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Israel Demands World Internet Censorship

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Post Sat Apr 02, 2016 12:30 am
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The Jews want to literally censor the entire planet over their claimed feelings. The reality is that the Jewish race is a global criminal conspiracy against all Mankind kind. So they have to work to silence all freedom of press and thought so they can go on committing global hushed up crimes against us all.

The Jews are such mega level, violent criminal bastards they have to shut up the whole planet at this point for calling them out on it. The Goyim knowing it makes it harder for the Jews to do things like murder another Hundred million Goyim like they did in their Soviet Jewion.

Israel Demands World Internet Censorship ... ensorship/

The Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan has unveiled plans to censor the Internet’s worldwide social media platforms with the building of an “international coalition” to counter criticism of Israel.


According to an article in the Times of Israel, Erdan’s plan calls for “developing legislation in conjunction with European countries,” most of which “are very interested in this idea.”

The legislation would have common features, such as defining what constitutes incitement and what the responsibilities of social networks regarding it are, a spokesman for the minister told the Israeli-based newspaper.

“Companies that do not comply will find themselves hauled into court, paying a penalty,” he added.


According to the plan, the participating countries would be part of a “loose coalition that would keep an eye on content and where it was being posted, and members of the coalition would work to demand that the platforms remove the content that was posted in any of their countries at the request of members.”

This is a perfectly logical and just project,” Erdan’s spokesperson said. “If a hotel was being used as a venue for a hate group, we would demand that the hotel break its contract, and we would lean on other hotels to abstain from hosting them, so that the hate group would not be able to hold its event. This is no different.”

Although the Israelis are attempting to disguise the project as a counter to Palestinians posting “violence promoting material” on the Internet, it is clear that the extension of this “coalition” has a far wider scope.

Justifying the plan, Erdan’s office used an example of a Palestinian who allegedly posted up a body chart showing where the best places were to stab someone fatally—apparently a reference to the recent spate of knife attacks on Jews in Israel.

The number of postings of that nature are, however, tiny in comparison to the volume of material going up on the Internet, and there are already more than sufficient methods in place to deal with such incidents and get them removed.

Nonetheless, Erdan’s spokesman said the “coalition” would “force the world’s leading social media giants to prevent their platforms from being abused to peddle incitement to terrorism.”

The social media giants “make millions but claim they are not responsible for content, and that they only provide a platform,” a spokesperson for Erdan told the Times of Israel. “That is not going to wash. We are planning to put a stop to this irresponsibility, and we are going to do it as part of an international coalition that has had enough of this behavior as well.”

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Yeah. They are trying to get the 'Investigatory Powers Bill' passed here.

A Bill to make provision about the interception of communications, equipment interference and the acquisition and retention of communications data, bulk personal datasets and other information; to make provision about the treatment of material held as a result of such interception, equipment interference or acquisition or retention; to establish the Investigatory Powers Commissioner and other Judicial Commissioners and make provision about them and other oversight arrangements; to make further provision about investigatory powers and national security; to amend sections 3 and 5 of the Intelligence Services Act 1994; and for connected purposes. ... owers.html

They then have "human rights" on the very same page. Wow. That's not contradictory or hypocritical at all for our privacy, isn't it?
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Lol. They can never shut up satanists dedicated to the father truly, our magick will be the most powerfull of all,Hail Father Satan.
Hail Father Satan. Lord Satan. Thanks JOS for teaching me magick. My life is slowly improving.

I've made a promise to protect all satanists, to revive the occult of the Black Sun (Nazi Party) and create a safe haven where satanism and magick can be performed without hindrance.


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