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Holocaust of India, Jewish Power Murdered 85 Million Indians

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Holocaust of India, Jewish Power Murdered 85 Million Indians

I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire and I control the British money supply.” (Nathan Rothschild said (1777-1836)).


The same Jewish elites who murdered 100 million people in their USSR and another 100 plus million in their holding of Communist China which supported Pol Pot as well. And the hundred million Black Africans who were holocausted in the Jewish run trans Atlantic slave trade. Also murdered 85 million Indians with their control of the British Empire as those in the know called it the Yiddish Empire for a reason.

But guys remember..... Anti-Semitism is the problem in the world, never the Jews...

Victims of the Jewish engineered holocaust of the Indian People in the 1870's.

Just like the Ukrainian victims of the Holodomor were 16 million people were murdered by the Jewish Bolsheviks....


British grain taxation policies, coupled with drought, caused an estimated 12-29 million Indians to starve to death from 1876-1902. The British Jewish administration, headed by the viceroy Lord Lytton(who dismissed calls to feed famine victims as “humanitarian hysterics”), not only did nothing to stop the disaster but actually pushed an act of parliament in 1877 that forbade famine relief, for fear it would cut into the record profits being made. They did allow desperate refugees from the countryside to earn their food at work camps in Madras and Calcutta, where their rations were less then that of prisoners at Buchenwald. British troops massacred starving mobs who tried to storm the trains and ships that were exporting their grain to Britain. The Madras Chamber of Commerce suggested the police set up flogging posts to prevent people from stealing the grain.

“Their very eyeballs were gone … Their fleshless jaws and skulls were supported on necks like those of plucked chickens. Their bodies – they had none; only the framework was left.”- a British journalist describes famine victims, 1877.

Who was the one world leader who stepped in to help liberate the Indian People to free themselves of the murderous control by Jewish Elites....


The Indian People have never forgot this either.....

They have even made films to honor this....


Hitler also fought to end the Holocaust system of the Jewish totalitarian system of the USSR, striking into the USSR several weeks before Stalin's scheduled plan to invade all of Europe as even former Soviet intelligence admits[1], and which Hitler knew about as well. Hence his first move as the only chance to save Europe, his victory there would have ensured Mao with the direction of the Jewish elites would never have arisen in China.

Never forget we are in this fight together against the One Enemy of all Mankind, the Jew.

1 The Chief Culprit, Viktor Suvorov

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The worst genocide was actually in west Bengal. Winston churchil the kosher jew was behind that. Second worst was during plagye and leprosy outbreak. First of all India going in jewish control was itself impossible. Mainstream history often tells us that there were no much powerful kings in india after nawab of bengal. That's a big lie. The maratha kingdom was equivalent or less powerful than Nawab of bengal. And they were expert in guerrilla warfare. They did have guns and stuff unlike history books show them as some sword wielding old school guys. Bajirao 1 was a traitor and literally sold maratha kingdom to British. Bajirao was a peshwa and was a chitpawan Brahmins who are racially bene israeli jews or part jews. There are Hindi movies being made to glorify bajirao 1 who married a Muslim queen and what not huge and big tales on peshwas whereas real rulers who started the maratha empire. Peshwas were the one to start caste system and ruin all spiritual knowledge in Maharashtra whereas their counterparts Tulu brahmins and Nirbhooti Brahmins did it in south India. They divided us into castes and british took it further. This resulted in further genocide of people. Because they did it to that extent that people wont even have food or water from house of someone of lower castes. Though Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh was created by Hedgekar who was a Deshastha Brahmin and a gentile. It was inspired by Italian Fascists. They could had mobilised as RSS had a great fan following. Hedgekar died and chitpawans took over RSS,making them pro british. Savarkar even supported joos and was a British agent. There are rumours created about savarkar meeting Bose before bose left. This is for those right wing braiwashed guys. Same can be said on Congress party. Its founders were chitpawan as well. Jews just played,both sides. Gandhi was a british secret agent and is photographed wearing a british unifrom.
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It was no mistake the government the Rothschild empire put in change of the New Indian nation, Nehru's regime was totally Marxist and worked to destroy Hindu culture and move India closer to the Soviet Sphere. Now India is being moved under the control of the IMF the world bank that is under the control of the Rothschild's family.

The neo-liberalism-globalisation that India and the West is undergoing is just designed to gas light the world for a total Marxist dictatorship.

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