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Enemy use on Money and Wealth

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Post Wed May 25, 2016 2:41 pm
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FancyMancy wrote:
Another one from a few years ago.

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel is looking to hire university students to post pro-Israel messages on social media networks — without needing to identify themselves as government-linked, officials said Wednesday. ... ia/2651715

Its even worse than that. Its that this only makes it on the news. There are whole corps engaging into this thing, whole buildings, with computers and everything and people work 8 hour shifts in there, for daily pay. The enemy is going open about this blamelessly, to sort of skip the blame of an action like this. Which is full blown use of money to shape public opinion. And deceive more Goyim online, which is part of the deal. People should know better than trusting anything of them. These people are boundless.

Now imagine if we said shit like, here's that many bucks to promote Satanism, on payroll. The news would be like "Satanic Cult gives money to get people to promote it". "Sacrificing Satanists who murdered jewsus 6 trillion times, pay people to promote Shoahism". Everyone in the world would be gladly freaked out. The xian preachers, in their snake leather shoes and lamborghini's, would gladly complain. Both the Imam's and their 8 year old girlfriends, would want and ask for beheadings. The child molesting pope and his lackeys would get on with their prayers. All the supposed ministries that swindle out millions by typing bible advice on super luxurious websites, would grow terrified. The supposed atheists would go into an outbreak, because okay, xianity we can tolerate, but Satanism is way too bad. The list goes. Oy vey... Annudda, Shoah.

Satanism is dangerous for them, as Spiritual Satanism and all other legit spiritual disciplines don't really feast on money as a nessescity. If Satanists had the wealth these people possess for one day, millions of people would be forever saved from the spiritual death they are undergoing. The enemy however, being a parasite, they hoard wealth, guess on who's expense? Mankind's.

But when the jews go open about how they promote their interests by the use of millions, no issue. When hollywood and everything else is taken over and turned into a cult of mass jewish brainwashing, all good. The press is taken over, again, no tears and not many complaints. Years ago before the rise of the internet, most people couldn't even remotely express their opinion without being jewish slaves somehow. When the jews push pedophillia, murder and anything else DAILY into the minds of people, again, no issue. Some guys threw Hitler Leaflets in England and they got arrested, if I am not mistaken. Because that's what's up with all of them.

The enemy would go and harass, everyday, giving and printing free bibles, brainwashing people, using fear and terror to gain followers and that's that, no issue. Let's not conversate about outright warfare and tons of blood such as in the Middle East, as this is again considered "normal". In "God" we Trust is on the dollar, after all. And the "God" of this world hasn't been anyone else but money. Without money, where would their "God" and them be anyway? Simply, like any other hoax, all these hoaxes need serious sustainance. There are also other stories about how the Jehova's witnesses would actually GIVE money to people so they can become members of their church.

I read the story of a Rabbi who created an event named "Sunday Dollars" in order to attract followers to the synagogue. Also, in the video below there is proof on how the Rabbis command people in their press to do what they want.

-Introducing Rabbi, introducing the person: "Mr breindel is the editor of the editorial page of the New York post."
-Rabbi to "Breindel": "Circulate the letter that Moshiach is coming very soon."
-Editor of the New York Post: "OK"
-Main Rabbi to "Breindel": "He's not only coming, he is on his way"

People have a small idea how viciously all this wealth is used and how nefariously. It of course does never reach the poor and the sickly, in anyway. It reaches your local pastor's Rolls Royce and the new rims they want, so they can preach about how people must give out their hard earned bucks to jewsus and its promotion. The other thing is where the church gives the homeless a dish of food.

Money is evidently nothing bad. It's just a means to a way. However, for the enemy, it has always meant a means of war, destruction and suffering of their enemies. Its this recurring pattern doing this thing over the centuries. The Rabbinical family of the Rothschilds, which so many "Goyim" blame and cry about in their commie tears, is actually, a Rabbi family like the one of Marx. All deceiving the Goyim. Of course, Rabbi Yehushua/Christ, appaulds and laughs with his chosen against the Goyim who die everyday from hunger, so the pope and the enemy can sit on their golden throne. And dictate things like genocide, mass destruction etc.

Obviously, this is useless, as tommorow the people are hungry again. But the church is there again, and slowly buys of the people and their souls through this thing. Then the idiots say, "Satan buys souls". Not only Satan doesn't buy, but Satan is anything but a materialistic being and teacher. Satan is the real God and real king of the Spirit. Satan cannot be brided and cannot be "bought", and what he gives he gives to people freely. There was this other Rabbi who was charging, like so many new agers today, insane amount of dollars to give to people simple meditations like meditating "Ra" on the Solar Chakra.

The jews also are well aware when it comes to other stuff, such as, the "Holocaust". Its rumored amongst jews that there is the saying, "Ain't no bussiness, like Shoah bussiness". This hoax has made the enemy make billions of wealth and also, created the state of Israel. This is a very well guarded secret and idiotic jews who even by mistake say anything that this is untrue, are ostracized and attacked by others.

Rabbis and Xians on the high ranks also have full blown workings and advice on how to make money. The Torah gives advice to people on how to make money, so jews from a young age don't have to figure out the crap like Gentiles. The jews from a very young age are taught how to sell, buy, steal people in deals and the list goes. There is the saying that between jews the jews must NEVER lend money on interest, but for the Goyim, "god" allows this. Of course much of this wealth is merely stolen from Ancient civilizations, where they actually worked for it, such as in the Vatican.

Their persistence on this area is because they know that without all this wealth, it won't take them more than 3 months to stop existing globally as a so called "religion".

The Torah gives full teachings on usury, getting people in debt, avoiding debt, etc, or other blessings of Israel such as:

Deuteronomy 15:6

"For the LORD your God will bless you as He has promised you, and you will lend to many nations, but you will not borrow; and you will rule over many nations, but they will not rule over you. "

Quite the advice from "God". And xian Gentile sheep read this bullshit and they thin that still, Rabbi Yehushua isn't making fun of them. The Rabbis get the dollars and laugh at them. They think that their Soul will ascend to heaven by giving the jews their hard earned money.

No, No, Xianity is not a materialist religion at all guys. If you have two pairs of pants Goyim, give one to the church:


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Post Wed May 25, 2016 4:52 pm
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The Bible states there is no soul, when a person dies their light body dissipates back into the ether. The body then sleeps in the dirt. And when jesus comes back they will get reanimated, borg style. Jews are materialists in every sense of the word. They can't even grasp the basic's of the soul. So they hide their materialism under a bunch of flowery jewjew speak. The torah just states you go to the Shoah, the grave and that's it. There is nothing in the bible about the soul, its all about gat da money, skrew da goyims and pimp dat planet.

Post Thu Jun 02, 2016 1:14 pm

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All their wealth stolen from gentiles through centuries w/ so much corruption
and evil etc...
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Post Wed Aug 16, 2017 4:23 pm

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