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Brexit, USA elections etc- The Beginning of the End for Jews

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Greetings to all our Satanic People and Comrades!

As you can see along the lines, people are getting more and more educated, fed up and enraged at the jews. The jews think of everyone else as cowardly as them, so when they pull up threats for "damages" and anything, they expect anyone to cuck down and obey them. However, this wasn't the case for Britain. At this point where the message is written, the Refferendum to Exit the European Jewnion is about 85% due, with the Brexit closely of votes in the front. Britain knows the deal really well, so do the British. Their country is being taken over by the invaders and other immigrants. However, there are also LEGAL immigrants and other people with a sane brain and a love for the country that helped them, Britain, so they will vote equally for a Brexit. The enemy with the Soros and oligarchy at the front is threatening Britain even with economic collapse. A country like Britain cannot really fall like a paper Tower.

The enemy is a real, major hater of Britain. Britain has been dragged into world wars, made into an imperialist state and been viciously attacked by the Jews for centuries. Now, Britain is being flooded with an endless amount of Immigrants which have taken over even the capital of the country. The Jewish Cucks and Femmies say, that they should go for "Bremain" and actually, destroy the country and turn it into a Muslim Toilet, with Whites going completely extinct by 2050 or sooner. What an offer, right? On the back, they of course pull out all these threats. Oh they will die impoverished, oh what will happen, the list goes. The same pattern the jews follow in the bible. They pull threats to everyone all the time. Its only when people actually revolt that they understand that the threats of the jews are really vain. Even if they were valid, people have to raise their head for Freedom, and for Humanity.

The enemy has created a slavery planet. The "Rich West" is not merely a rich West, but has been viciously used, the sons of the West all dead, for Jewish interests. In WW2, despite of a mass of 30%+ British people that never wanted war, the Churchill Jew regime, pulled Rudolf Hess who came with a peace offering and imprisoned him. The jews wanted war- they wanted benefits, they wanted the destruction of the White Race. They wanted to multiply their winnings and gamble the world, on top of millions of dead people from all sides. Back then, few people actually did know what's up, let alone the major populace. Most people were blind, uneducated and totally naive.

Even if Britain doesn't leave the EU, or the result would be "Bremain", we still know one fundemental thing: Half of the Population of Britain is awakened to what the Jew EU is up to. After this, others will follow. Brexit will be the most favorable result. As for the rumors of the election being rigged, in whatever case, the result is apparent. In whatever sense, the jew instigated immigration policy is going to backfire at the jews, as it will. Nobody wants to fucking go extinct or suicide, except of very few traitorous and weak people. People are becoming increasingly aware of the media manipulation. When the fundementals of existence and hardwired racial existence insticts are attacked, there is going to be a backlash and a domino effect. The jews know this. The kikes tried to wipe all of Europe at once, and they will in the future face all of Europe against them. Then plan two, is actually get on Jewcy Putin and the Communist allies and actually go full USSR mode in the West. However they want to systematically bastardize and weaken us out first, in order for this to be carried successfully. These are all the plans of the JWO. There is no "Globalist Elite". There is only, Jew World Order.

However this time things are different. The average guy down the street is really aware of jews. You can figure this out really easily. While the Jews imposed actual Abrahamic host programs as religions to people, the "Anti-Semetic" hate never ceased to exist. Its hardwired within all sane biological entities, and all noble human beings to want to oppose the jewish monstrosity. The enemy has brought things to where now not only "one" place is against them, but in actuality, they are turning the whole planet against them. While "Alex ADL Jones" and so many others want to lie about the "Globalist" and "Bilderberg" (Half of its list were Racial Jews and Jew faces mugs, so what "Bilderberg"?) the jews know they are losing this war. What they are going to do is just keep going. They have went paranoid. They push all sides from all sides, in such a speed that is seems as if they are actually running of something.

The enemy always tries to control revolutions by taking them over. The same thing happens now with the "Alternative Right" which is just a den of jews, jewish infested pseudo-GBLT that focuses on Human humiliation, and fake promises. As about Killary, one needs to look not further than what Killary is. Killary is a totally controlled jewish muppet, that will just make America a toilet for Jewish interests. As for Donald Duck, uhm sorry, Donald Trap. Its a Donut Trap. Actually, its a sweet donut trap, because so many naive couch potatoes think that the "Revolution" and how they are going to be saved by the invasion of Mudslimes, is going to happen by actually...

Sitting on the couch or going into the Trump Wreck Train. Nothing to do really. Just sit down and Trumpey, whose half family is jewish and half corps are all jew infested, is going to bring some "Pro White" revolution or attack the jews in benefit of all Races in America. How much more naive can people get? Donut himself has actually brushed away all the Anti-semetic sayings. He is also a devout Christian, to the bone. Let's not conversate about the "Christian Identity" meme which is just, jewish slavery. Still in America you see kikes who say on how America should follow the bum of Pissrael. Ie, do its murders for them, so the jews will keep on with the presecuted lies and holololohohohoh tears. The jews act from within all states, against all states. You can't just find the jews by blaming states or peoples. You have to look at the core of the problem. They are a global, racial, international element, that only recently created headquarters in Israel.

The apparent stupidity of both cases is obvious. If Trumpey goes up, or if Killary does, rest reassured nothing major will change. Both are instable. Maybe there is 1% better about Trump, because if he actually gets elected and he backstabs people, people might actually finally wake up to both. The "two sides against the middle" isn't really working all that much anymore. Trump himself is an expression of this- he is an establishment muppet that wants to actually draw in the "Rebels" and "Free Thinkers" and pretty much all those who really love America and want to maintain its existence. Killary is the oldschool, Feminist meme. The only thing with Trumpey is that if things go out of control after his elections, the populace will be more alarmed.

In all ways, the enemy is aware of the massive awakening that is coming and dawning close to us. Not only to the West and Whites, but everywhere. You can wonder the mass reactions of Blacks when they learn that Jews did run the whole Slave Trade, or the reactions of Chinese people when they understand they have been actually enslaved by the Jews all along. The jews are creating 99% of enemies into this planet. Most people inherently and by definition hate them. They are trying to mask this and hide behind law and everything else, which always proves their guilt.

In closing, our Rituals must continue.

If everything by our spiritual hand happen a lot of changes, if not all of this. You can see how lately that we have fired up, the enemy has been also going faster and firing up at the same time. This war is escalating and however blind are the minions in the middle who are asleep, there will be more brute awakenings in the future. Its up to us to keep up with the Spiritual Warfare, education and pressure, so that the enemy will fall in the deathly trap they have been creating for all of Humanity. With the enemy dealt with, there will be enough space for all the nessescary renovations, mutual understanding and anything else we need to achieve, in order to advance Humanity foward.

Satanic Comrades and people of Satan, may you all be blessed now and for all eternity!

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HAIL SATAN!!!!!!!!!

Britain now has chances to be saved from the invasion!!!!

We will continue until the end, until the time where nobody will no longer enslaved by the enemy. Keep on this Comrades and keep on it loyally!!
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Thank you for this. May Satan continue to guide us on our mission.

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