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Important: The Lie of the "Annexation" of Austria

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The Lie of the "Annexation" of Austria

Hitler’s aim of Anschluss, was and is declared a unilateral annexing. However Austria and Germany were once united under 2nd Reich for 1000 years until the Prussian-Austrian war of 1866, and also later in the Bunt, the German Confederation, after the defeat of the Triple Alliance in 1918 and subsequent annulment of the Hapsburg Empire, the victors decimated their empire leaving just the German speaking Core; Austria.

There was an unheard Austrian cry for reunification. The first National Assembly of Vienna decided in favour of a reunification of Austria with Germany. Polls in some Austrian districts showed overwhelming support amongst the people.

Self-determination was virtually non-existent to both Germany and Austria as allied victors who declared it refused it. The first attempt of reunification failed solely because the allied victors disallowed it, not because Mussolini disallowed it as commonly believed.

In 1933, a conservative dictatorship emerged in Austria which removed the right of citizens to vote and refused unification with Germany.

The despotic Austrian chancellor, Dr Engelbert Dollfuss prohibited trade unions and political parties including The National Socialists. During an attempted coup by Austrian National Socialists in July 1934, Dollfuss was fatally shot. In March 1938, his successor Dr Hertz Schussing attempted to circumvent the popular will of reunification with the Reich and by a peculiar type of referendum on extremely short notice. On March 9th 1938, he announced a nationwide referendum in regards to reunification with the Reich to be held on March 13th just 4 days after announcement. During this referendum, there were to be no electoral registrars; supervising the referendum would be entirely in the hands of his own party. Citizens in the Public Service were ordered to only go to the referendum under direct supervision of their superiors.

Furthermore, they were to openly show their completed ballots to their superiors. People were only permitted to vote against reunification and those who wished to vote in favour were to make their own ballots. Austria Home Secretary, a National Socialist, Dr Seyss-Inquart, on three occasions demanded that Schussing postpones the referendum and hold one later in a constitutional manner but his protest were in vein and were called nonsense by Schussing and he categorically refused.

Finally, Seyss contacted his German counterpart, Home Secretary of the Reich, Herman Goering, who spent some of his youth in Austria, who then in turn, passed the ball to Hitler, Goering and Hitler alike having lived in Austria watched Schussing’s attempt of manipulation with disgust and all efforts to convince him to resign failed and it only succeeded when Goering threatened to send in German troops in to Austria that Schussing coincidently resigned.

German troops marched into Austria the next day to be greeted with flowers, National Socialist symbols and warm hearts. When Hitler arrived in Vienna the next day, the Austrians were rushing to greet him. Chancellor of atria and Adolf Hitler signed an agreement on March 13th signifying their joint attention of reunification. A nation-wide referendum is later held to formally confirm so called annexation, and 99.73% of Austrians voted in favour of reunification. This referendum entirely debunked the lie that Germany annexed Austria ... stria.html
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Maybe we can add more citations into it and enlarge it . I will look for more , if you think we should improve it . Good job anywayz


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Good job and thank you.
ps: why i cant view other topics? i new in satanism and i want to consult about meditation and t.t
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vatari wrote:
Good job and thank you.
ps: why i cant view other topics? i new in satanism and i want to consult about meditation and t.t

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Excellent work thank you very much.
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