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Joy of Satan Webpages have been Attacked - Our Reply

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As most of you have seen, the Joy of Satan webpage has been down for approximately 2 whole days.

Now most people give reasons like its the Servers, which it may actually be. However, things seem to go deeper. The situation is enraging and all those who know how "magick" works, they can see this.

If one pays attention between the lines, this happened in Wednesday and Thursday, both of which are working days. This technically means, that the Servers could be as well, brought up. Lately, also, the Joy of Satan Forums have been falling on a consistent basis, which with promised "99.9%" uptime, is a difficult thing to happen. The same applies to the servers of the Joy of Satan webpage. As for the groups, all of you know they have been attacked to oblivion and they have been made into something much worse than what they once were, with the new layouts and everything, which are laggy and sluggish as never before.

A small offence it may be to some. To many of us here, this has been the longest that the Joy of Satan webpage has been down. These "coincidences" of late, do not fool the spiritually wise people. All of this is coded in the Torah, where there are severe curses for people who are against the enemy in anyway, shape or form. The enemy is *NOT* here as anyone's friend, but as a slaver of everyone. It is becoming apparent. They do not tolerate problems in their own "stable", or even THINKING from their "Goyim". Due to recent uprising in massive enlightenment of the people, their reactions have been rampant.

As all of you here know, we have said again and again. Salvage, save and store everything. This is not a fun deal, and the soap and sugar town the jews promise you with "stability" is only the West, which is right now crumbling below the lines. What we are doing here, hasn't been done in decades against them. We have serious, cutthroat enemies. Those who still doubt this need to be checked for their own sanity. They have turned a planet into oblivion, a whole billions of beings into oblivious ignorance. Just take a look around you and you will see that. They have supressed the Truth, murdered the equal number of BILLIONS of people.

For those of you who are historically aware, a lot of "powerful Empires", however much of their power or their freedoms, they have been blown away and destroyed by the enemy and this has been ongoing over and over again. The enemy is not going to sit down and be defeated, same as nobody else that has committed all their crimes and curses against Humanity.

For those people naive enough to think everything will be here forever, while they will be sitting on the fat couch, I suggest they look at history. We have to be trustful, but we also have to be vigilant, and we have said the same thing for years. Taking things for granted, like that you know the Truth, you have the ABILITY to meditate, or anything like this, or being un-appriciateful and un-protective of these things, show a human being of low quality, and base retardiation intelligence, that cannot look in the historical continuum to draw on the apparent Truths from it. This chance many of you here possess is 1 in a billion or more. Use it, fight for it, defend it, or waste it. You have chances that your Ancestors have never, ever had before, neither most of Humanity. You appriciate this, put this in use, escape the level the enemy has locked you onto, or you are worthy of your own fate.

Freedoms are only won by blood. In order for all of you to be here and have this chance, blood, labor, tears and anguish has befallen many others. The fact that you live in a peaceful world now, and things seem "Stable" doesn't mean ONE thing. For those who are too sluggish and stupid to see this, I have nothing more to say. Their apparent retardiation is something that nothing will ever fix.

Now going to our Comrades and people who are actively aware, fighting and destroying the enemy. For us many Truths are apparent. One of these Truths is that everything that happens has a cause. Attacks like this always have a same cause. Just take a look around to see how the enemy is trying to control and destroy this magnificent uprising against them.

I will tell you in simple words what happened. The enemy merely tries to bash their way into this house of Satan, and destroy it, same as us and Satan. This has been a recurring phenomenon. We are really destroying the enemy, and they will not sit back idly and watch. Where most people see "coincidence", we know how to see better.

We are the biggest Satanic Community online, by a longshot. Others speak, we do. One just needs to look around into the hoards of people who are retarded cutthroats, the Islamic Invasion, the Attack of Europe and the constant Marxism of the USA, or the pushing of the enemy and their xianity- one needs to look no further. Freedom of Speech, Western sane countries. Europe is being censored and the same thing is happening into the USA. The enemy is willingly making their big advance, and most people cannot really see deep into this matter, which we know to be a Truth. There are causes, and then there are effects- then reactions. What is going on lately, is insane.

From all these people who are drowning in retardiation, waiting for "Saviors", taking false flags like Trump, or going down in long lectures about how Judeoxianity will save the West, or the other pathological things they say that only a retard would, then the High-On-A-Horse-Know-It-All, "Satanists" who belong in Safe Satanism, only *WE* act on the *ROOT* of the problem. And apparently, the root replies back. One can see the uprising of the enemy like never, ever before, since we started our systematic advance spiritually against their empire of JEWISH ROT.

