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Post Tue Mar 15, 2016 11:30 pm
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Now, this is the disease of our centuries. The asleep Western man, Whites in their own jewish dream, so many things they just can't "Believe". They cannot "Believe" that 12 grown men of the very good eastern mudders, rape kids less than 10 years old upon a bus, not caring about a thing. They can also not believe that jews are trying to get them to extinction. They do not believe that our people must survive, either. Many also "can't believe" that they are hailing a jew all along, named "jesus", who was imposed on the blood of our murdered wives, toddlers and countries, by the jew.

And no, the atrocities like above won't stop by you being a cuck and selling out your race, countries and people, or by giving these people a "green light" to continue this existential decadance to the point they destroy their own people and Race as well. By giving this green light, you are allowing multiplied chaos, destruction and pain emerge upon this world, now and for all eternity. And yes, YOU are responsible for it. Even lack of choice, is a choice.

Other's can't believe that their little "stable" life can so easily be brought into destabilization, that it must collapse in a day or so, or that their "lovely" neighborhood, might become a chaos hole one day. They also, "Can't believe" that other people can be so evil, enough to just want to slaughter women for being women, and have only one idea of raping them to death in mind. Hasn't it occurred that the majority of the people whom you "respect", wouldn't give one buck if you were dying and bleeding on the street, while you, you give everything for them, only to raise them up and they stab you on the back? Because that's what the Truth is, the majority of such can't see this in any other way now. Can you also believe that the only way for this to stop happening and change, is through your OWN survival, which is the only way this decadance can defeated, so that Humanity rises above all this crap once and for all?

You know how to hear the tears of all these sorry beings, but not of your own people. But I will reveal to you just another Truth. The good parts of these people would never shed crocodile tears, and we are just dealing with the mud and worse of them. The Great people of these Races are elsewhere, fighting to elevate their Race, because they know their purpose, and not in the way of "Jihad". Like a good father, they don't give their children to the nursery, but they go against all efforts to raise their kids themselves. Because in all decent people behaviors are different than these which you have learned to respect, White man.

These people just exploit you and gain advantage of off you. They are busy taking "selfies" on your borders, their pockets are full with jewish money, and many of them come to rape, roll and Jihad you out of existence. The worthy parts of these people don't even get any help, and they die in their teenage years in the Wars of the Jews in the Middle East and elsewhere, or die like worker slaves, or they are decent Human beings at least. But, fuck the tears of your Race, and the dead of your Race, or what help the members of YOUR Race may require. Because after all, the jew told you to give them up first. Because they breed more of like you: A caring and considerate being, that can mean the end of what the jew wants- Global slavery.

Everyone knows the crap presecution stories of all Races on the planet, but just who knows or ever mentions the White Race. Everyone knows the "demo" crap and the other hololol tears about the "Presecuted" and "Sorry ones" (Who happen to be 85%+ of the total world world population by now, yes of course, because they are going extinct after all and they need to cry about it), who with the jewish eulogies teach you all this crap so that you will die and perish, like you never existed. Its because of course, we aren't meant to be "Racist", because we are Whites. On the meanwhile, others have "Justification" for enslaving our women, abusing them, attacking them, destroying our Nations and anything else, because of course, they have a presecuted story to pull.

A story for them is enough. Millions of dead of our OWN people who have been used like war cattle for the jewish demands, like in USSR and Europe, in World Wars and elsewhere, of course, all fall in vain. A story is just enough. Blood feeding the soil everyday, destruction of your whole Race, the perishing of your culture, can't compare to this "Story" of theirs, am I right?

But our Race after countless centuries of constantly being waged war to extinction, Civil wars and anything else, all instigated by the jews, of course, no "Justification" for us. Somehow we don't deserve this divine jewish mandate. And of course, we shit on it and we never needed it anyway. If anything, even this, the jew was able to create by leeching on the backs of OUR people. Not anyone else's. For the jew, billions of tons of White blood are never a justification either. When the people you treat with altruism see the pictures of your dead daughters, they laugh until they can go no more, bragging they did this to you. When you see their children in your "borders" though? So the jew keeps writting... Based on pseudoscience and sheer emotionalism, which is nothing of an array of manipulated emotion, but pure jungle deception so that you will lower all your defences and go kill yourself, because your enemies are too afraid to oppose you straight up.

