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Women in the Jewish Religions, Bad Future of European Women

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To all the Beta Cucks and liberal feminist idiots, who preach about "Diversity", or the liars who claim that Judeo Christianity has anything to do with women or their rights, or that "Christianity" is for White people, let's just let the evidence talk swiftly by itself. Women equal life and civilization. You attack and subvert women, you attack and subvert these values.

Our points are 5 and simple, clear to all educated people and the people who are aware of reality:

--Islam is a Radical program of Death and destruction for women, civilization and feminity in general.

--Christianity has also been the same, but given it failed historically to achieve its intended height of totally enslaving the West, we are now forced again back to this by the incessestant push towards "Islam".

--The opener of the doors for such is "feminism", as its named in the modern society, or any other philosophy that weakens down one's understanding of reality, or powers to resist. Then feminism replaces and attacks any warrior philosophy (such as Paganism, or Law and Justice) which like Christianity has the higher intention to destroy people, makes one docile to one's enemies, makes one neglect the fundamentals of war and reality, preaching the same universalism, naivety and slaver values of Christianity always did. Values that if followed by the letter kill people in one day. The only way to survive is to be outside of the borders of the so called "Christianity" or any of these fake values.

--All of this is based on the supposed "Human rights", which are just a blueprints of "rights" invented on by the bible, which reinforces all the above points. (ie. All people are equal under God, while at the same time the jews affirm superiority over the whole world in the Bible, which naive Christians backhandedly accept,t therefore accepting their "Will" as "God's Will")

--Due to systematic infiltration and destruction of the bonds that hold together a country or a race, the enemy is able to weaken down their chosen enemy and destroy them. Christianity is one infiltration, that infiltrated and weakened the Ancient Paganism, which belonged solely to Whites or Aryans in the forms later called largely as "Satanism" by the church. Because this injection was not enough, the enemy kept going, as far as to try to assimilate and destroy the people in the most basic bond in existence: Racial, Family, Man and Woman, etc. Obviously this is a timelengthy process with many methods of operation.

It forms a circle easily observable if one knows of the jewish element: Jewish religions caust problems with women and enslave them (Christianity, Islam, Judaism). Then, the jew, if they lose power, return through as the defenders of the rights of which they stole from women, to defend these (feminism). Then, they open the doors slowly so the first process can take over in other forms, religious, social and political. This is the part that the supposed "rights" of women are over extended to the point of breaking, into the complete and total "reaction" of what it prior was created by the jews.

Then, with this they gain the "Christian sheep" that revolt around "morality", while at the same time reinforcing their old program and opening the gates for the next invasion of the stronger program that is intended to do what the first one failed to do: Ie, ISLAM. The process repeats in history until the enemy "race" is destroyed. Names and programs change, but aims remain the same. The same thing can be observed into the Bible, and specifically in the New Testament and Old Testament, the Torah, which is the divine book of the jewish Race, by which they "survive" and "conquer" their enemies. All wise and studied ones of the jewish Race admit it.

The jew is totally aware both of feminism, of Christianity and how it is spiritually devoid and anything else. The jews simply do not believe in "Christianity" because they know its a made up program from their ancestors through which they control the Gentile world. If they ever participate, they do this for control and maintenance of this program and to reap the benefits. This is why the Jewish state [Israel] follows none of these, why all the learned ones of the jewish Race do disregard this completely or scorn it and laugh at the "Goyim" (Gentile "dumb animals" that believe it). In reality, the whole of the people of "Israel" it just advances steadily towards its steady purposes.

What many people call mistakenly as "Satanism" when comes to the jews, is merely Judaism. Judaism is a quite recent religion and as thus it has stolen customs, symbols and spirituality from the older religions, adjusting them in a murderous adjustment to fit the ends of the jewish race.

Theory aside, we will just reply with facts and let them talk on their own:


"Menstruation is a filthy disease. All good Muslim men should stay the hell away from menstruating women And for God sakes, don't have sex with them while they're menstruating. It creeps Allah out just to think of it. 2:222a"

"It's OK to have two, three, or four wives, slave or free. 4:3"

"In the mind of Allah, women are like a dirty field for men to plow with their penises. Plow them whenever you like (as long as they're not menstruating, of course.) 2:223"


"A woman is worth one-half a man. 2:282"

This is what is going to happen if you don't stop this, Europeans. And this would be your daughter or your mother:


Then of course you have the jewish bible:

---Lot and his daughters camp out in a cave for a while. The daughters get their "just and righteous" father drunk, and have sexual intercourse with him, and each conceives and bears a son (wouldn't you know it!). Just another wholesome family values Bible story. 19:30-38

These are some parts. Why are idiotic feminists and liberals wondering, why the massive rapes? Its their culture, its what their "God" tells them to do. They are fine with it.

Except of the above outrageous link, let's allow some pictures talk for themselves:

This is what European Women will be forced to wear soon, unless Europeans reply about this and put an end to these jewish hoaxes.


But this is not the first time European Women had this savagery of rape, suppression and destruction placed upon themselves. The jews and their agents have been on it again. This has happened again. THIS IS AN BATTLE BETWEEN THE ARYAN RACE AND THE PEOPLE OF THE LIGHT AND THE JEWISH RACE PLUS THEIR LACKEYS. It has always been and will forever be.

Some other Europeans tried to halt this back in time, stopped the jewish attacks and decay on women and they succeeded:


Heinrich Himmler stood against the Eternal Jew and their plans to destroy women who have been classified as HEXE, and the 3rd Reich knew of the plans of the Jewish/Abrahamic Hoaxes and the jewish instigators in trying to destroy the White people and Women, same as what they have done to White women in the past:


In 1935 Himmler founded the 'H Sonderkommando' - H standing for Hexe, the German word for witch - to collate as much material as possible on sorcery, the occult and the supernatural.

