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Post Tue Mar 15, 2016 3:00 am
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Greetings to all our Satanic People and Comrades.

I dedicate this to all our people, those who are here, those who were here, those to come. Because its important for all to know. As usual, lengthy, and only appealing to badass people, my words will be.

Early on in my Satanic Journey, I realized a lot of things. One of them being the fragility of this life. One day, one is here. The other day, they may not be here. It’s too late to do anything by then. So many people just think there is always some sort of tomorrow waiting for them, which in many cases is right, but this "tomorrow" robs "today" like a thief in the night. Leaving the lives of people squandered and broke, and them filthy on the sidewalk, depressed for life and without a life. And I want this for none of you, so I come with yet another "disturbing" message again. This is equally a paradox for Satanists who struggle to finish the Magnum Opus, but I personally think of things differently. At least as linear life goes, it is what it is.

Its important to exist while you are here. Satan has taught me many important things, many of which I have came to share with all of you here. Many times I think to myself, that we must make it. Make it at all costs. And with us must the world make it, and not fall in its jewish doom. We are a team and in our common essence, I see Greatness. In all of our Satanic Souls, there is much greatness, the Divine takes different forms and expresses itself differently. We are moving together in the midst of a world without any Truth or Divinity within it. Many times it can get hard and nights can be dim, but its important that one remembers things and understands.

Satan and the Gods gave everyone an opportunity. To free themselves and exist in a great way, liberating themselves spiritually all the more. Now most people just live like slaves, they will exist as slaves and they will die as slaves, for those serving the enemy or the blind ones. They aren't placing themselves deserving of anything more anyway. Normally looking at the occasion, Satan and the Gods don't gain anything at all of this struggle for us, but we do. How many times have they helped you, supported you, gave you guidance, all of this?

How many times have they been patient with you? You actually ASK and get ANSWERS while all others ROT in lack of knowledge their whole life. Ever occurred to you how important this is? I mean even most parents don't even answer their own children. The Gods, eventhough Humanity can be judged as undeserving of their beauty and help, they respect us every single time. For countless of years they give and they give again. This is one aspect when one is a God, because like the Sun, they give, according to their own power, they get back and they return. Many times the human mind tends to forget, but this is something people must grow over by conscious effort. Humanity takes everything for granted. That they will exist tomorrow, this, or that. Whatever. But nothing is ever "granted". The enemy and their understanding has made people ungrateful savages who are just existing purposelessly and moving towards nowhere.

You are not these people.

But my own people are NOT ungrateful. Being ungrateful comes from being stupid and an idiot. I don't think most people are like this here. I like to think that you seize your days, understand the value of Satan, understand the value of you being able to spiritually advance, while others will rot for eternity and the list goes.

I always have been fanatically convinced for our effort. Nothing it has been less than fanatical love for all of you here who are really with us, and fanatical hatred for our enemies. The same part of bravery, will towards power and Truth, love of freedom and brotherhood, I am sure exists in all of us here. I have witnessed what a "Satanic Soul" means and I have seen Satan. Not only as any visual imagery, or just some experience, but an in-depth understanding of both. There is nothing that can, or could ever compare to it.

When one grows sensitive to greatness, they understand this. If one is not great, then all falls in vain. Poor soul people are just numb and dumb, like they do not exist. Its like the jew always preaches how you are to end up dumber and number, more stupid, more weak, more fragile, more of an escapist. But Satanists don't need any of such crap, as we are to live here and now. Beautiful, isn't it? I don't want you to end up numb or dumb, unsuccessful and unfulfilled as individuals. You may ask, why? Is this some sort of xianity? What is there to gain? What is there to win or lose?

My answers would be strange, but as far as my mind goes, I can say that its the same thing that Satan thinks about the situation. As far as my own person can grasp at least. Nothing, but everything. What does a parent gain from their child? What does one gain when they help a friend? What does one gain when they risk their heads for their comrade? What does one gain from being free and not a slave? "Return" here is not what's expected. But "Returning" shows a higher nature. Unless one deals with parasites, whose law goes "steal a bit until they find you and you stop existing this miserable existence of yours". Without giving, one will not receive. This is a Natural Law.