Statistically and logically speaking, its impossible for our Forums to fall down for days, and the Webpage for so long (even if its a server thing) in the same 10 days, with 99,9% uptime. The Groups have been sluggish and lagging too like never before. It is OBVIOUS we are BEING ATTACKED. This has manifested in many forms especially as of late.

What is also obvious, is that our recent rituals are setting fire on the back of the enemy, for which they reply with sly and underbelt attacks. What's usual of these beings of this Race, of course.

They control the Right with jewish puppets like Trump, or by pushing Judeo-Christianity vs the "Pisslamic hoards" while at the same time, they promote incessestant Communism and Feminism, both of which wear down and destroy Nations. Christianity, Communism and anything else, all promote the same Agenda of wiping out the best, most prescious people who can turn matters around. Both lead down the same result- The jews stay in power, the jews become more powerful, the jews keep people in their clutches, the servitude and slavery continues until the inevitable end of this world.

The pile of Corpses and the massive Tyranny of the enemy has became obvious to all now. Its a slaver oligarchy that piles up corpses everyday, most of which are never known. It has shaped a whole reality for the slaves, yet the pile of its fruit is becoming apparent. As it piles up, everyone will see it.

Our duty is to show the naive people to this monument of the Jew World Order. Show them to the root. Only from the Joy of Satan, the rightful Father of Humanity has had the ability to finally speak for Himself and show the cause of our misfortune as Humanity.

Then one simply looks in Europe, where the European Parliament is passing down even more laws against Free Speech and people go to jail over Facebook and Twitter posts. Familiers are being evicted from their own houses, which is a Communist Practice, only to find themselves in the streets while illegal refugees are taking on their homes. You see all sorts of excuses, lies, justifications. These are part of the jew-trix reality of the enemy to blind people further. Somehow, this is deserved, there are reasons of this, its natural payback, it must go on. The list goes endless. The massive invasion of the 3rd World is continuing, the Media are lying 100%, people are being deported from their own countries and homes.

Christianity tries, like the enemy jew, to keep its ugly head afloat in the "right wing", as the enemy well predicted the "Goyim", in revolt to the second jewish program of Pisslam, will go swing on the first mother program of "christianity". The weak always need jews to do their thinking. However awakened Gentiles know the solution is the complete rebuke and complete REJECTION of ANYTHING jewish- A full spiritual, ethical and social revolution is needed, against the enemy jew. The astral jewish teddy bear is trying to be held by a lot of weak "Goyim" still- same as with the philosophies and watered down teachings of the enemy. It takes the vision of the intellectually and spiritually ascended to see what they are doing, and the imperative knowledge that both these marches are created by the SAME, INTERNATIONAL CLIQUE- THE JEWS.

But we my Comrades, *WE* are the FUTURE! We are the NIGHTMARE of the enemy. We are the fire and brimstone that falls from the skies in the form of the REAL DIVINE RETRIBUTION. *WE* are the co-writters of History, in the highest level. *WE* are the only INTERNATIONAL and up to now, HIDDEN element that can deal with the enemy where they are most powerful. *WE* are the only co-writters who are dragging the spiritual pen from the jewish hand, to write something better for the whole of Humanity.

Those who will understand, will understand. For the rest, they ought sit on the side and wait for the fight to end.

So this is our reply to them.

The educational and spiritual resistence will continue.

Gentiles are waking up and this game is not even close to over- this War has just begun. Satan will be the ultimate one prevailing. It will not be "Allah", "Jesus", the established jewish diseases who have long tortured Humanity. Satan will be the ultimate Winner.

This is where Anger, Might and Wisdom are a nessescity spiritually. This is where people need to be intelligent, ready for everything, and like spiritually like bloodthirsty wolves- this is where people must be beings with unending and unrelenting hatred and brimstone ANGER. Let your vibrations and spiritual powers rip the worlds apart, like the Ancient Might who is still alive, rampantly vibrant and strong.

Those who realize the height of this situation will never falter, will never grow weak, will never cease fighting and in the end, will NEVER SURRENDER.

We will not let up. We will not falter. We will NEVER quit.

Our war is a war of spirit, and the enemy and their cohorts know. Everything starts, ends and lives on by spirit.

For every attack, we will attack a billion times. For every insolence a trillion. And for all their wrongdoings, until eternity and until either party is spiritually destroyed.


