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For those who wish to establish a relationship with Satan.

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Post Fri Mar 25, 2016 7:36 pm
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In the midst of this dark era, the Suns do still live. Some are struggling to become brighter, while others are just coming into their newborn existence. Others, they just realize the fact of their magnificent birth. The new stars are coming in, when people are in need of most light, but also have learned to hate it the most.

Like the infinite suns in the cosmos, such are us. We are the suns of a new dawn. A dawn for Humanity, a long awaited enlightenment. We are the warriors of a dream, but when dreams are actualized, they are not dreams, they are so many things more. And this, is our struggle. The struggle of a world of Light. Out of the corrupted and damaged hearts of men, some Souls do still stand upright. Others will look to you, and they will stand too. But you must stand upright, and bright. Knowing that you are destined in your way to bring something for this world. The end of all darkness and despair. The soldiers against time, who are bringing in the light of Humanity, so Humanity can look up again into the heavens, away from the pit of infernal damnation prepared on for the enemy. Away from darkness.

So, we must be loyal, persistent, ready, deeply focused. Loyal to one another, loyal to ourselves and our cause. No longer you must believe in coincidence, for there is no coincidence. The heart you once possesed, is the heart of a Truth seeker, a potential Sun. No sun must be extinguished, and no other sun must allow this to happen to themselves, for we are scarce and rare. Rare, but magnificent. Able. And inside us will be housed the Satanic holiness, and from within us will the rays of the Ancient Love of Satan, once again enlighten this Humanity in this time of despair, vanity, and lies. The long awaited warriors, of an Ancient paradise. But, how far are these things actually from us? Maybe not as much as we think. Maybe they are. Was this ever what mattered? What's in there, for the Eternal Sun?

Nothing else matters. But that we must move forth and bring these thigns into reality. The realities of the bright hearts of people. This last hope in Humanity, that even Humanity has forsaken. No more of this enemy despair, no more of this bad dream the enemy is creating for humanity. We will do this together. Here, and now. Like it once was, in the memory for our Souls and hearts. Like each and everyone's hearts know, of where we left. Of what was robbed of us. We aren't far, neither close. But we have so much to do. The joy is in doing. The joy is in giving. The joy is to burn bright, shine bright. Father Satan has always been the God of the highest good, of the highest and real compassion. The tears of the hearts, of the bravest people.

The last gateway of Divinity, in a world of collapsed hearts, people, minds and Souls. And so we will be like him, the Saviors of the Last Hour of Humanity. We must not come late, as time will not compensate for us. But we can only come just in time. All of your Satanic hearts, you must shine. Shine this eternal and Ancient Truth. Which naturally will extinguish the dark fires of the enemy, now and for all eternity. Do you follow our Father, Satan? Do you follow in the footsteps of the Father of Truth?

Do you accept your existential inheritance? To be like the Eternal Sun!

And I know those who do, the world expects you: The long awaited, Truthful Saviors of the Last Hour.

The Hour of Satan's Reign. And the setting hour of the enemy...

Sit and watch... Or, will you do your own part?


Post Sat Mar 26, 2016 6:31 am

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f0StaR Ch!1d wrote:

5 ever is more than 4 ever..
Thoughts become things.

Post Sat Mar 26, 2016 8:20 pm

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AmonRa666 is just joking. He is a joker.

Here is a "5ever" video below...
Hail Satan Lucifer!

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