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Bible And World Government

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Post Sun Apr 24, 2016 11:22 am
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Bible And World Government

Christians ask this question as an attempt to validate the claims of the Bible.

The Jews who made up the Bible to yoke the Cattle under their control. Knew they were going to attempt to create a global regime to accomplish this in the long run. Its right in the own scriptures in the book of Daniel. The Prophecy of the creation of the Jewish Global Kingdom. Revelations is designed to connect to Daniel as any theologian will tell you.

The Book of Revelations is simply putting the idea into the mass mind that the One World Government has to come into being as "Gods Will" and not to resist this in any meaningful way. But give passive submission to its existence as Jesus will return and save you. The Bible openly states that Government is God and any rebellion against the Government is rebellion against God. And God is Jewish in the Bible. So the One World GOVERMENT [GOD] is to be obeyed. This all goes into the sub consciousness mind and creates a powerful belief system. As social psychologists understand what the masses believe they will work towards making happen into reality, unconsciously. Meaning the masses will work towards creating a One World Government. The other commandments in the New Testament create the template for this further. The ideal of universal brotherhood of God were all become One within it. The removing of the family unit, the removal of private property, the removal of all previous identifications into a universalist one of the Jewish program. It lays it down as Gods Will. And by putting these commandments into the mouth of its God archetype, makes it an absolute commandment. God is the Government. And these by the writings of the Jews is the basis of their Global Government. Its what you see in their Communist Manifesto, Illuminist Manifesto and Protocols. Which many of the Christian Truthers will call out but......

The Jews already gave you their manifesto by placing it in the mouth of their Jesus.

Post Sun Apr 24, 2016 4:48 pm

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In my experience, xians were so confused, frightened, and in awe of Revelation. They don't realise that while they blame the (as I call it) 1-government world on Satan, it is their "god", and themselves; and of course islam, jews, and secular christianity, which is causing it.

Any xian who thinks they have deciphered the hieroglyphics of Revelation feel a fulfillment in themselves that they have achieved hidden knowledge (though they would never call it occult) which no-one else has, and that that occult knowledge came from "god". Of course, there are others who just waste money on relying on being told lies by their preacher. There are clues all around, in church and out of it, and anyone who thinks about it long and hard enough should be able to piece things together, xian or not.
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Post Tue May 03, 2016 7:30 pm

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Thank you. This post was very instructive for my unconscious.

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