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For those who wish to establish a relationship with Satan.

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Post Thu May 19, 2016 4:42 pm
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Greetings to all our Satanic Comrades and people.

I realize a lot of the things mentioned strike a nerve to some. These are the always offended, lazy idiotic slobs. As thus, we are not obligated to follow up with their demands, or degenerate the Truth to where its a mere substitute of their stupidity.

Many people also call in "reasons" such as to why we "deserve" for things to happen, or how the enemy will be defeated on their own, or all other sorts of idiotic crap.

"Bcz itz Age of Aquarius", "its supposed to happen on its own"...Yes...

Little you do know about Astrology that transistory phases are teh worst and that for many decades, we are still in the end of Pisces. The ending degrees of pisces have to do with homicides, deaths, destructions, suicides and all sorts of other suffering, many times of a deep level. Illusions also tend to escalate. On the upside, we have cleaning of the mass unconscious. Which part of it will manifest depends on effort and not on Nature. Nothing happens "on its own" after a level. Or of course when it comes to jews, they know the truth so they lie to people they will be saved on their own. So much has this "muh deserves" and "muh free-salvation-by-a-skydaddy" has hit the brains of Humanity that its becoming a nuisance.

No different than mere facts or any story without a multicultural rainbow, doesn't ring to many people anymore, the Truth is in the same way hated. People think that lies are going to fix all their problems, because that's what the jew tells to them. So when they are into the lies and they find themselves suffering even more, what remains? To be more ignorant. And the circle continues...Until the end of the so called "Humanity".

Remember, our cause is to take the good of the people, the best of them, and work with reversing the damage the enemy has done on all people. To bring down their plans that are to enslave the whole of Humanity.

In this War only Noble beings can take a stand. Only Noble people can stay. And only Noble people can end it.

This is not the road for trashers, cowards, people who overlook the Eternal over the transient. We are allowed to do anything, but one thing. To kill and sacrifice out inner noblety.

With the downfall of the Human spirit, there goes the downfall of the Noblety in Humanity. Noblety is a value totally alien to the world of nowadays. It is however, an eternal reason to keep fighting. Even when all hope might potentially seem lost. This is from where the Will comes to fight for what is right. The enemy is not a mere enemy who poses a physical danger, but a spiritual one. The enemy with their programs has made this world sickening and ugly. The people they have made uglier. They have took away all the power and enligthenment from Humanity. We are living in the age with the most hopes and the most hopelessness.

The descent of the Noblety in the Gentile heart, guarantees the uprising of the jewish domination.

Yet, this can change. Everything can change.

The Power lies within.

I want you all to be blind no longer. When you walk in the midst of these asleep hoards, you must know that you are the Master. You must know that you have the only perished value that these beings have given away. And herein lies your right to conquer. You are not a Master over the car you own, or your mere achievements. Mastery must gain the new meaning it always had. The Nobler, the higher you rank. Noblety is produced by raising the spiritual intelligence and the capability of higher thinking.

Thinking that overcomes who and what you are merely today, suprassing and breaking the barrier that keeps you from seeing only yourself. With the greater power, grows also your noblety and responsibility. This world is falling, but we are rising. With us, we carry the world.

You are no longer a slave and a mere watcher of all this. You are an actor. You have to use your ability to act and use it everyday. This way the enemy will be brought down.

This feat isn't supposed to be easy. Its however, totally possible. Nobody said it would be an easy job. It requires hard toil and work. So many people, because again, they listen to the jew that tells them that their "opinion" is futile, their actions and struggles useless, they are sitting down, waiting for things to just happen.

You are NOT a futile entity. You are an entity with a Great Future and a Great Purpose. We have opened the door for you. Together, we have to stop and halt this nightmare of the enemy.

Those who disregard the Truth or try to merely bend it to their so called "will" or "comfort" are not Satanists. They lack the first and foremost bravery to face this Truth. Satanists are not blind. Satanists can see. Satanists are as thus given the only one and holiest Ancient Duty, in the world where everything befalls and crashes, we are told to stay upright and fight the mortal enemy of Humanity. This is why Satan handed this goal to all people from all over the World. Because he has faith in Humanity.

We have trusted your understanding in sharing the Truth with you, because Satan always shares the Truth with all those willing to listen. Listening however, is only one thing. Acting is what defends the Truth. You would feel more comfortable that way. Today and in this age, the benefits of lying, being a traitor and backstabbing yourself and Humanity, selling your own soul away to the kikes, outweigh the benefits of being Noble. Or at least, this is how it seems. This is untrue, but this is a conversation for another time.

However there are certain Souls that feel comfort in Truth. Those who know this know the relief, peace and tranquility being close to Truth and Satan produces. There are also still decent beings around that want to know the Truth and fight the biggest, the most bestial and the worse enemy for Humanity. These are the people we represent, serve and at the same time, lead. This includes all of us and nobody is ever excluded.

Our job is therefore, not to complain, not to sit down and not to cry and mourn. Everyone might have shed tears about this whole situation, and any sane being that has understood the gruesome face of this, is definitely hurt from it. The scars this world is bringing to people are internal and also external. What makes the difference is action to change this. As about judgements, inactivity, lazyness, and stupidity, this planet has had more than enough.

The only reality the people know at this point is actually, the reality of television and the press, or something along these lines. Very few people can see behind this. Yet, we can. But this pain has to forge you into a New being that can solve this. Otherwise, it goes in vain.

Our job is to restore all of this and teach the Truth to people.

It occurs to many that we are to do something new. Yes. We are. But at the same time, we do merely one thing.

We do our Ancient Duty.


-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

Post Thu May 19, 2016 4:58 pm

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Oh holy amazeballz I can't stop laughing!!! BY A SKYDADDY!!!! KILLED IT!!c :lol:

This was very beautifully written HP Hooded Cobra! True inspiration and completely honest!

Hallow be their name,
And blessed be their claim,
If you who trespass put down roots,
Then Hallow be your name.

Post Fri May 20, 2016 3:33 pm

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That's why i see all time a news about suicides and death.

Post Sun May 22, 2016 11:35 pm

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Truth is when ancient duty always feels brand new :) .

From Alexander the Great to Genghis Khan, our ancient duty is victory over the fake, the kike is the embodiment of falsity, lies, slavery, and betrayal. Betrayal is all they have left to serve them, and that too is on it's way out.

Truth is forever eternal, and forever with us; the progeny of all the races of Satan incarnated from Mother Earth. Every morning when I wake up now I give thanks that I am here, on this planet and a gentile, and I give thanks to the eternal victory of life.

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