-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

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For all Satan's warriors, be aware of any personal info that you are giving away. Any type of random routing (such as Crowds, Onion etc.) are only secure if you are talking about local attackers. In cases of massive corporations that control multiple routers, whatever you do is insecure.
When you talk about Governmental Agencies, they can identify you, even if you are using Onion Routing(Tor) with a probability of over 98% for each action you take.
“Anonymity is bullshit” - Joan Feigenbaum

You are never anonymous on the Internet, no matter how much you try, so be wise to what info you are giving ;)

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Oh MAN, it's my time to shine with burning HATRED AND FIRE! My FAVOURITE part of any battle is losing yourself in the FURY! Those bastards will get what's coming to them, wish I'd seen this sooner. Gotta do every ritual against them, I'm going to be at this for hours. Ooooh this is going to be so much fun! Things are about to get HELLISH!
The elementals that be span across this vast sea
Of universal existence that brought you and me
We have banded together to expand our might
Best you don't forget, there's fire in this fight


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Marsayate wrote:
I feel like we need to organize a major counter offensive in any way we can that includes but is not limited to a ritual. People who have knowledge of the internet's inner workings when it comes to networking or have hacked before can perform a counter offensive on this side. I'm not going to list the instructions on how to overload a server or provide the tools because it's against this site's rules.

A mirror of the main website I have set up in April is here if you want to look at it. There are also a couple......extras I've added from myself. I believe I sent this link to all of the admins here (only Myla replied to me I think) but please put that link up as a mirror. No viruses nothing, I've been an on-and-off member on this forum for some time now and I have a good reputation and references from other members available. Just Skype me or something.

Your mirror was well appriciated same as mirrors by other members. Not replying doesn't mean we don't take notice or are greatful of the work done. Its technically impossible to get down to each and every of the members, however, we are all very thankful for our loyal comrades. Its a mutual effort.

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Im going to do endless RTRs against those jewish fucks! Its like I can feel them crying into there little jew hats :)

There efforts against us are for nothing so if youre a real Spiritual Satanist you should hop on board the Winz train along side our Bros Cobra Commander and The Sloth! Help me pump out the RTRs everyone!

Hail Satan!
Hail Satan!

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I'm at work so I can't talk much. I will post a more in depth reply later. I seem to have been attacked by the enemy as well. I suppose it could be coincidence but I doubt it. What I want to ask is can we find a more solid way to stay in touch with other Satanists in case Internet outages or worse happens in the future? Can we have some kind of letter writing group or something? Is there a way to do this and stI'll remain anonymous if we choose?

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666BlackSun wrote:
I'm at work so I can't talk much. I will post a more in depth reply later. I seem to have been attacked by the enemy as well. I suppose it could be coincidence but I doubt it. What I want to ask is can we find a more solid way to stay in touch with other Satanists in case Internet outages or worse happens in the future? Can we have some kind of letter writing group or something? Is there a way to do this and stI'll remain anonymous if we choose?

We get attacked all together this is why sometimes, all of us get flack at the same time. We are being attacked individually but as a group as well. Nothing is a "coincidence" ever when it comes to these things. Spiritual Satanists are the only ones who can deal with the enemy on the highest level. Coincidence is a term for not understanding how and why things occur. In nature there are no real "coincidences".

For instance, one looks around in Angelfire. While this has nothing to do with the Server or the incident, its intresting to look at some "coincidence". Do you notice that there is a fucking REPTILLIAN EYE into that shitty website? Zuckerberg was only 15 when he made this website. You can blantantly see he was "aware" of what was going on:

"Holy Crap, Is This Mark Zuckerberg's Embarrassing Childhood Angelfire Website?"


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That's some eye opening (pun not intended) stuff with Mark's website Cobra. Thanks for the insight as well. What happened to me was this.

I got ill several months back. It gave me every horrible symptom you could think of short of losing food out either end of my body. I truly felt like the life force was leaving me and I was dying. So this week I got it again. Then I had about 6 or 7 coworkers attacking me moderately and now I am having bad issues with my family. Then yesterday I was taking some medicine for my illness. I use CBD hemp oil that I can buy downtown. It comes in a dropper bottle. When I was taking it the glass dropper came undone from the lid and nearly shot down my throat choking me.

All in all I am glad to have received a bit of guidence before all this. The CBD has mostly killed the illness along with using my mind powers. The coworkers objectives to attack me completely fell flat after I worked some magic and aura strengthening. The family issues are not ideal but manageable. Nothing this week has sunk the battleship so we will sail on.

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