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Post Thu Mar 24, 2016 11:02 pm
Please check the groups and Satan's Library frequently. More rituals to destroy the enemy will be forthcoming very soon.

I also want to add something important here. The article "The Bible: A Book of Jewish Witchcraft" only scraped the surface.Q ... hcraft.htm

There is much more to this. One of the reasons this book of rot has had the immense power and hold on people over the centuries is because each letter of the Hebrew alphabet has been charged with energy, no different from how is one would charge up a talisman, etc. Then, the Christian energies fleeced from the deluded believers and of course, its incessant promotion.

In 1948, when the bandit state of Israel was established, atheistic and reform Jews fought with the orthodox over what language would be the official language of Israel. The orthodox were very much against using Hebrew, while the atheistic and reform Jews who are basically unbelievers scoffed. According to Jewish writings, the Jewish unbelievers are a most serious threat to all of the Jews.
The orthodox at the top are aware of the power the Hebrew has for them.

The biblical book of Genesis is the "book of creation." This is where the Jews use certain verses and letters to "create" what they want for the world, like inciting wars and other conflicts for example.

Idiot Christians, who only believe what they are told and who have little or no knowledge of the occult and even worse, take that bible literally are only laughed at. One has to be well versed in magick and the occult to be able to see and to know.

In addition, this damning to hell crap, which has nothing to do with Satan, is not some "act of god" but can be done by the enemy themselves with the right knowledge. No different from certain curses guarding sensitive occult knowledge. Some people were frightened away and went running back to jewsus, unaware this is no "act of god" but of Jewish mages over the centuries.

Nearly all of this hideousness occurred after the fall of Rome. Spiritual libraries were attacked and burned and the Jews, along with their Catholic Vatican usurped the knowledge. They also translated the texts that were available into European languages, so it is glaringly obvious why so much has been twisted and corrupted with lies and total misinformation.

Back in 1933, the World Jewish Congress stated with total confidence that they would destroy Hitler. They knew their power. This is why they are so cock sure of themselves and assume a position of authority over Gentiles, dictating to and ordering Gentiles about. The Gentiles comply. Foreign policy, finances, aid to Israel, enforced race-mixing... You name it.

The reason there is do much focus on the number 6 with the Jews, is again, their magickal power of the bible. The "42 letter name of god." Certain Hebrew letters are embedded like in a code within words in the Torah. It doesn't make any difference what language the bible might be in because it all has the Hebrew root. For those who are new here, the Jews most frequently use the number 6, as this creates a powerful subliminal link. For example, that 6 million "holocaust" lie, and with various news stories and so forth. ... caust.html

In closing, I also want to add, these Hebrew letters infused with power react very negatively with Gentile energies. Aleister Crowley who used this kind of magick, had very negative experiences and met with disaster.

The Jews push this shit, no different from how they push the hoax of Christianity, in order to subjugate Gentiles, getting them under Jewish spiritual control. As I mentioned before, most everything begins in the mind, with an idea before manifesting into reality.

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

Post Fri Mar 25, 2016 1:49 am

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Hello hp, when I check my phone's battery many times it shows me 66%, this happens most of the times I am meditating, it's not the phone's fault because it used to do that on the previous model I had, how should I enterpretate that?

Post Fri Mar 25, 2016 3:29 am

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High Priestess Maxine Dietrich wrote:
The biblical book of Genesis is the "book of creation." This is where the Jews use certain verses and letters to "create" what they want for the world, like inciting wars and other conflicts for example.

Indeed. In my travels throughout life seeking myself, in xianity and thereafter, I came across someone or something which said that all the books of the bible refer back to, reference Genesis; and of course "genesis" means "beginnings". As a side note, if Genesis is the beginning of all things and the rest of the bible points back to it, and if Genesis is symbolic, then the entire bible is symbolic... xians don't realise that. We, however, realise it is the beginnings of creating shit against Gentiles and enslaving us - if we let it.
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Post Fri Mar 25, 2016 10:42 am

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People´s behavior is striktly connected to this thing
I wish to completly unsolve this mystery to become a better magician and be more in control of situations.
Why can´t I go unnoticed ever, it´s all what I try to do and I get the exact opposite

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