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Jews and the Rape of Black Women

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Jews and the Rape of Black Women
The female slave was a sex tool beneath the level of moral considerations. She was an economic
good, useful, in addition to her menial labor, for breeding more slaves. To attain that purpose, the
master mated her promiscuously according to his breeding plans. The master himself and his sons
and other members of his household took turns with her for the increase of the family wealth, as
well as for satisfaction of their extramarital sex desires. Guests and neighbors too were invited to
that luxury.740
Jews engaged in the widespread practice of the sexual exploitation of dependent fer-
nale slaves. Such was the practice of jews since the Middle Ages - a practice which required
religious legislation to abate. Slave women were employed primarily for domestic and agri-
cultural service in the households of the jewish upper classes. The Jews of Spain and Portugal,
for instance, used their house servants and slaves as concubines, and in seventeenth century
Amsterdam they did the same even though the practice of polygamy was then against the
law.741 Jewish marriage contracts from the Middle Ages include the condition that the husband
promise not to buy a fernale slave without his wife's consent, parallel to his promise not to
take a second wife against his first wife's will.742
Once out of the realm of direct civil or religious authority the Black woman became
open game. Dr. Henry L. Feingold has confirmed that:
There are some recorded cases of illicit cohabitation between Jews and Negro slaves but this is un-
doubtedly only the tip of the iceberg. Isolated Jewish peddlers are known to have sometimes chosen
Negro or Indian women as common-law wives. Sometimes generous bequests to Negro housekeep-
ers in wills hint at deeper involvements. In one case in 1797, Moses Nunes of Savannah, acknowl-
edged his concubine and the children he had with her, by willing her several of his remaining
slaves. Similarly, land and money were willed by Isaac H. judah to his two mulatto sons. The most
renowned product of such a union is Francis Lewis Cardozo, Jr., who … was sired by either Jacob
N. Cardozo, a well-known Southern journalist or his brother Isaac, grandfather of the Supreme
Court justice.743
When Feingold refers to the "tip of the iceberg" he is undoubtedly considering the so-
called "mulatto" Jews who were never officially recognized as Jews, but were the offspring of
Jewish rapists of African wornen.744 Marcus asserts that some Jews,
late in getting a good start in life, did not marry until they had made some progress on the ladder of
success, and these late marriages very likely help account for Negro concubinage. Many of the jew-
ish settlers affranchised Negro and mulatto women who were obviously their mistresses, and occa-
sionally they made some provision for the children as well. One can only speculate as to the reac-
tions of white wives forced to share their estates with the children of slaves but, although there is little indication of their attitude toward this social condition, its very prevalence would suggest they
tolerated it as part of the prevailing mores.745
The Nunez brothers lived in the backwoods and were said to have "traded with the In-
dians arnong whom they lived and fathered a brood of half-breeds."746 Abram Mordecai, who
in 1785 carried on extensive trade with the Indians, had his house burned by Indians "because
of an intrigue with an Indian squaw."747 In his will, Isaac [198] Pinheiro left most of a very
substantial estate to Vinella Pinheiro, a "free" Black woman. David Da Costa left most of his
estate to a “free" mulatto woman on condition that she maintain Da Costa's mother for life.748
The first Jew living in New England, named Sollomon, is described as a "Malata Jue," per-
haps born of an African slave mother and a Jewish father.749
In another case, Marcus describes a "cultured Jew" as having "a Negro concubine who
reared their numerous children in the Dutch Reformed faith."750 Americans in the Caribbean
were "shocked" when Nathan Levy cohabitated with a Black woman and was frequently seen
promenading with her, arm in arm."751 Jacob Monsanto, son of Isaac Rodrigues Monsanto, one
of the very first known jews to settle in New Orleans and owner of a several hundred-acre
plantation at Manchac, reportedly "fell in love with his slave, Mamy or Maimi William. Their
daughter Sophia, grew up to be a lovely quadroon."752 Rabbi Korn saw a trend:
[I]t is likely that some of these Negroes [received] their names either frorn jewish owners or jewish
fathers. This is probably also true of Sheldon Cohen of St. Petes Parish, South Carolina, Constance
Herschell of New Orleans, Levy Jacobs of Fayetteville, North Carolina, George and Samuel
Kauffman of King and Queen County, Virginia, Affey Levy of Charleston, Justine Moise of New
Orleans, Harry Mordecai of Frankfort, Kentucky, Betty Rosenberg of Charleston Neck, and Cather-
ine Sasportes of Charleston.753
The crime of rape was so widespread that significant portions of the Jewish population
were it's result. A jewish historian reported that in 1791, "Portuguese Jews number 834 and
