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For those who wish to establish a relationship with Satan.

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Post Thu Apr 28, 2016 4:30 pm
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Now, I will try to make this as brief as possible. Due to cultural and social jewish indoctrination and how easily Satanism can be found nowadays, many people take this the wrong way.

Satanism is the religion of enlightenment, rising above, becoming better, stronger, more advanced. Its the religion that is the pinnacle of civilization. In the core of all Ancient Religions that advanced Humanity, we see Satanism. Now of course, to the eternally lazy, betas, or the jewish wanna-be's, I will again arouse hatred, spitefullness and hate. Whatever. The point is, to get you to wake up on certain facts (the newer members mainly), and to give you the facts. Its my job to tell the Truth as it is. We are to look these issues in the eye and deal with them. This is Satanism.

In the opposing side, we see the Abrahamic religions.

The Abrahamic religions are religions of liars, masses, slaves and deceitful individuals. They are the religions that emphasize weakness, meekness, total assimilation of the person in a "whole", with jews at the top. In all these doctrines, teachings and advocations of these, we see the death and downfall of civilization. In whatever level. Intellectually, spiritually, scientifically and worse. Worst of the worst, this decay brought by these religions, is that the jew (many of which of our own members, have came to understand the nature of theirs) gets their ground to take over. But I will not over extend into any of these.

The Abrahamic religions do a lot of things, but I will mention a few. First of all, they make the masses dumb, illiterate. They promote violence in all levels. Logic does not matter in these religions. They promote assimilation. At the same time, they promote values that Human beings can't follow, so they revolt to the exact opposite side, violently, only to create more problems. These are the religions of lies about the self, nut houses, violence, rape, destruction and generally, its the mindset of the jews put in paper. With few verses and such, stolen from sane Gentile spiritual teachings, which are basically what appeals to the populace in these religions.

Enough of this pestillence.

Now, Satanism is the religion of the Elites and Winners. Especially at this point, where most people cannot add up 1 plus 1, equals 2. We live in a world where many people are below stupid. You tell them that jewsus was a kike, which is blantant, they would rather make an academic research to protect their beloved jew, than accept the Truth. What this means? More slaves for those who know how to enslave them, as thus, happy jews. Stupidity all over the place. Stupidity= Abrahamic religions. You see how the xians cherish births of monsters, people with debilitated intelligence, etc. The perfect slaves!

Satan is always POWER. Nobody can say the same about the passive aggressive cucklord who wants to burn people in eternal fire, simply due to their disobedience, and sends itself to die in front of us to arouse guilt over...washing out our sins which, it, ITSELF came up with...That we are sinful and must be held accountable for.

I mean, how much intelligence you need to believe that story? 15?

This is why the people subconsciously blame every successful person of Satanism and why the enemy pretends they are "Satanists". It causes fear, deep respect and natural subservience, because Satanists equal POWER.

Meanwhile, they can blame these "Satanists", but of course, they run back to the their jew for entertainment, academic knowledge, advice, whatever. Can't think, must call the jew. Or they get on their knees at night to pray at what we, real Satanists, have rejected. Long story short, stupid cucks and slaves, this is all about those who believe in the enemy programs, the wanna-be conspiarcy theorists like Texxe Mars, David Kike and the list goes.

Even the enemy, in Judaism, has stolen the knowledge of Pagan (Satanist) religions. Through this knowledge and half-affirming, half-following this mindset Gentiles once had, they became rulers and winners for a while. They adjusted it to their jewishness and did what they could with it. Only halfway successful, but yes, it helped them survive. The internal core of Judaism is jewdized version of these religions, and the jews openly brag about this and how we no longer have our "Satan" or our "Satanic religions", so we cannot win against them, who still practice their own faith. Which helped them survive. And which was stolen from us. Basically, its like a monkey stealing a gun, that has more chances surviving than the person who made the gun. Quite a paradox, isn't it? But its nature, plain and simple.

Weakness, stupidity, illiteracy, failures, cuckolds and retards, do not belong in Satanism. If one happens to fall into any of these categories, willingly in knowledge of such, not wanting to educate themselves, elevate and become stronger, without doing a thing... Do not wait for anything at all. Its not going to happen. While we are caring and considerate, we do not have time for tears, drama queens, stupid idiots who are just a weight to the back of our whole, lazy bummers and idiots.

The same goes for underestimating the Gentile Gods. The enemy, through harry potter, bibles and all their other creations, they made people to expect the Gods to act in a certain way, made up their standards of what power is, etc etc. The Gods do NOT have to be like this. If you want to know them, approach openly and with an open mind. Again, self deception, lies, making up fantastical places where you are a queen and down here in this Earthly kingdom being a cuck, slave, idiot, are NOT for Satanism. Satanism is a religion of tenacity, achieving, surpassing who you are and becoming constantly better, better and better. In this age everyone feels entitled.

The Gods, tell us about some laws. Some of them are that we ought meditate (self evident, as Science has proven how much it elevates Humans and advances them, etc), not Race Mix, be intelligent, be happy, build, create, and become the best we can be. You don't want to follow the laws of life and the eternal cosmos? All well. Sit on the bench and watch the jews do it, destroying the planet. See others goign ahead and you on the side, decaying as the days go. But I don't want to hear no tears, no complains. Does this make you feel bad? We can give you a hand in getting up. But you must walk. You love this bench so much? Stay there and rot upon it. Unfortunately, this is the way for life.

