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For those who wish to establish a relationship with Satan.

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Post Thu Apr 28, 2016 4:02 pm
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We are the bright, but faceless future that is coming upon this world, that comes as a striking fire from the heavens.

We are not "a" person, "one" person, but at the same time, we are persons. We change, we come and we go, but something inside stays eternal, unalterable. Its the same everlasting thirst for life and power, order and Truth that fills our inner being. It all boils down into one hated and very loved Name: Satan.

It’s the same creative fire that molds the worlds and explodes on the times least expected, burning everything that is of decay and stands on its path. Sometime ago, everyone considered us lost. Persecuted, attacked, aimed for to die and go extinct, was out spirt- all in a litany in the feet of the jewish "god". And many of us perished, giving life more and more to our eternal dream. For Satan, who is US, to WIN.

The supposed “Enemies” of Christianity, Islam and all the jewish programs, they pretend to be against one another, eventhough most of them just plain accept the fact that they are ONE religion in fact. Just mention that you are a Satanist, and you will see the plain thing: all will be like one force, against you. Because they are one force, and it’s the jewish force. Applied certainly for different sheep. But when the master commands attack, they are all moving towards their enemy.

I agree with the first majority of theirs though. They ARE ONE RELIGION! The religion of worshipping the jews. Its just that the jews are at the top with Judaism, the creative xian sheep are in the middle, and the Islamic war hordes are in the bottom. That’s the whole story.

This should prove even to the most deranged people, that only Satan can save this world from this decay. Yes, the universal “evil” is the only one willing to help out this world, to save it from becoming a jewish dump. As about what dump, I advise you to read the jewish owned book, the bible. Which is the blueprint of the jewish dreams. And only the religion that was strictly hidden, attacked and destroyed from our Ancient past. This is where the source of our greatest power was. It was like the water that runs into the Soul, elevating it and making it intelligent, while our enemies just poisoned the source of it.

Its our dream to resurrect it. Its our aim, its our work and its our struggle.

A dream that cannot be stopped, cannot be shunned and cannot be ignored by any force on this planet. The once materialized one, which is bound to re-materialize. A force so strong that cannot be banished and cannot be washed out, so the criminals who intend this are ought to be left free. They are fighting us with our own weapons, thinking that they are going to win?

They are attacking the descendants of the Pharaohs, the Roman Warriors, the Vikings and the Druids, the offspring of the Ancient Sumerian Priests and Warriors, thinking they will make it out like this? They are severely mistaken. They are attacking us all under one name, which sums up all that is the enemy of their agenda: SATAN.
It’s behind this Name that the attribute of the eternal life and spiritual fire exists, the source of all power and creation, under the wing of His Majesty. Into a world that everything perishes, everything comes, everything goes, in an obsolete era without Divinity, still Satan stands upright with the keys to Immortality. Gazing upon Humanity and expecting our choice.

It only takes a moment to understand. It only takes a moment to wake up. What has been long written in stone, that the darkness will eventually be defeated and that this world will be purged in the era of unrighteousness, is True. It has been stolen and corrupted, so that people see the darkness as the light. Millions of people are fooled, even more are enslaved, and others are just mere pawns. Few aren't.

Few do not care. Few do not get concerned. Few do not fear. For they are treading across the abyss. No saying of a jew can scare them, they need not their "God". We throw their books away and burn them. For we are the Spirit of Satan, who can't, but reing Superior. Few, are also, enough.

You have defeated the jew in your dedication Ritual, giving them up forever. Thousands of years of brainwashing, systematic warfare against your people, deceptions and lies, did not work. They broke in your feet in one moment. Now, go ahead and materialize it in existence. Show your superiority and that you are not an animal to be destroyed or enslaved under the jews.

So my question to you is: What have you conquered today? How many fates you have bent? You made us all stronger, or weaker? You have been loyal to this eternal part of yourself, or you chose to look away?

Did you rise above yourself?

Satanists, you must rise Above. Above everything.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

Post Thu Apr 28, 2016 9:46 pm

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I asked myself once, " What would HP Cobra say."
I then heard a scream. It said: STOP HOLDING YOURSELF BACK!!!!

pretty epic

".....I'm gonna make a change for once in my life, gonna feel real good gonna make a difference..........Cause I'm talking bout that Man in the Mirror."

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