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Post Sat Feb 27, 2016 12:10 pm
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The Smiling God

Greetings to all our Family in Satan!

Well, again I come with something. Its not the ordinary, but its great. Its about time we roll together to see something. So join with me.

Now if you look around you there is much sadness indeed. There is also much despair in people, especially those hopelessly dependent upon the enemy. 

Even their momentary pleasures are based on hard toil and blood, and they pay high prices for these. All of these are also fake and artificial. They are just a removeable result from a pleasurable action. But fun comes in making this happen. 

Leaving all these weaklings aside, just remember something. While things may be serious and life may be hard on you, just remember we have the most Powerful God there ever was. Remember that you dedicated to Satan, Himself. Now one must treat this accordingly. Satanism is fun. Advancing is fun, power is fun and also, wrecking the enemy slave oligarchy from the comfort of your couch is also fun. 

I mean its worth smiling about. Joy is Power. Joy of Satan. This is not misery loves company or my little angry teenager teddy dream soap opera. However dire the situation is, we know how much is at stake. But we are on the arms and smiling, like our Brothers from the old times who even did so at impossible odds. 

Because that's the spirit of it all. Satan is the God of the impossible and the all-possible. We come here as the enemies of this eternal gloom, to being Eternal happiness to Humanity. We bring freedom.

I know of those free wolves who have healed of the damages of the enemy chains, and they want revenge. Of course, rage is also fun. So damage the enemy spiritually and rejoice in it, for we are bringing about our own times. And once resettled, there is no going back to this mess. Be pragmatic, and remember that happiness is really within. Correct what is mistaken, fix what is broken and let go for one time. So let it shine and as you go, outshine the enemy. 

Misery and tears aren't going to solve anything and these are for stupid xians who are subjected to the jewtrix without any ability to escape. Complaints neither help. To be strong is to be joyful too. So when you are joyful, chances are you are good. Don't let anyone ruin this for you as this is what Satan gives to us. Its a gift reserved for his beloved children. Its an inner world of happiness and beauty. Nobody unworthy can see this garden.

Are you having enough fun wrecking the enemy? Seeing them losing their wars just some years before they got all they struggled? Do you laugh when others don't have any clue and you know what to do? Do you laugh loud and without any mercy? Do you smirk when we are shaping something new out of these ashes?

Then we be riding good. Slothz Riderz for life.

Satan is not a God of misery. Satan is a Smiling God. Always in our hearts and minds as the source to all positive and all powerful joy.

Slothz ridin' to eternity.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
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Post Sat Feb 27, 2016 4:39 pm

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hoodedcobra666 wrote:
wrecking the enemy slave oligarchy from the comfort of your couch is also fun. 

Literally. My couch is literally where I do most of my warfare :lol:

Thanks for another great inspiring speech, HP Cobra. Hail Satan!
The better and stronger my brethren are, the better and stronger our future:

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Post Sun Feb 28, 2016 1:40 am

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You know i have been studying and practicing satanic meditation and witchcraft but u
Yet ive been living miserably focusing on all the negative in life i believe a lot of this is due to negative subconscious programming i experienced growing up things such as " you are worthless" you will never amount to anything" etc could be the source because im consciously making an effort to be positive and msnifest it physically im still winding up feeling depressed and like i cant be more spiritual because its too hard i also believe the enemy could be using all those negative things ive been told to attack me spiritually because even though i didnt consciously believe what was being said to me i feel like after hearing it for 21 yrs especially by a parent its bound to have a subliminal affect i believe the inly method to remove this is to get into a meditative tr a nce snd reprogarm my subconscious with positive things such as i am worth alot and i can do anything i i believe satan wanted me to read this becuz ive been seriously struggling to be happy and feel good i think he wanted to remind me he doesnt want me to be miserable

Post Sun Feb 28, 2016 8:44 am

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you inspired me. thank you.
Hail Satan!
Hail Satan!

Post Mon Feb 29, 2016 4:55 pm

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Yeah, we humans are intended to be happy not sad.
So for the sake of the happiness of the humanity, lets join hands to clean the mess the jews created for last thousands of years. I totally agree with HoodedCobra666
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Post Wed Mar 09, 2016 4:58 pm

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That was such an inspiring post. Thank you.

Smiling doesn't mean i take anything from other people. I just do it so often because i'm protected and happy with all these beautiful gods that will walk with me. ♥

Post Thu Mar 24, 2016 11:53 am

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Thanks...wonderful information

Post Thu Mar 24, 2016 11:57 am

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