The jews are the ones making all your rules, justifications, arguements, but also HOW these arguements are shaped, and how you think. NO, not because you were weak, but because you yourself did choose to accept them. Its only a choice distance until they fall again below your feet, but you must defeat this weakened version of yourself first, while keeping in your mind our purpose to exist: To enliven and beautify this world.

You just can't believe, but reality will not ask if you believe in what things are or not. But, Western Whites, what you "believe" is nothing based upon reality, history, Truth or anything. Its just based upon what the jews told you about existence since you came out of your mother's womb. You can't believe either that Whites may be going extinct in 40 years, and that (if you exist) will never see a White face again. You also cannot believe that this will never be reversed, unless we consciously act about it? You can't believe that Whites will actually, go EXTINCT and that Muds will take your countries, with the jews, WITHOUT war, but Demographic uprising and then, "elections"? Can't still believe that Hitler was a Good guy? Or too much hollywood and "muh feels" get in the way, still? That all you have been taught all along, was a pile of trash, and that nobody loves you more than the people of your own Race?

After all, who controlls these so called "Feelings" and "Evaluations" you make. Oh, excuse me, not you. Its the jew. Do you believe though you can live WITHOUT the jews, and without all their decadance in the social, economic, political and cultural sphere? Because at once point we believed and we did it, that's why. Meanwhile, the above has also happened.

Do you also struggle to believe, that all people, if we fail, will be enslaved and subjected for all eternity? Is it also so much of a struggle to believe that the jew wants to kill each and every one of us? I suggest you pay close attention to nature or something. The lake in your local city, yes, it can be pissed by somali migrants and shitted on, until it becomes like a feces and garbage toilet, that will never exist again. Your little children *CAN* get raped, its possible. Your women *CAN* still be sold as slaves. Your "stable economy" can become in the matter of weeks into a total disaster, you begging suddenly for food. The jew never sleeps and they attack you everyday. The media and anything else, is controlled by them.

Now, all the above never was a matter of belief. There is something more into this though. I give you something new to believe in, that is rooted both in reality, in history and in nature. We can prevail over this. We can win against all of this and set this world in order, so that all you cannot "Grasp" or "Believe" will not happen again, neither for us or anyone else. The only thing you must believe in is Victory, and also make this happen at all costs.

But I have both good and bad news. Reality will NOT wait for you to "believe" or come in terms with the situation, so you better come on terms fast. Reality will also not forgive us, for not taking on our role to help ourselves and others escape this jewish slavery and danger. Its either- or. The good news are, is that we can succeed on this and if our people wake up, we will succeed and prove victorious over the enemy. Then actually people, not only our own, but all over the world, they will be able to escape the jewish chains and move onto something greater than ever before.

Better reconsider your "beliefs" fast. If you have any respect for yourself, your White people, for the whole world so that people will not end up as slaves of the jews, and for the decent people in other Races that will be consumed into nothingness forever, aside all other living life on the planet, I urge you to wake up AT ONCE. Like, RIGHT NOW. At least those who will listen, they will understand, and they will be enough. We don't need anyone, and certainly not the slaves of the enemy. We need revolutionaries, and not victims. The whole world is at stake.

You better start believing...And get off the high horse.

There is no choice of staying on the back. To give one's self up, one will meet with the inevitable result of internal and external destruction, and with the stupidity of not ushering their powers to bring this world in a greater condition. You can pinpoint this down to pure egotism, or pure love for Humanity, or our people, whatever justifies it for you. But this struggle is what it is in reality. And it must be carried for all of Humanity.

I will tell you the two things you do wrong in the eyes of the jew: You haven't perished yet, and you aren't leaving them get their way with global slavery.

The above are the sole reasons you are being pulled off all this emotional hemo democrap. Nothing else.

Oh, one last "Sin" you have on you, is that you can actually STOP them.

One more: You can REVERSE THIS. This is the greatest one, and the one you too have committed again and again in the past. These are the sole reasons we are being attacked like this. Nothing else, nothing existential, not because we are evil or ever were.

Do you grasp this now and undestand this? Great.

I know that inside all the people of our Race, does rest a purpose to help others and elevate them, same as our own people, and ourselves. I will *NOT* let up on this purpose, I will not betray it as I never had, and I will defend it to the bitter fucking end and furthermore. So here I stand, for my Aryan people. Entirely convinced. We must do this and its either- or.