The bulk of the collection was called the 'Witches Library' and concentrated on witches and their persecution in medieval Germany.

One of Himmler's quack theories was that the Roman Catholic Church tried to destroy the German race through witch hunts.

He also discovered that one of his own ancestors was burned as a witch. ... years.html

"Allah" and his murderous attempts are now taking the place once "Jewsus" had. Jewsus was too weak in the end to destroy the intended targets, but it seriously weakened them and dumbed them down.

The same jews are behind everything and the same purpose. It did not change. I present to you the famous "Chastity Belt" blow, that of the Middle Ages, and the witch-hunts, in which all women with "magickal" characteristics were killed and raped, or sold as slaves. "Magickal" ie, even beautiful, or piercing eyes, blondes, white skin etc etc. Look below this entry for their Chastity belts and torture on women. Make your own research. All this is purposeful. Same as the Race Mixing that is advised of women. Everything that kills and destroys women, kills and destroyes their enemy.

The enemy is trying to bring again the Dark Ages in Europe, through "tolerance" and Islam. Then it was Christianity, but since this program failed, they are bringing the apes from the Middle East to try to give us another Middle Ages again:





Wake up before it is too late...Do not let history repeat itself. The White man or woman are NOT evil, or guilty as a Racial entity or the Europeans or Whites as a race/continent. We must haul ourselves up and then save others who are being subjected into this endless filth, death and destruction. Justice must be served.

Then the same jews that caused all the above, directly by writting these depraved books and carrying out this war against women, are supposedly coming to save them, in order to feminize nations and AGAIN open the doors so this can happen again.

The above is proved by itself in the current European Crisis:

Feminism Is Jewish Social Marxism











-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
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Thank you very much for this High Priest Hooded Cobra 666! I was literally just addressing the exact same topic this morning with some friends!!! I've also been meaning to ask... May I copy and paste some of these sermons and topic discussions from the clergy and forums and distribute them? I assure that I will in no way whatsoever try and plagiarize them! That you have my solemn oath on! There are just so many people that truly need to be educated about the truth about Satan, Satanism, the occult, the worlds deterioration etc! As High Priestess Maxine has stated, you can try and give all the facts to the Christians but they with their stupid facial expressions and pasty skin will still try deny the truth. I still have faith that many more, such as my bothers to start with, will after learning and gaining knowledge will soon follow the lead. Also most of the masses due to ignorance, lack of intellect, laziness or whatever the case may be just don't care much for doing their own research or partaking in communicating on forums/chats like these in order to gain an understanding and/or any amount of factual knowledge (unless to bible bash etc). Much appreciated.

Forever shall he be mine peace, protector, guide and father, forever!

Hail Satan and all the TRUE Gods of Hell!
Hail Satan, through the end and beginning of eternal existence!

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Awesome sermon as always, HP Cobra. This one in particular came at a great time for the groups.

Chakræl Sorgaroth Alexandrus I wrote:
May I copy and paste some of these sermons and topic discussions from the clergy and forums and distribute them?

It is a good idea to distribute them, make sure you give credit due to the HP's. What matters is getting as much Truth out to the masses as possible.
The better and stronger my brethren are, the better and stronger our future:

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Feminism is the tool the Jews use to achieve the goal of their Communist Manifesto of abolishing the Gentile Family unit. The Jews are openly telling women their Husband and children are oppressing them and to abandon them for Communist social liberation of Feminism.

That's it, don't be normal, don't get married don't have children, just be a Worker and consumer. Meaning the end of the Family unit and tradition.

Cultural Marxist purpose is to gas light Western Society for a full on Communism revolution. The Jews use their money control to create the economic situation to march arm and arm with the Jewish, Social Marxist, long march thought the Goyim institutions and media. They already tried this in 2010 when Sorros and the Rothschild's sent their Jewish agents in to create Protest Wall Street with the stated attempt to create a Communist revolution.

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Thanks Lydia! I will do my level best to educate them all!

But back to the topic... Yeah I think it's absolute F****** BS that the Jews have done so much wrong and still get away with it. I stay in Durban city, South Africa, and let me tell you... The between the filthy Jews and Muslims this once beautiful city has gone to shit! I mean you can walk on the streets and at most corners or set of traffic lights there are Muslim women begging for money coming up with all grandiose means, sometimes to the point of having their (if it is) infant usually not older than about five years of age with them begging for the money. Then at the end of the day they walk to literally around the corner and climb into a huge fancy ass vehicle namely Mercedes. I've also watched the men beat them senseless in broad daylight with people driving by just because they didn't get their target fee for that day. At times you want to help but fear for getting shot and other times one second guesses it because of how they as you say have through the ages weaselled their way to the top powers to control the world under the one world government BS.

I can only imagine that the situation is worse on your side of the world!?

Hail Satan!
Hail Satan, through the end and beginning of eternal existence!

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Yeah, but how? You can't wake up them massmedia hypnotized sheep....

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Kauzly wrote:

Yeah, but how? You can't wake up them massmedia hypnotized sheep....

Use the internet to spread the message

do RTR's

not gonna be easy , but we have to try

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hoodedcobra666 wrote:

This is what European Women will be forced to wear soon, unless Europeans reply about this and put an end to these jewish hoaxes.


I always thought these things the mudslimes force women to wear looked a lot like funeral shrouds, fitting really since islam is literal death worship.

As always HP very useful and enlightening, thank you for posting it. We have seriously got to work hard, wake eveyone up and stop this from happening before it's too late.

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