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Jewish Owned Slave Ships

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Jewish Owned Slave Ships
The following is a partial listing of ships that are recorded as having Jewish owners
and are known to have transported slaves. This list, it must be emphasized, is indeed a partial
list. It excludes, for instance, evidence of the transport of slaves by Southern Confederate
Moses Cohen Mordecai, who was described as "a prominent merchant and probably the larg-
est shipowner in the United States."732 There can be no serious doubt that as a Southern ship-
per from Charleston he engaged extensively in slave shipping. Also excluded from this list are
Abraham Gradis and the Gradis family, who are the recorded owners of at least 26 ships
which they used to ship Africans around the Caribbean and the world.733 The Jessurin family
of Curaqao alone "owned over one hundred ships sailing the seven seas in the 1800s," when
Jews were masters of the slave trade.734
Certainly, much more research is required to assemble a truly representative list
which, when complete, would be expanded manifold.735
Abigail Aaron Lopez, Moses Levy, Jacob Franks
Active Aaron Lopez
Africa Jacob Rivera, Aaron Lopez
Albany Rodrigo Pacheco
Ann Aaron Lopez
Anne & Eliza Justus Bosch, John Abrams
Antigua Nathan Marston, Abram Lyell
Betsy Jacob Rivera, Aaron Lopez
Caracoa Moses and Sam Levy
Charlotte Moses and Sam Levy, Jacob Franks
Cleopatra Jacob Rivera, Aaron Lopez
Crown Isaac Levy, Nathan Simpson
De Vrijheid David Senior, Jacob Senior
Eagle Moses Seixas
Elizabeth Mordecai and David Gomez
Fortunate Aaron Lopez
Four Sisters Moses Levy
George Aaron Lopez
Greyhound Jacob Rivera, Aaron Lopez (later by Moses Levy)
Hannah Jacob Rivera, Aaron Lopez
Hester Mordecai, David Gomez, also Rodrigo Pacheco Hetty Mordecai Sheftall
Hiram Moses Seixas
Hope Aaron Lopez (also owned by Myer Pollack)
Juffr. Gerebrecht Philippe Henriquez, David Senior & Co.
Juf Gracia Raphael Jesurun Sasportas (captain)
Leghorn Rodrigo Pacheco
Mary Jacob Rivera, Aaron Lopez
Nancy Myer Pollack
Nassau Moses Levy
Nina Luis de Santagel, Juan Cabrero
Pinta Luis de Santagel, Juan Cabrero
Prince George Isaac Elizer, Samuel Moses
Prudent Betty Jacob Phoenix
Royal Charlotte Aaron Lopez
Sally Saul Brown (Pardo) & Bros.
Santa Maria Luis de Santagel, Juan Cabrero
Sherbo Jacob Rivera
Shiprah Naphtali Hart
Spry Jacob Rivera, Aaron Lopez
Three Friends Jacob Rivera & Co.
Union Moses Seixas
The below listed ships were owned by Jews who are known to have participated in the
slave trade (*asterisk means ownership is presurned):736
Year Owner Ship Name (tons)
1702 Moses, Joseph, and Samuel Frazon Joseph & Rachel (130)
1713 Abraham de Lucena and Justus Bosch Mary & Abigail
1720 Mordecai Cornez and Rodrigo Pacheco Young Catherine, Young
1737 Rachel Marks, and others Lydia (54)
1743 Joseph Marks Barbadoes Factor (50)
1743 Joseph Marks Charming Sally (60)
1746 Joseph Marks Hannah (40)
1747 Joseph Marks Polly (40)
1748 Joseph Marks Dolphin (50)
1749 Joseph Marks Prince Orange (70)
1751 Joseph Marks Charming Polly (50)
1743 Nathan Levy and David Franks Drake
1745 Nathan Levy and David Franks Sea Flower (30), Myr-
tilla(100), Phila (105), 1758 Naphthali, Isaac, and Abraham Hart General Well, Deflance, Per-
fect Union, Dolphin, Con-
firnwtion, Diamond, Rising
Sun, Lord Howe, Rabbit
1759 Naphtali Hart and Company General Webb*
1760 Naphtali Hart Peggy*
1760 Samuel Levy Charming Betsey (80)
1760 John Franks Two Sisters (30)
1771 Aaron Lopez New York*
1771 Samson Levy and another Deborah (40)
1772 Moses & David Franks, Isaac Levy Glouœster (230)
1773 Moses and David Franks Delaware (300), Belle (170),
Mars (400)
1774 Aaron Lopez Lark*
1783 Abraham Cradis Polly, David, Patriarch
Abraham, le Parfait, l'Alli-
ance, le Vainqueur
1806 David G. Seixas Jane
1806 David G. Seixas & Benjamin S. Spitzer Nancy
Joseph Bueno Rebecca
1806 James DeWolf Ann
Isaac Levy; and others
Crown Gally
Hayman Levy Orleans, Dreadnought
Judah Hays Duke of Cumberland
Jacob Franks Duke of York
Samuel jacobs Betsey
Emanuel Alvares Correa, Moses Pearl737
Cardozo Abraham Hart
Moses Levy Mary and Ann
Moses Levy General Well
Moses Lopez Rebecca
Naphthali Hart King George
Seized Slave Ships
Ownership of sorne vessels, as well as the financial backers and insurers of
slave expeditions, are difficult tc, trace until a seized vessel is reclaimed.738
• The Braman was taken into custody on June 9, 1856 and the owners charged with
being engaged in the slave trade. It was bonded by John Levi and Henriques da Costa. • The Orion was seized on June 21, 1859 and bonded by Rudolph Blumenberg.
• The Charlotte E. Tay was arrested on April 24, 1860 and bonded by Fred K. Myer.
• The Josephine was arrested on May 28, 1860 and was bonded by Benjamin Isaacs.
On December 14, 1722, Louis and Mordecai Gomez "petitioned concerning merchan-
dise and negroes imported in the ship Greyhound as they were the agents for the several own-
ers of the cargo saved by the Greyhound."739
-Relationship between blacks and jews, NOI
(We know Islam in an enemy program
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