What about *YOU*?

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
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Post Wed Mar 16, 2016 3:11 am

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HP Cobra is right. I wont shed a fucking tear. I personally would want to avenge the lives of the tormented who all faced the most extreme circumstances because of the jew. Do you want these degenerate black n brown tools to claim what is unrightfully and will never be ours? I sure as hell dont.
Reclaim what has been inherited and seek what can be found, or choose the ladder - die( rape, mutilation, gangrape, torture, nonexistent)

Your choice

".....I'm gonna make a change for once in my life, gonna feel real good gonna make a difference..........Cause I'm talking bout that Man in the Mirror."

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Post Wed Mar 16, 2016 9:52 am
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bluenitwolf wrote:
HP Cobra is right. I wont shed a fucking tear. I personally would want to avenge the lives of the tormented who all faced the most extreme circumstances because of the jew. Do you want these degenerate black n brown tools to claim what is unrightfully and will never be ours? I sure as hell dont.
Reclaim what has been inherited and seek what can be found, or choose the ladder - die( rape, mutilation, gangrape, torture, nonexistent)

Your choice

If you happen to be Black, Arab, Chinese, whatever, just remember this: If these mud people of your races get their way, you will surely wind up dead or an outcast and the best people of your Race will go extinct as well. In your hands lies a part of their fate for better or for worse. Satanists, at least the real ones, aren't just coincidental occurrences. If they were, we would be millions right now, but this is not still the case. You aren't there to feel sorry about everyone, you are here to elevate these people.

I mean just go outside and tell them about what you are, and if you are not stoned at the spot by the otherwise "friendly" people of yours, let me know. This is something most Blacks or Arabs will face by their own, if they reveal anything of that nature to them. This is mainly because, the majority of them are just jewish war forces, who just destroy what goes against the jews. Including all of you possibly. It just happens on a racial basis, because the kikes know, races tend to flock better, and they are abused through what they consider their culture (which is just jewish imposed crap anyway).

If you get in your low thinking and see things from within this hole, your mind will never find salvation and you will always go crazy about how stupid these people are. You go crazy because you are already distancing yourself. And unfortunately, until things get better, there is no other way to this. But let's be honest, you don't need this either, or if you were a flock animal, you would be in some sort of xian church or somewhere. You can only be part of another and more exalted flock, if ever. Which is a fact. But this stupidity of theirs is not what matters. Its *YOU* that matters.

We are united, however this strikes us or not. People must understand that by natural design, the higher individuals of each Race can always find a way in Satanic basis. You don't even need to stress about anything, as Nature does this on her own so everyone involved is in place and happy. When Nature is disobeyed, then serious issues start to hit the fan for anyone involved. Now as about idiots of your race and peoples, they can't find a thing anyway. We can't conversate or look at matters from this standby, or all will be lost. Lastly, its in your best interest, that Whites make it. Even most of the "Human rights" that keep society standing up to SOME extent, these are White ideals, same as anything else. With the jews who have turned altruism into a slaver war to kill us all and guide us to extinction, reactions will happen. And all sides will pay the shit for the jew, as always. All of you are indebted to them for all eternity, as they think. Indebted to fight for them, your children used for them, to exist and die for them, whatever, do wars for them and such.

The jews sent these people in Europe as guinea pigs, knowing what would happen quite well before hand, in all calculated outcomes. They even paid for their transfer and anything else. So they basically are just pulling yet ANOTHER genocide, not only of Whites, but others included too. Which they all consider as disposable human garbage. They just genocide everyone as we speak, and you can have your tea as usual, but just keep this in mind. And as their Rabbis state, "Goyims". Its just that Whites are dangerous "Goyims" that can turn against them at some point and co-ordinate the other "Goyims" to fight against them.

That's their issue. The jews hold all Blacks and other people as lowest feces and garbage, but Whites never did this. The fact we helped and we still help everyone else should show this. The jew also calls White "innocents" and they always brag about how they "killed" this "innocence" of "paganhood" with their garbage and filth. Even if someone is mixed to half black of theirs, they consider them garbage and they behave towards them like the lowest mistake to ever occur. The Rabbis and such kikes after WW2, projected this on Hitler and even re-wrote Mein Kampf. Nobody was treated inhumane in NS Germany, except jews and their devout followers. All others were respected and treated humanely, from the lowest natural order of the animal kingdom, to the higest. Just so you know the Truth and get off the jewish spell. So many times we have stated it, but we will state it all the more times.

