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Important: Exposing Dachau - The Myth of Gassings

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This can only be posted in PDF form. This only exposes the lie of Gassing, and I will post on the crematorium lies as well as lies about the treatment of prisoners. Also, my tour guide mentioned to us accidentally that her friends and people she interviewed that were in the camp told her that buildings were built in the camp as propaganda against the nazis ... ssings.pdf
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What happened in the holololcau$zt, the story of an Evil Nazi:

He had woken up and it was around 3 AM. This is a time where he normally goes to the kitchen and eat something. But he opened the fridge and there was nothing...But a can of beans that were about to expire, so because he had to rush, as he got a call from a Nazi friend, on his cellphone. Because the evil Nazis also had cellphones, and the jews didn't. They were poor, presecuted and deprived of these. So he hanged up on the touch screen. It was an Iphone 666. He mentioned that the jews were in Dachau and they were having a problem which they called a "death and life" situation, in the Auschwitz camp. So he went in to check what was going on.

As he crossed the door, he felt like his stomach was cooking. The evil dentist in Auschwitz told him that his stomach isn't for beans, but he had forgot it. It was morning by then and he went down the cantine to check. The jews were like reading Torah and saying the whole Goyim world needs to die or subject... The problem was that there wasn't enough marmelade for the jews. One can went missing, because a Rabbi got this to sell this, in order to get to the camp bordello to get it on with a jewess he really liked. Because as he put it "G-d" was an asshole to him, and this is the only girl he found where they were dining with a poo pie every day. Strange jew. Long story short as he entered the room, jews started complaining, because they were hungry after the football game, and in the night they had an orchestral in the death Camp, Opera. So he went in and told them to calm down and that in Israel there will be enough marmelade for all of them, or in Madagascar, but eventually passed a gas as he was saying this.

Then the jews started fancying the smell, because they say its very important in their religion. They were pissed off he didn't do more. So they gave a call to their friends in New York Times, free of charge, and they went to a campaign against Hitler and all non jews of the world. Then this guy wanted to put an end to their complaints, so that he went to the cantine, and grabbed 5 cans of good grown beans. That was it with them. And he went, him and 6 trillion of them, in a small crematorium room that doesn't hold more than 10 people inside. Statistically speaking, it took over 10000000 years and 10000000000 cans of beans to go on with this evil act. So they went there, he told them to sit down, and he passed a huge fucking gas. This kept happening for the next 10000000 years. So technically in the end 6 trillion jews were pissed off, because as they put it, they love poo and not farts, eventhough they fancy and spiritualize themselves in being unwashed for weeks, and praying for poo-pie. Then they sworn that all of us will pay for not understanding them.

The story passed down in books as the 6 trillion and how evil the Nazis have bean. That's it. Please write it in all history books.

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Anyone else having the problem of not being able to open the pdf?

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Arian wrote:
Anyone else having the problem of not being able to open the pdf?

Download it first, you should have no issue (right click link, save target as)

I could read it on my phone but not on my lap top, until above advice.
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