You can make this choice, or any other choice. Then you automatically make the choice to see yourself decay, become worthless and lazy, be on the sidewalk and be worthless now and forever. Then, dissipate into the "one" and bye bye. That's it. You are just going to pay for your choices. Nothing else. Not hard feelings. You choose to get rid of these evil things, open your eyes, become better? Then by all means, all good things will aling with you. That simple.

But if you look at the standards of the Gods, so many few people are "entitled". And guess who matters more, you or them? Let's be realistic. Who are you to demand, shout and do whatever else? People find out the Rabbi lies about the Gods are whack, when they ask for their billions of dollars, rightnow, and they aren't getting them. Oy Vey, the jews lied to you. Sorry, sad. But yes, nothing such applies. My advice is to, either get real, or stay fake. That's it.

Escapists, people who want to lie to themselves or others, people who never bother escaping from their hangups, fight for their freedom, but only stupify themselves more each day, do not belong here. They either have to change, or they will not reap benefits. Its against the laws of Nature, to work that way. The jew preaches disobedience to Nature for others, but they survived for 3000+ years straight to finally become a world power, by adhering to the rules that tell you to deny. So stop being a goy.

One last thing. Now I see people they think that they do like, let's say, 18 vibrations of the Reversal Torah Ritual, thinking the jews are going to fall in a year. The fact that we are making so much serious impact, shows we are insanely powerful. If you want to get RID of them though, out and away from us, you must step it up. The average xian mass and jewish Ritual, lasts at least 3 hours. They wake up at 4 AM, and they start reading and reading again, chanting and chanting again. 1, 3 or 9 times? 12? Go around... At least 150 times. How? They just do it.

They sit down for 4 hours and curse you over, and over, and over again. They take over the world and they are trying their best to hold it. Of course, people complain about 15 minutes of meditation, or quit in the first obstacles they get. Seriously, gals? As for the jews, they rant and rave about how obnoxious and stuck they are when it comes to such things. And how when others always just suck, they just keep going eventhough they suck as well. Because its mostly not about sucking or being naturally gifted and whatnot, its about preserving. They pray over, over and over again. Only if YOU had HALF of this patience, loyalty and perserverence, where would we be?

I ask you this legit question, since with so much less effort, we are already achieving so much against the enemy. So we *ARE* powerful. What if this persistence, meets with power such as ours. They brag about how their Race has built up to this level, over generations of practicing, from the trashes of existence. True or not, it happens. Its reality now. Not all of them can do it, but some of them can. And they make impact. What about you, or us?

Now, common sense. I don't ask you for sitting 8 hours a day. We are human beings. BUT, this would be an aim you can set for yourself. Set high, but attainable goals. Remember, the winners are those who stay and persist, daily, and they struggle daily. This is simple. Better half an hour a day, for the rest of your life, than 3 hours today, and then, down and ill or something. Be SENSIBLE. I can only relate sensibility to you. You can only adjust it to your common sense, powers and abilities. Respect your limits, but strike to surpass them.

Satanism also is about understanding and even tolerance. One is understood to be what they are, their nature is accepted, where they begin is accepted. What is not accepted, is that people remain stuck, debilitated and weak, on choice, or purpose. Nobody is going to carry you on their back. As for the loyal comrades who fall by fire, they *will* be carried, they *will* be taken care of, etc. Its all about justice. Justice applies here as well. I don't tell you to get up and run ten miles in one day. I am telling you to get up and achieve your highest potential. Part of this is being tolerant and understanding with yourself. And being strong in yourself, advancing on your pace, etc. This is what is meant here.

Leave the losers behind. Even your past self, if they are a loser and they do not agree with your new choices, leave them behind. If they want, Satan gives them an opportunity to catch up, everyday. And they are given this chance everyday. For fools who try to treat Satanism like any other religion, trying to threaten the Gods to do stuff to them "either-or", or for lazy idiotic instagram feminist queens and kings of the west (or the east, whatever), we do not have time. Neither the Gods do have time. If they can't defeat this, they are worthless anyway. Satanism is about Truth. One is only worth according to a realization over what is worth it. Satanism has the different and the original standards of such. Part of it, is what you choose for yourself and for the whole. So what is the choice about your self, and our whole?

Where would we be, if people understood, that SATANISM IS FOR WINNERS?

Understood? I hope we all did.





-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

Post Thu Apr 28, 2016 5:36 pm
there is no negativity in Satanism!

Satanism is the lottery of life

He is the truth we worship

Post Thu Apr 28, 2016 11:31 pm
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Texxe Mars is now promoting the Earth being Flat......

Even this guy knows that's retarded.....


But then again Flat Earth comes from the Bible so no big surprise.....

Post Fri Apr 29, 2016 1:09 am

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After a fairly rotten night last night, I made sure to do an extra long Rtr this morning. The enemy needs to know, the more they mess with me, the more I will mess with them [insert evil laugh].
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Post Fri Apr 29, 2016 6:32 am

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Beautiful sermon , truly spoke to me .
some of us sadly have not had easy lives or at least not difficult lives , and we face all kinds of obstacles , Physical health , mental health , money , family issues ...
but I promise , i'll keep on trying and doing my best , doing what I can , because our cause is just , and losing is not an option

Post Fri Apr 29, 2016 1:36 pm

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Funny ! This would be a great one to stick on a TV commercial, fliers on billboards. That is, if you could get away with FREE SPEECH in this situation. This is one of those 'in their face' pictures. Hilarious. We need more of these.

Post Fri Apr 29, 2016 6:59 pm

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Post Sat Apr 30, 2016 9:31 am

Satanism is the lottery of life

He is the truth we worship

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