It’s in this Nobility that I always have carried out this struggle with all of you. Because when all of you hurt, there is more into it. More to it is also when you are joyous and you exist in a good way. You might see this more or less, but you are not alone now, and you will never be left isolated again. Those who have seen more spiritually they understand this. We are all together. What we teach today, is for the world. To free this world from a disease of gigantic proportions, which has lead this world to unparalleled stupidity, misery and affliction, towards something greater that comes from within Humanity. Satanism is about Light, enlightening the Darkness so its made KNOWN to us. Something that is clean and not tampered, something that is pure and without second handed motivations like the enemy who is a parasite and a lurker. Lurkers and such are always weak beings. This isn't the kind of being that Satan is developing. Satan develops free beings, out of this petty existence. If one wants to change within and around them, they must act accordingly. We can only do this all together.

Unlike our enemy, we shine fully, we show ourselves. I wanted to teach my people, like I do, every single day, so that you will be free in your own sense, advance in your own sense and be strong in your own sense. Because I fucking love all of you, even though I do not know you, in a very strange way indeed. How could you ever not be fascinated with such a vision like ours? We literally wish for the inconceivable. Other people just wish for some simple crap, but who can say they have ever even ASKED anything like we have done? Father Satan is helping us and assisting us in this. What glory indeed? How many times and how many tears have many of us shed for this being? How many times we have exploded over just by thinking of His Greatness? Quite a lot I presume.

Early on, too, I started understanding certain things as a Satanist. This kept escalating, when it reached to a point I had to share. It turned out it was well worth it. Sharing is the hardest thing to do, same as giving. To take, take and take again is easy. Everyone does this, you just need to look around. These people just keep taking and taking, like all they take is to make it somewhere, while they are at nowhere and going to nowhere. I mean its just not even coupled with a purpose to act in this way, but they are too dumb to get this. Mostly people who do this, aren't even having an understanding of life. Life, like sex, is about giving and at the same time receiving. Otherwise, one if they do not give or receive, they become a stagnant body and they die. Giving, sharing and then getting back, repeating this process, is where the bliss is at. Its not when one takes until they explode, them and themselves, that one sees anything more than that.

Satan gave us purpose, life, existence, and the means to be free, a way to belong while one is themselves still. This is so entirely the opposite of belonging like the enemy and all of their invented crap. You can actually EXIST here. You can actually be whatever you are. You can grow up and be a dreamer still, while most people have this robbed forever, living stagnant forever. They live many years, but their years are quite devoid of any life. The means to actually transcend everything and reach the highest mountains, are here. Your guides are also here. Satan is the liberator of everything. Satan is the real light, the real love, the real Father, who never gives up on his own.

You see these idiots, they are just baseline conscious (if this) and the last springles of consciousness they have, they want to throw in the trash can. They literally do not want to be aware of how fucked up they are and how fucked up the enemy has made them out to be. They just want to hallucinate themselves all their existence, until they exist no more. Congratulations to the jew for what they have created. A literal disaster.

Satan has extended to me, given to me, shared with me and loved me, like He has done for all of you His Children and Followers. I want to extend this to everyone so they understand this, so they can feel this, so they can see this for themselves. And like all of us here, I want this to stay and exist eternally, which it will. It will exist in all of you, in your little ones to come, in our deeds, in our words, in our actions, in our existence, in this world, now and forever. And if needed, it will exist in our sacrifice into the eternal abyss. For those who have seen our Father and their loving Guardians, what more is there to see? Have you ever stood down for a second, to understand this deeper honor?

Take off the veil from your eyes my dear family, and see. See what greatness we carry. Let it fill you, let it shine, let it burn our enemies and spread it to the end of this world and all the worlds. We can only do this together.