the German jews 477, besides 100 Jewish mulattoes, constituting in all more than one [199]
third of the white population of the Colony [of Surinam]."754 It is hardly possible that any of
these 100 could have been products of a Black African male slave and a jewess. In Jamaica, the rape of captive Black women reached epidemic proportions. There de-
veloped a large free "colored" population all of whom "were deprived of almost all civil
rights."755 The concubinage system was considered the "norm" in Jamaican society, and Black
women "were universally maintained by white men of all ranks and conditions as kept mis-
tresses." Even as late as 1843, an observer could find no improvement: "No one who has ever
visited Jamaica will attempt to speak with pleasure on the morals and dornestic relations of
the country."756
Jean Laffite, the Jewish pirate operating in the Caribbean, bred Black women for sex-
ual purposes. Rabbi Sharfman in Jews on the Frontier:
Most desired were the females from French Senegal. They were priced even higher than prized
males. These possessed fine figures with silky black hair that flowed to their waists and knees.
French and Spanish plantation owners in Santo Domingo, by selective breeding, had produced an
exotic type they called "Les Sirenes." These, whom Southerners called "Serpent Women," had re-
markably exquisite facial features, lithe bodies, small hands and feet. These above all were sought
as mistresses… Laffite maintained a number of tantalizing "Serpent Women" at Grand Isle, across
Barataria Pass frorn Grand Terre. He turned Grand Isle into an island of pleasure - saloons for
drinking and gambling and bordellos lavishly outfitted. "Les Sirenes" were among as many as two
hundred alluring females of all nations. These beauties offered guests a combination of Laffite's Lu-
cullan delights and orgies of the renowned New Orleans Swamp.757
Dr. Feingold assumes that "Such mulatto grogeny could not have fared too well in the
Jewish community which shared fully in the prohibition against miscegenation."758 But in New
Crescent City Jews blended into their environment to become morally and religiously adrift. Samuel
Kohn['s]… "housekeeper" Delphine Blanchard Marchegay arrived as a slave from Santo Domingo,
served him well by day and by night… Since interracial cohabitation was illegal though quite com-
mon, "housekeeper" was actually a euphernisrn for "concubine." Some of the most prominent New
Orleanians preferred to mate with their "housekeepers" rather than legally marry according to civil
if not religious law.759
Among these men was the Jew Daniel Warburg. Warburg of New Orleans had two
"mulatto" sons named "Eugene" and "Daniel" as products of the rape of a Cuban Black
woman named "Marie Rose."760 Dr. Bertram Korn has speculated that Samuel Myers may
have purchased an African woman named "Alice" as a concubine "in view of his first wife's
death just four rnonths before. The relevant dates are as follows: Sarah Judah Myers died on
Oct. 12, 1795; Myers bought Alice on Jan. 4, 1796, Myers married Judith Hays on Sept. 27,
1796; he sold Alice on Oct. 2, 1797. "761 Rabbi Sharfman acknowledges the social/racial hier-
The full-blooded Negro slave had no social status. When a white man cohabited with a black slave,
their mulatto offspring was elevated on the social ladder. The offspring of a white and a mulatto
was a quadroon (one-fourth Negro blood), and offspring of a white and a quadroon was an octaroon
(one-eighth Negro blood) - the more white blood the higher the rung on the social ladder. Wealthy
whites were therefore especially desirous to take octaroon or quadroon girls as mistresses. Under Louisiana law, they could never live as man and wife, nor could they cohabit. Nonetheless "Quad-
roon Balls" were openly and publicly held in New Orleans.762
"By far the greatest profits from mulatto or quadroon girls was derived frorn their sale
to brothels," writes Sean O'Callaghan in his study of international prostitution. "White men
preferred them to their white sisters in the profession, who were mainly 'white trash,' ignorant,
unkempt and ugly. Many of the quadroon girls, on the other hand, were very beautiful, and
did their best to please their customers. The hope in the breast of every quadroon prostitute
was that one of her clients might set her up in an apartment as his mistress."763 As legal slavery
came to a close, Black women remained as the sexually exploited product of Jewish brothel
owners. Jews soon thereafter moved into and, in fact, dominated the international "white slave
trade" marketing their own and other Caucasian women to the highest bidders.764
There are actually only five instances in which documentary evidence indicates co-
habitation of Jews with Black women765, says Rabbi Korn, and they are indeed "only the tip
of the iceberg." Undocumented are the jewish Indian traders, "consorting with red women and
begetting children by them”766 and the intensely sexual plantation life described by Freyre and
others. It is certain that with the buying and selling of Black women, Jews raped and exploited
them with abandon.767
- Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, NOI
Up, you mighty race, accomplish what you will.

- Marcus Garvey

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