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RTR's PDF -10/April/2016- News, Freedom of Expression, Etc.

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This is a PDF containing the RTR's we have done until now. Download, print and distribute. Do not wait until it is too late. The enemy is on an onslaught on taking down websites. Thankfully our Rituals are helping in all of that. Not only ours, but all sorts of other webpages.

As Rabbis have admitted, they are severely losing the online war, but they will keep going. The war of their lies against our Truth. The enemy knows inevitably with the WWW the Truth will emerge as it already does. So they try to taint it with xianity, sorry feminism and all sorts of other garbage. The Joy of Satan is the Truth, as it is. Without softeners and without chill pills, this is why it strikes a nerve to many.

Spiritual Satanists have no boundaries such as a jewish kike on the stick, soft soap lies on their head about 6 trillion lampshades, and they are spiritually aware- which is the most toxic thing for all the enemy has done. Plus, we are the only organized group that hits them at the root of their existence, which is the Spiritual root, from where all their power stems.

Keep going with their war against us, means basically, they flag things, they give phonecalls, they bride where their holohoax story doesn't work and the list goes. All "legal" and illegal or gangster means. They have full corporations working online to shape public opinion, slash down videos and the list goes: all this in the service of supressing the free voice of the people and creating a false reality that they just keep reinforcing.

This is the "image" of the enemy and the enemy is really dependent upon it. Sites like Youtube or other stuff has been like almost completely taken over by trolls and other people whose job is to shape public opinion for benefit of the jews. "Informing" is just the pretence of it, so the goyim eat the bait. This is why so many people are turning their backs to the jew owned television box all together. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. Add the news into it and everything else and slowly you come into realization that this is all a web of lies, carefully manufactured by the jews. The "Gods" of this humanity are nothing more than shinny idiots that the jew jams into your faces everyday.

Backed up by millions of shekels and all sorts of other stuff. They aren't people worthwhile of the time of any important and decent Human being. They aren't really worth it. They are infact so worthless that all the worth they have is just based on an external system. And Truth be told, most people hate them, because they simply have the innate knowledge of what is up. Most people are having enough of this alien domination of this planet. At least the sensible ones. So they revolt in many ways. One of these denying the sources of "information" and "news" the enemy provides. The enemy obviously supresses all news and knowledge that is remotely against them, for that reason. Its not like you study about what happens, its about you just study or brainwash yourselves in regards to some jew virtual reality crap.

Now on the times where things are crucial and people need to know the Truths about matters, all people understand and readily see how strictly the enemy controls the news, to the point they have been using them for around a century to just project and idea of "Jewish Supremacy" or how they are "Invulnerable" to anything, worldwide. As time goes, people will figure out even more...The hard and unpleasing way of course. People don't even know accurately what is happening next door to them, let alone the illusion they have of knowing what happens globally.

This is especially True with all the coverups with the repefugee crisis. For instance, rape and murder has become a daily occurence from these peaceful repefugees. But even the "law" and the "news", except of certain brave individuals, they cuck the fuck out and just bow their heads, seeing their people murdered and raped. Of course, nothing ever makes it to the so called news. Unless this is outside of your door, it isn't happening. So the jews make sure you are inaware of all of this, until it does reach a point where it will be calculated so it won't be able to be reversed. Then its probably too late and you are done with. Suprize and sneaking is a method the jews have mastered over the centuries.

The enemy shuts mouths, shuts websites, shuts even the eyes of people by brainwashing, people lose their jobs, they do whatever chock of filth you can imagine. And no, not the lies they accuse "Gestapo" of doing, or the Nazis. Because the Nazis didn't give a tracking device to all their people, or advised them to get a fucking brainchip to be commanded by a computer, or even thought of anything like this. They are obviously again, projecting what they are. On the other hand, you find still people from Albania under Hoxha, or people from the Jew Stalin regime, and they still have bad stuff to state about how they have been locked in factories like pigs. Or saw their peers die to death by overwork. Or how the highlight of their life was eating pork once every five or six months. If ever.

Anyway, in regards to the news, there are so many things going behind the scenes of course. Things that would make most people cringe to death, an enemy web. They try to "hide" the problem(s) from the mainstream as much as possible, let it cultivate, until it has become unbearable and reaches a breaking point, putting all victims in suprize so they don't even have a plan about it. This is how most people didn't even hear until recently about how in regards for instance, Britain is about to go extinct from Muslim hoards. This is not a coincidence, this a product of careful calculation of the enemy. This is why the news is just fear morgering, demoralizing crap most of the time, then some "news" about Kardashian's shitty crackpot or something. Its just control of the masses, shaping of their mind and nothing more. Its not intended to get people in any conscious awareness, other than what the jews want into their heads. To keep this matrix goingand the jews at the top.