In this house, you are to be free. Nobody needs you to be anything but yourself. To exist as anything but yourself. To express anything but yourself. And this is the joy of love, of giving and of sharing. Forget all that the enemy has ever stated.

You can open this perverted and sick bible, and you will see. Hate, hate and more hate. Fake love, more fake love and then fake and slaver type of "love". Nothing else. Brother against brother, mother against father, "god" against "man", all against all, reality of pure suffering. Hatred for what is best, hatred for what is worst, hatred for what is equal, hatred for life and nature, hatred for one's existence, love for torturers and liars, misplaced respect, fear and terror now and forever. You are always wrong, always worthless, always seeking some divine shit to kiss in order to feel good just for one moment. How pathetic. You just see the mind of the jew speaking through this text. Fear of relating, fear of loving, suspicions, murder, mistrust, insanity, paranoia, psychosis, whatever. All this is the mind of the jew, which they are actively manifesting as a reality, because people are stupid enough to self-create this crap which they are taught is the "way of life". A total level of existential misery and affliction.

No wonder Satan wants this thing destroyed. He also, as he has shared with his disciples, this is all a freaking jewish dupe. For reasons we have explained. So just chill out, and know that yes, there is love, great giving and healthy sharing in this existence. Heal yourselves from all of this, then you can see this. It’s a long and arduous effort to purge one's self clean for all this mess, but the purpose of all this is to become a God. It’s not a small purpose. It requires Power. Our common purpose is to recreate all of this into total beauty and purity. So personal Power must stick to common Power. So all of us are obligated to destroy all this jewish crap and impurity from our minds and consciousness. This is where personal effort comes in, and then, common effort makes great things happens, when many good people work together.

Is this meditation session for you? Is this meditation session for all of us to move forward? Is your attack for you and so you can express your hatred? Is this to avenge our Father, or a brother who has been recently attacked? Whatever are your reasons, all are well accepted. But just remember, We can only do this all together. And we can only do this together if you do it yourself too.

So, your next strike against the enemy, your next meditation session, the next obstacle you will prevail over, what you after years will have done, it’s all under your choice, your life, but its also a common inheritance of all our Satanic People. Like the Ancients who sacrificed for us, the Great ones will keep doing it again. We are all together tied in the same existential chain of greatness, love and affection. So build yourself up greatly and move away from this poor understanding where you just see one person in the mirror. See millions before you and many to come after you, while at the same time seeing just yourself. Like they gave us the keys to salvation, we will carry them again, and pass them down, like the Eternal Fire of Satan.

So, metaphorically speaking, Satan gave us all the colors and tools. Go ahead and paint, don’t mind mistakes, this is where you learn. Soon you will be ending up with a whole lot of works of art, Comrades. Then we are building a museum. A museum of Satanic Power in the Aeons to come… What in a snowflake in hell are you waiting for?

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

Post Tue Mar 15, 2016 11:09 pm

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I definitely appreciate this post I feel it was needed. I am definitely grateful for all of the natural laws you guys have been sharing with us as of late. Which is something I have been having a strong desire to learn. Because with this knowledge I can receive more blessing and in return give more back, so it's a win win. So thanks again for the awesome post.

Post Wed Mar 16, 2016 12:19 am
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MagickEye9 wrote:
I definitely appreciate this post I feel it was needed. I am definitely grateful for all of the natural laws you guys have been sharing with us as of late. Which is something I have been having a strong desire to learn. Because with this knowledge I can receive more blessing and in return give more back, so it's a win win. So thanks again for the awesome post.

Nature = Power, Elevation, Success, Advancement. Everything we know is, will be and always was based on Nature. There is nothing that is outside of Nature.

Joo insanity = Weakness, degeneration, death and worse, being open to be eaten by the predator jew. Who knows the NATURAL role of the parasite real well. So they are again in the first category.

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