Whites: Just look out of your fucking window, hopefully someone is not being raped, your towns are pillaged and so forth? You don't need to look much in history, as right now you can exit your house and see the fruit of the jew with your own eyes.

Asians: If you want to see the jewish plans for your people, go check some factory in China, or read about Mao Zedong who murdered 100 millions of the best of your people, because he fancied jewish communism. No rest for them either. Only the Japanese could escape to a degree and the enemy doesn't want to spare them either, by agitating all others around Japan to blow it up. To many Japanese have died horribly so Japan can enjoy some freedom. The enemy plays a shadowy game there.

Blacks: If you want to see the jewish plans for your people, check your local Ghetto, or how your people die in africa so that jews can dig up stones to sell, whatever, the Black Slave trade. No rest for them either.

Arabs: If you want to see the jewish plans for your people, just inspect who is behind everything in the Middle East, and how all Races there are being brought to extinction. Arabs had absolutely no rest days from the jew. Like all others that is.

All of you: Check the bible or Torah, or whatever else the jews write, or our commentaries, and anything else you want indeed.

Its either us or them. They have known it for centuries to be exactly like this. This is why in their own Torah and fancy genocidal literature, all Races of Gentiles are attacked and brought into subersion, attacks and destruction, and worse. They openly claim it themselves, I just specify it and remind you.

Now to add some important things. If you read about the Ancient Greeks, they had Racial divisions within their own people. This is the same thing happening everywhere else too. This was NATURAL to all of us. We always worked on a Racial base. And within all Races, there are distinctions of the members into sub races and levels. It still happens in India and elsewhere. Obvious distinctions were not only in regards to external characteristics, but internal too. Everyone could move upwards or downwards and the list goes, according to the time devoted to studies, practices and serving the people, gifts, war, and so forth.

Aryans, wherever they went, they gave knowledge, civilization and then, they departed and returned back to their bases in most cases. Just see around, how many pleasurable things and such had Aryans in their base.

They did not stay, they tried their best to not assimilate with any native population and they tried their best to leave people advance on their own. And this was a good and divine thing. Judging from the supreme outcomes that all Gentiles produced at certain points, this method worked wonders. So the jews hate it when we remain seperated and do our bussiness, because people become great and then the jew is left on the sidewalk groveling over their own shit. Now, no different than the enemy wants to attack our Gods and cultures, they want to destroy what has remained of these civilizers and people whom have been left behind and this includes all followers of such. And anything that relates to spirituality at all, or civilization, so they can rule the ruins. You can see this everywhere.

So yes, fuck the jews, and you know the Truth. Feel free to investigate on your own.
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Post Wed Mar 16, 2016 4:11 pm

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hoodedcobra666 wrote:
Satanists, at least the real ones, aren't just coincidental occurrences.

That must nudge a few eyes wider from the deep slumber.

Post Wed Mar 16, 2016 4:55 pm

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The white man must know that he is as responsible for action as he is for inaction, as in, the awakened white man who does nothing for his people is as responsible for his peoples destruction as the other unawakened members of his race who encourage the destruction of his people are.

This goes for all other races, and as HP Cobra repeats, those members from a people who are collectively undesirable in the west and other places are not undesirable themselves. They are the true bearers of their people and people like HPS Shannon and HP Lucius are the people who understand that race is a responsibility, and thus the white man must also be awoken to this paramount and imperative realisation.
Heil Hitler! Heil Himmler! Sieg Heil!

"This battle is not one for the present, but first and foremost one for the future!" - Adolf Hitler

Post Wed Mar 16, 2016 7:44 pm

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Listen to our leaders! Feel Satan's energy around you he's blessed YOU for this reason. Become greater than any man of today, our HP'S and Gods bless us with great knowledge. Use it to destroy our enemy and set your people free! We have out lasted the enemey for so long because Satanic souls are the STRONGEST souls. This planet needs new leaders and it's your choice to be one.
Visit us in peace and comfort
Conclude us receivers of your mysteries, for why?
We worship Satan/Lucifer in all his glory,

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