But there is also the WWW (666) which gives a voice to people. About the jewish pawns, nobody cares, they can talk online and offline, they can scream about their "differentiating opinions" and "freedom of opinion". All different, but one thing in common: They kiss the jew's ass of course. For them, there is no problem absolutely. Neoliberal, Marxist, Leninist, Communist, Feminist, Rapefugee: all these people have a ray under the jewish sun. Oy Vey, "freedom". Its like they are all pigs but wear a different shirt. So they feel so different and entitled. They have a story about it. But you obviously don't want to pull the experiment of getting your head out of the kool-aid window of "freedom" and claim you are a Nazi, for instance.

The otherwise friendly and tolerant people, whom you supposedly once thought were enemies with one another, they will suddenly become friends when it comes to the common enemy: You. Marxist, Feminists, Christians and all Beta Cucklords of the universe, David Icke, Barbie and everyone else, will conspire against you. This is the same thing about how Churchill, Stalin and Roosvelt get into a phonecall and on the next day, they are all together against Hitler, aside of "Differences". Because well, they were none. And because only him was a threat. And because if you just flirt with his thinking, you are something like this. Because you are the only real threat, that's why. These people in the end of the day they just all dine with the jew, hand in hand. Allah or Jewsus, same whores to the same master.

So the WWW was good to go and there were no complaints by the cheezen ones, as they had full control, until something else happened. We started showing up. It does a crime you know. It gives a voice to ordinary people like us. The bad sheep that aren't supposed to talk, or exist. It must be brought down.

This is where they have a problem with this 666, this Masterpiece of the Devil that the enemy is attempting to just take over with depravity, stupidity and all sorts of other garbage such as the murderous crap of the deepweb. Its just they want to shut down your voice, because you are a Goyim. And the Joy of Satan is the voice of the people who adhere to us and follow us on this Just Spiritual War against the enemy. Also, to the journalists and heroes that are on this war of freedom of information and protecting the rights of their people and all people per se, the spiritual protectors, or the Truth seekers, we are with you. We are supporting spiritually as we see its the good way to do that.

So just remember, Satanic people:

The enemy isn't where they are because they ever said the Truth, because people like them for what they are, or because they are useful or anything at all, or anyhting of a positive nature. They are here because they lie, they steal, they use usury, they endlessly brainwash, they malform all notions of law and ethics, they do pure gangsterism, they confuse, they distort, they weaken and they dumb down, they are violent and they are sneaky, sly and disgusting.

If people really saw the enemy just for one moment, waking up from their slumber, as they are already doing sort of, they would be like you or us here: going against them forever, at any and all costs. You happen to know these guys first hand. They are exactly like their spiritual dupe: so long people are asleep, they still flail them and torture them. But when people wake up, they show their other face. Most of you know the face of the "good guys" here or the "children of truth" or the "cheezen ones" and their "god", firsthand. I don't need to get into details. Just gross.

I hope the link below works. Otherwise, go to our Main Group in the forums, under the Files Section, and then place on the PDF and download it. ... e=download

Download, print, distribute, educate, ENLIGHTEN!!!


-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

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Thank you Mr.COBRA.

Hey I emailed you.
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Perfect! Thanks.

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Can't download error occured.

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Guys I'm getting errors too when I try to download it, don't tell me they took it down already...

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InlovewithSatan wrote:
Can't download error occured.

The PDF is also posted in the "Files" section of the Joy of Satan Yahoo Group. You need to be a member of the Yahoo Group to access the files.

Joy of Satan Files
Satanic FAQs

And, participate in our reverse torah rituals. We are in a war here and need to do what we can for our creator, Satan.

Reverse Torah Rituals ... ituals.htm

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There is a problem with the pdf HP.

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Me too, not possible to download the file. Returns an error.
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This is odd. I downloaded the PDF version of this on the same day I posted my comment in this article. I got all of the RTR's on my computer.

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there´s an error when attempting download.

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I tried to download it but an error occurs.

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I went to Satan's Library and on the top page it had Reverse Torah Rituals Updated 10 April 2016. So if anyone is looking for this PDF /ritual booklet it is there.
i did not know if it was there so I looked. First page at the Satan's Library on this site.

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Needs moar link meow plz

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"A true warrior never gives up,"- High Priestess Myla Limlal
"Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead," -Benjamin Franklin
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