networks in order to achieve this goal en-masse. This has been conversated in another replies.

Another thing is that the jew is a natural anarchist, when it comes to orders that are of his enemies. All equals, except of the jew, who is more equal than others by a long shot. For their order, jews kill and do anything nessescary to maintain it completely. They have done so for tens of centuries. To the Goyim, they preach to destroy everything that helps them survive. Male to female bonds, family, children, women, their hard earned work and labor that build their countries, the list goes. Just keep Krayst for so long its needed, feminism, veganism, pacifism, race mixing, and all sorts of other crap that never helped ANY civilization survive. They are always instigators of dismay, terrorism and backstabs. This is how they always operate and this is what they did to most Gentile leaders in order to destroy them.

The jews do *NOT* need *ANY* reasons or any "proof" or "logic" to back anything up, especially to the Goyim slaves. They just manipulate this for the Goyim and they always use emotional slur to controverse especially for this reason. The mere fact that the "Chosen of God" have decided to wage war on some order, on some country or some social group, is enough. The jews always used the reasoning "Because the kike God said so". Why are there supposed to be wars for the jews? Because the jew in the bible said so. Why are there supposed to be billions of brainwashed people that want to murder everyone else? Because the Hebraic Offspring of Judaism, "Allah" said so. No other reason is need. This is evident in all of their history and the outcomes of their "Christianity" which always justified everything over "god". The jew is naturally a being without any internal noblety or morality. They are monsters and they don't need to reason anything, especially to anyone else. Their highest reasoning is arrayed in their "Torah", which is actually the blueprint plan for Jewish World Domination and nothing else. The jew can as thus endlessly lie, endlessly destroy and endlessly deceive. All that benefits Pissrael and the Jewish Aliens is great and this is what is "Moral", even if it means massive murder or whatever else of this nature. The jew stops NOWHERE and at NOTHING.

In this simplistic view of "morality", everything the jew does is easily understood. Is it good for the Jews and Israel? Its "moral" and "good". Is it bad for the Jews and Israel? Its "bad" and its a "sin" for the Goyim to do. Is the Goyim worshipping Satan bad for the jews? Yes. Write it in the bible, as "Bad" and "Sinful". Do the Goyim need to be spiritual, does that benefit the jews? No- put meditation as a sin. The list goes endless and this is the mind of the jew. This is very easy to see around. The jew will promote all sorts of weaknesses, bias, misinfo, attacks, slander, delusional paranoia, lies and the list goes, so long it confuses and destroys its enemies. That's all there is to it. This is why suddenly, Veganism, the Sissyfication movements, Feminism, insane pushing of forced "Feminization" for men, mass media outrage to force people to Race mix, etc, is happening, in the era of massive and murderous Islamization and "intergration". No men = No fighters = No opposition forces against the jews. That's all of it, that's all there is into it, bottom meaning. Its that easy. Whatever weakens your enemy is good. When the jew is discovered and understood, these "Social flows" do suddenly start to make sense. Why all this is happening is very easy to know after this.

For instance, how coincidental, right? The White West is being attacked with relentless amounts of terrorist Muslims, the Western Goverments are taken over by jewish "elites", and at the same time, except of the relentless immigration, Race mixing propaganda, etc...People are told repeadetly to become more and more feminized, more and more docile, more and more to mind their own "bussiness", more and more forced to speak less and the list goes. Vegan, Sissyfication, Worship other Races, Xianity (this hoax doesn't really work anymore so they are making substitutes for it) and the list goes. "Don't eat meat because God said so". Oh the Goyim eat meat, because apparently few Gentiles give one damn about the jew on the stick anymore. What a coincidence.

So this is how it works. In the place of a jewish kike that knows it all and self proclaims itself as "God", that represents the jewish collective of people...When they lose faith, they transmute it in something else, getting the same desired end they wanted in the first place.


On one hand the death grip is tightening around the throat of White people, on the other hand, they are told to actually sit down and pleasurably take it.


There is no *WHY* and no *LOGIC* behind this, not even emotional of the lowest sense. People should normally raise their heads when they are guided to TOTAL EXTINCTION and DEATH and HUMILIATION all the time. But, many crapsters are still around from their couch trying to search for any mighty "Why", except of accepting the existence of the hebrew overlords that are destroying Humanity day by day. The fact that the "Chosen" want it to be that way, is enough of a why. The fact that the "Chosen" can open their nasty horsemouths and lie to people all the time, and launch more and more illusions to them, is enough. That's all that's nessescary. After all, the Goyim slaves are not capable of high reasoning according to the alien psychopathic yids.

One last thing. The jew rules by fallacy and logical problems. This is easily explained. The fact that Jewcy Putin pretends to be against Europe, doesn't meant that European Jewnion is better and should be listened to. The "lesser of the two evils" is part of the whole deal again, and is another means of control. Only when people understand that this network is global, ruthless and without bounds, they will finally understand how deep the (Kosher) Rabbit hole goes.

For our Teachers, Educators and Enlighteners who spread the Truth about the enemy Jew, focus on throwing a large net, to catch as many people as possible. The rest of things will be settled on their own accord.
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The Jewish controlled "nationalism" in a few words:

Aglin's website got trolled by real NS, it seems. Now its front page is much more honest:


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WOW This is a really great sermon. Thank you Hooded Cobra. I learn new things here every day. Thanks, Egon, for sending me this link.

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