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Post Mon Mar 21, 2016 10:15 am
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Greetings to all our Comrades and People of Satan.


How many times, do you hear this call from deep within you? This soaring roar of rage? You came here because you raged at this world, because you wanted to see it different. For others, its because you wanted to see yourself different. But in the end, it was the same thing. Because you believed otherwise, and not on the lies, neither the orchestrators of such. Something must have been so deadly wrong in this world. But as you can see, this world is made up of people, like you or anyone else. So this world doesn’t change, unless these people change. While others sat down in inactivity and slack, you moved forward into a different step. You wanted to know, so knowledge has been granted to you. So many of us have begun this journey, without knowing a lot of things, diving into the unknown, without wings. We knew one thing though: We wanted power, Truth and to reshape this world that many call a "world", but something inside us detested. Rightfully so.

How many others can state they did this? Of course almost nobody.

Interesting is the fact, that so many people are living in this world without ever thinking, or stopping to think. You see these people moving around like an invisible hand moves them, they chatter all day, they speak but in the end, they say nothing. It’s almost as if you are so distanced from them, because you can see. This is not a hate upon life, or people, but a higher kind of love, life and freedom, that you can't see materialized anywhere. Somehow, the minds of people know there must be something greater, but who seeks? While others are busy faking it, or just thinking of it, how many few are those willing to move towards this and create this, or make the necessary sacrifice to meet such height of existence? You surely can’t say a lot of people, go after this, know, or think, or even imagine anything as such. Quite a few do, in ranging heights of knowledge and awareness. But you seem to have a grasp of it. So you strived for greater things, looked at greater skies to find meaning. And you found your fly path.

It has certainly striked deep into your heart, this hypocrisy, all these lies, the religions of deceptions, but above all it has hit your Soul. The people who are real Satanists, and not just dedicated in word, but really dedicated in Soul, you can know this. So many questions are in your younger, or older minds, so much potential. It’s important these are answered, but, what is it of my job to answer these, but only show you. Only you yourself can see, and only you finally will answer yourself.

You are the bringers of the future, in a world without a future, or a very dim one. However you complied, you must not comply, and however you may have suffered, you must never give in. Inside you, there is the seed of the future. The future upon which a Humanity that is ascended can see the light again. In this world of decay, you are the soldiers of the light, with the system to both develop this and bring this out of yourselves and as thus, enlighten this world which is so devoid of light. You are literally, the most blessed of all people, and everyone else is trying to hide this for you, because if you come in awareness of it, you will become deadly serious about it. And this will prove deadly to the enemy, who is a born tool of decay, ignorance, hatred and misery. You will shortly understand, that they do not have a place anywhere here. Most of you, you are lonely and misunderstood hearts and this, with good reason. If you hadn’t been abused and pressed, then, the enemy would never have a chance to sleep at night.

I wanted to let all of you know, that you are not welcome here, in this world. In a sense, that is. You come, potentially, as a terror in the hearts of men, as a thunder that strikes and rips open their lies, without mercy. You come as a thunder in the night where people are on their zero point. They want and need this thunder, but at the same time, the artificial bliss of ignorance compels them to resist. You come as a light in the darkness, and you ought not to expect a warm welcome.

What matters is how you will be welcomed and received on by the higher beings, or those higher in the existential hierarchy. You have, after all, initiated yourself you climb this ladder. Better adhere to your choices.


You must all tend to your roles, whatever these roles are. Together, all of us, we are the cells of a new body that is forming within Humanity. We are its beginning, its existence, its maturation into everything. Contrary to the beliefs of our enemies, we are the real, manifested Divine Will. That doesn't need the millions of followers, but to just do what is right, so this world will move forward. In a world where lies reign, we are the Truth. Lies had had their time, did their damage, annihilated the hearts of millions of people into non existence. Now things must change.

My life has been devoted to developing this fire and thunder inside you, this wind that passes through all obstacles, only to form a new Earth. All of us have way to go, but we are all in different levels, yet, in all of us rests something common. The essence of the Men to come, the Overmen. This essence must be cultivated and brought into maturation. You must love this and you must come in terms with who and what you are, but also your path. Its in the beggining, like a small child, easy to lose your way and pay for it. Its harder to maintain a focus. But if you do, you will eventually reach the top of the mountain. And you will strike down as thunder.

For this, serious power is needed. Serious mental, spiritual and physical power. Serious devotion. Devotion to throw away all that the enemy and their cohorts have created. Faith enough to shatter mountains in half, belief and convinction that cannot be shaken. But yes, these are the aspects of the Man to come. You don't need to believe elsewhere, but in Satan and in yourselves.


You don't need to be anyone else but you, you don't need to be anywhere else but where you are. You don't need to wait for any saviors, but to save yourselves. You don't "need" anything, for you can be fullfilled in yourselves. After this fullfillment is reached, you can spread it towards the world and advance it. And in yourselves first and foremost, for this is a great feat. So many people will misunderstand this, others will never even have the chance to reach this, but the few ones who will understand will be enough.

Are you ready to see your name in the names of the Gods to have existed and to come? And to become a Soldier of light in the midst of this world of decay? Are you ready for sacrifice, are you ready for Glory, are you ready for Victory? Are you ready to transcend?

This world needs the New people of Satan, the Newborn blood of the conquerors of this Earth. Conquerors not in bloodbathing, but in enlightenment. This world suffers and needs a final reckoning, between our forces and the forces of the evil jewry who have plagued it into non existence and slavery, for quite too long. The light that will wipe out the existence of the enemy with a sheer explosion, until they are no more. You move as a wolf amongst sheep, wether you like it or not. It easy to fall, even easier to quit, even easier than all, to die and disappear, like you never existed. But you have to imprint what you have to imprint.

You can win over what you have to win, conquer what you have to conquer, and free yourself and Humanity. Save yourselves, then save everyone else. Otherwise, you will be a traitor to yourself and what cultivates within you. A traitor to your own destiny. There can be therefore, no complaints about this. And what is this, not many will know, but it certainly is the essence that must never be given up. Whomever does this, will be held accountable, in front of themselves first and foremost. You can either win, or be defeated. And win is what you must do...

So unleash your hatred constructively, reconstruct yourself, once and for all. In a way that it will render you victorious against the enemy, and drag our common effort to the Victorious end.

Satan and the Gods are on our side.

Overmen! Rise!

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

Post Mon Mar 21, 2016 7:54 pm

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Thank you hp hooded cobra
for the power talk and inspirational thoughts that keeps me going.

Hail Father Satan
Hail Father Satan
Hail Lady Astaroth
Heil Hitler

No pain no gain

Post Tue Mar 22, 2016 1:07 am

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Hail Nature!

Hail Hitler!

Hail Satan!

Post Tue Mar 22, 2016 7:23 am

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hoodedcobra666 wrote:
My life has been devoted to developing this fire and thunder inside you

And a damn good job you do motivating us with the light you shine onto our inner truths, and your powerful words.

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