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Jews and Slavery

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This group is for black satanists who wish to educate themselves on our history and culture, discuss topics pertaining to our race and establish a spiritual understanding of who we are. We realize our origin in our creator god Satan and we transform our souls through the daily practice of power meditation. Through the daily practice, we ascend to a higher level as the gods and realize our true potential.

We cherish our existence by embracing our own divinity.

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The Jews and Slavery in Colonial South
America and the Caribbean
"With the spread of sugar, cotton, cocoa, and other plantations the slave ships began to plow those waters, nor
can it be said that Jewish traders were absent from the hideous traffic."46
The Jewish Caribbean presence began in earnest with Columbus' initial foray into the
region. With these early Jewish colonists the economic motivation for the exploitation of mil-
lions of Black Africans was introduced to the Western Hemisphere. The strategy seemed sim-
ple enough - wealth would be amassed through a plantation economy driven by sugar cane.
The two companion enterprises of trading sugar and slaves were common occupations of Jews
in the Middle Ages.47 The early explorers had ascertained that the climate, both temperately
and financially, made the Caribbean a logical enterprise zone, and in this transfer of the sugar
industry into the eastern Caribbean, the history of the industry became entwined with the
western migration of the Jews. They were primarily the financiers and merchants and in a few
cases they were also the plantation masters.48 Jews from Portugal, Holland, England and all
over Europe advantaged themselves through the domination of the commerce of these island
regions, particularly in sugar.49
Jewish slave traders procured Black Africans by the tens of thousands and funneled
them to the plantations of South America and throughout the Caribbean.50 There remains no
documented trace of protest over this behavior - it was a purely commercial venture with
which Judaism did not interfere. Whether the local influence was Portuguese, Dutch or Eng-
lish, the Black man and woman fared the same. In Curaçao in the seventeenth century, as well
as in the British colonies of Barbados and Jamaica in the eighteenth century, Jewish mer-
chants played a major role in the slave trade. In fact, in all the American colonies, whether
French (Martinique), British, or Dutch, Jewish merchants frequently dominated.51 This study is only slightly concerned with the particular European influences govern-
ing the region at various times - that subject has been addressed elsewhere. All western set-
tlements simply required Black labor for their very survival. This passage in Samuel Oppen-
heim's study of Jews in Guiana applies throughout the region:
The demand for slaves for the colony seems to have been quite brisk. They were regarded as neces-
sary for its support, its sole salvation... as valuable as burnished silver, and were not allowed to be
made the subject of sale to other localities.52
With the help of the Jewish slave traders, Blacks poured in and in some locales even-
tually outnumbered Whites by as much as 5 to 1 in the cities and 30 to 1 in the rural plantation
areas.53" The expertise that Jews previously developed in the sugar islands of Madeira and Sao
Thorne, made them indispensable to the New World scheme. Daniel M. Swetschinski esti-
mates that the Jewish share in overall trade was disproportionately large: “[They] constituted
about 65 [20] -75% of the total Portuguese mercantile community while hardly totalling more
than 10% of the population."54 This dominance of trade by the Jewish community, made them
the most prominently poised of any group to exploit the slave markets.55

The secret relationship between blacks and jews volume 1

As Satanists we know Islam is one of our enemies but this book is very informative
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At the bottom of education, at the bottom of politics, even at the bottom of religion, there must be for our race economic independence.
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