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More Exposing the Bible 15/April/2016

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Post Fri Apr 15, 2016 10:07 am
This is summarized. I will have another full article with the details soon. There are a lot more.
I've already written extensively concerning the bible as a powerful subliminal.

To fully expose what the bible really is, it is necessary to be very educated in the occult. This especially includes in depth study of the Jewish kabbalah, along with mantras, Sanskrit, and Deities and their attributes of the Far East. Most of you already know how nearly all spiritual knowledge was stolen and corrupted by the Jews, from the Far East.

Now, below, I am writing of energies. Not man and woman sort of thing. These are energies within the soul and when both are not fully empowered and working together, an inharmonious imbalance is the result.

The feminine energy, known as "Shakti" "Kundalini" "Devi" (Devil), and by other Sanskrit names was systematically removed by the Jews and replaced with the male aspects that are of the logical side of the brain and lack the raw spiritual power.

As with Lilith, the feminine was made into something supposedly malevolent by the Jews. This is all subliminal with the direct intention of removing all feminine energy and power from us Gentiles. "Sophia" or knowledge is also a form of feminine energy, especially the spiritual aspect.

In addition, those rotten angels that Christians are taught to revere and in some cases even worship, and the New Age crap movement, they are all male. The word "angel" which in Greek is "angelos" is a masculine noun to which no female counterpart exists.

With these Jewish programs, the Goddesses have been totally removed and denigrated. Only remaining slanderous statements in regards to the female powers are "Whore of Babylon" and other Jewish invented filth.

Now, the "Torah" like many more is an anagram. "Rota" means "wheel." The 7 chakras are known as wheels. This is where connections to the soul are made. This Rota in Sanskrit also has to do with the "Chariot" and the Chariot card of the Tarot is the 7th of the trump arcana. This creates the subliminal tie-in where Gentile spiritual energies are channeled into providing unimaginable wealth and prosperity for the Jews as a whole. "Thou Shalt Prosper."

As I mentioned before, "Abraham" is an anagram of "Brahma." This is another subliminal, with the Jewish invented Abraham being the patriarch of the Jewish people; "Brahma" being the ruling caste.

Sara, was another one stolen from the Goddess of knowledge, Saraswati. Now, that "I am that I am" crap from that fictitious Hebrew so-called "God" is actuality a mantra having to do with Saraswati. This is another most powerful subliminal. Her mantra is "AIM" correctly pronounced AH-EEM. Vibrating this seed mantra repeatedly results in rhyming with "I'm" this has to do with knowledge and the all-seeing eye. Big Brother is watching you. This ties into what deluded Christian idiots believe to be "God."
In addition, this knowledge energy is again channeled to the Jews. They are known as "The people of the book" and given the percentages, a most disproportionate number of Jews are highly educated and occupy key positions of power, which are also tied into the energies of the bible, for example the story of Esther. That's just one, then we have Jacob, etc, these Jewish characters are powerful subliminals, along with the numbers, the verses, the Jewish gematria and so forth.

Another one is the Goddess "Kamala." She is the Goddess of wealth. In their parasitic Bible, the Jews again create an anagram, reversing her name to "Alamek."

The Alameks symbolize the Gentiles. By reversing, as many of you have already learned through the RTRs, this reverses more than just the word and this directs poverty onto Gentiles, while channeling wealth onto the Jews.

If you look at the Yantra for the Goddess Kamala, you will see the 8 petals (8 is the number for wealth), surrounding the Star of Vishnu (where the Jews stole their "Magen David" from and now try to claim it as kamla-yantra

I will soon have many more examples. Many years ago, I had to obtain some services. I live in the Bible Belt. Satan helped me with what I needed at the time. I was new to Satanism back then. There was an elderly receptionist with a huge crucifix hanging around her neck. Satan said to me "That is her loss." He wasn't kidding...

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

Post Fri Apr 15, 2016 11:41 am

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Thanks for all of this information. I have been spreading these links and PDF books like wild fire. Keep them coming.

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I agree with Egon but the thing that seems to lean to is feminism or that women are superior sounding. Pingala is logical, driven, analytical and fast paced. The left side of the brain is associated with aggression, physical strength, control and ego or the "matrix". Which most men are physically stronger. Without the physical there could be no self improvement. As far as I am concerned if gold is associated with the sun and the sun solar plexus666 wouldnt that make women who gave child birth depending on their physical condition, eventually become weak and their bodies arent designed to carry that much strength, it is a biological known fact. That's why Satan is for males, because he is male/physical and have the feminine side of himself. Men in ancient times were leaders, protectors, hunters, warriors because of the way they are designed. They loved their women, women are important and have value, The sun of our solar system is linked to this material earth, just as our sun chakra666 is important. Roles in ancient times was made for men and women to help direct and handle energy and power for a purpose. Until the jws came in to corrupt it, twisted nd perverted it.


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