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For the Final Victory, The Final Reckoning

For those who wish to establish a relationship with Satan.

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Greetings to all our Comrades and Satanic people.

Time goes on. With it, it brings an inevitable result: A war that is about to break up between the Gentiles and the Jew. Back in time, nobody had an acute knowledge of the dangers of this race, or their plans for Humanity. They have now been revealed. Their plan is obvious, self evident, and they shout it out loud: Destroy what Nature has created. This goes hand in hand with the destruction of the Races which Nature so carefully created, so diverse and so beautiful, spreaded them evenly on top of this Earth. To the enemy this means nothing, and they want to destroy all the efforts of Nature and its Diversity, just to conquer the ruins of the ruins.

The futher someone goes to the future, the further one sees and understands more, on how our Ancestors saw Nature as. Nature was our teacher, our friend, our sustainer, our mother. Disobedience was punishment, and acceptance meant pleasure, love and comfort. All Races were handed down a mission by Nature, except of one, who self made their reason to justify their purposeless existence.

The jew.

Now, this being spitefully hated all the other races, such as if they were the evil entity in a fairytale. But this is not a fairytale and this reality extends further than the wildest dreams many people do have. What once was impossible, a dream, or could never happen, is now blantantly evident even to the most blind. This man, Adolf Hitler, did not lie. The Ancient Pharaohs, did not lie. The Ancient Romans, they did not lie. The Ancient Sumerians, the Akkadians, the Phoenicians and all these people, they did not lie either: They affirmed of the enemy which happens to be "Israel".

The intelligent people are aware. They are aware and they are opening their ears. They are opening their eyes to see that what Humanity is undergoing down, is a genocide of an important Race of the planet. The White Race. The race of civilizers, the inventors and the supporters and peacekeepers of the Human Race. The teachers of dignity, comfort and spirituality. What was once a union of peace between people of the planet, the differences that were to be cherished, protected and upheld, now they are trying to crumble into the ground.

The enemy tells to people they are inferior and useless, that they somehow need to get elsewhere to live, that they need to mix and destroy what Nature has so hard labored to create. Behind these actions comes a deep acceptance of one's own inner weakness, stupidity and docility. The eyes of people and their own mind, for many, it has been given to the jews to operate. So many people have also sold their souls, believing in a jewish "god". The "God" of the self proclaimed "chosen ones" and themselves, they always have the same purpose: Weaken down, dumben, destroy, disarm and finally, assimilate everything. According to them, people are useless and helpless in the face of circumstance. Everything in this life, or in the whole of existence, is purposeless. People need to come in terms with their purposelessness, and just assimilate. They cannot have the rights to have their own schools, their own health, their own culture of civilization.

Forget your Gentile Gods, forget your people and a good future for them, betray your Race, live only for yourself- trust in that you will be saved by a jew- in the afterlife. Create what the jew demands and wants of you, then finally, die and cease existing. This is their message.

The Spirit of Satan has another thing to tell to Humanity though.

The Spirit of Satan tells to people that they are useful, that they are to advance. To have pride in themselves and on their own. That nature commits the highest acts in accordance to the highest Will. That Races and people have purposes, that they exist to get further. Satan stands for real diversity, in all of existence. Satan teaches you, that you belong to the Soul of your people, of your families, of your Ancestors, of the soil that binds you in existence. Satan is honest and he has always been honest, eventhough blantantly. Eventhough the people have betrayed their old Gods, or they have lost one another, Satan is still there, supporting people and giving a battle for them. From the back of the White Soul who is being mercilessly attacked, and the Souls of the wise ones of all Gentile Races who have been subjected by the jew, the purging flame will rise.

And it will rise strong...Stronger than ever before. Behind all the futile attemps to contain it, mask it, misdirect it, destroy it, it will rise. It will rise like fire and brimstone, in an explosion never seen again by the eyes of Mankind, in proportions so titanic, that this age will only be called an age of Reckogning. When the Gentiles will wake up, the brave ones who have removed the jew from within them and recognized them, they will be a Divine Fire that will be unstoppable inside the aeons of time. Upon the sacred oil of knowledge and education inside the Souls and Minds of people, the Satanic Fire will be ignited. The people will once again want to be free. They will see their shakles, and they will break them like thin paper.

It escalates everyday. People are seeing the betrayal of their "goverments", of their so called "politicians", of the so called "rights activists", of the so called "internationals". They see and feel the looming hatred of "allah", but also the traitor jew, "Jesus", whom they have been praying and asking help from, but never replied. Enough has been the age of their enemies. But the enemy pushes the knife deeper into the back of Humanity. Reaction is nessescary, as they will not stop.

Its either us, or them. People must comprehend this. Wether we like it or not, we are obligated to take on our Natural roles and fight against our Natural enemies. And time won't ask, neither times will. The times are now, they are here.


This is the time of the people to wake up. To break the chains.

And the things that bond us, these last things that bond us, that Nature has given to us, are our Races and our Forefathers, our Gods. Upon this base a new conception, a new hatred will arise like newborn life and give rise to something similar to a Divine War: A final reckoning for all of Humanity.

Satanists: You are the spiritual hierarchy of the planet. Bound by definition to go against the rotten spiritual slaver hierarchy of the enemy. So what is asked of you is very simple. Take your stand. Show your power and express it. Usher all the power you can muster. Free yourself as much as you can. Reverse what they are doing, burn their prophecies, melt their shackles with the Power of Truth. Reverse their magick like a wild animal, and let your hatred flourish in all of the realms. Let them know they attacked the wrong "God", that they mass murdered the wrong people, that they cursed the wrong people.

The jews say they are going to win. So what? Since when did we believe them, or care about it? Are you so foolish to believe them?

So some jews make up a story, about how all of our Ancient Cultures are wrong, demonic, evil and the list goes. What is there to believe? Who cares about them?

What is more important in your Soul? What you believe or what our Ancestors have said, or the words of some petty liars and slavers?

I then, give you something better to believe, that we have been given centuries ago, long before most people can even recall. Burried deep within the Soul that so many have forsaken. But you do remember, and that's why you are here...

The Ancient Egyptians, the Ancient Sumerians, the Ancient Aryans of the North, the Ancient Greeks, the Ancient Hindus, the Ancient Japanese, the Ancient Mayans, they all mention one thing: In the end, the evil that took over briefly the world and shed the blood, destroyed the spirit of Humanity, will be defeated.

The Sun will rise again.

And so will the Avatar of the Eternal Sun rise again...

For the Final Victory, for the Final Reckoning.

Satanists, light up the Sun!

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