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Neo-Atheism Is Jewish

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Post Fri Feb 26, 2016 8:40 am
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Neo-Atheism Is Jewish

This was from an answer I gave in the Forum:

A lot of this is not really important using the neo-atheists, talking points just attempts to justify their Jewish materialism and nihilism which is part of Marxism.

The fact is the early Church themselves admit they created Jesus as a fabrication by stealing Osiris and the Mystery religion around Osiris. And turning such into a Jewish version to scam the world with a jewish cheap trick to manipulate the goyim with. The Jews put themselves into power with a coup against the Roman aristocracy and hid behind the Flavian Caesar's as their glove puppets. Vespasian the official founder of the Flavian Dynasty that created and imposed the Christian Church on the world, were the Jew is God and the Torah is the order of life to be obeyed and worshiped. Openly admitted he owed his power to Jews from Alexandria and even built a statue to one direct Jew of such who thought Titus as a middle man [Titus was married to a Jewess] put him on the throne. Vespasian's family was notable in the money lending and debt collecting business which is dominated by just Jew again? Even in the ancient Roman world. This Jewish family that was the heart of the Flavian's as their money funded it was the Alexandria's who ran the Jewish Therapeuts that as the Founders of the Catholic Church stated was Christianity origin point. Who in their own early writings openly stated Jesus is a mythological character taken from Osiris. The Alexandria's where the Goldman sachs of the ancient world.

There is no point in getting caught up in the Jewish trap of creationism and neo-atheism.

After that what is there to argue with? Five million Dawkin's quotes? Its also proven Moses is a stolen and fabricated character from Bacchus as well. The ancient Greeks pointed such out. Moses is the founder of Judaism and he never existed. The Jews are not the chosen of anything and are just filthy, criminal hokum peddlers from the orient. Note all the Jewish leaders squatting over neo-Atheism don't want you to go there and examine Judaism....ever. Nor do they want any of this made public. Their gate keepers. Peddling two hundred year old arguments.

Judaism is nothing but a materialist, race based organized criminal system. That is obsessed with everything from pedophilia, bestiality, stealing from everyone and killing them. To child ritual murder to feces and is afraid toilet monsters will attack them if they don't say special shit house prayers over literal excrement. These people are sick and are disgusting, weirdo's, criminal creeps, frauds and losers and we all know it. Normal people are anti-Semitic. People who think Jewish finger painting in poo are awesome, and Jew political leaders who support Pedophilia like Ginsberg are moral role models, are not.

All this Materialist Jewish nonsense is keeping people away from the proper understanding of the structure and laws of existence which is metaphysical. And gas lighting the world for Jewish Communism.

The debate is simply is the Absolute a being thus a theistic creationist God or not. The ancient Metaphysician's, the Adepts in the Pagan Mysteries the Jews ripped off and corrupted. Knew the Absolute is not a being. But simply a force. Spirit the fifth element all elements come from. Spirits main element is sound which light, form and number are manifestations of. The key properties' of all existence. The Absolute has always existed it has no start or end. The current jewtrix materialism which is bogus science held up by proven frauds like the Jew, Einstein who faked the results of his great relativity experiment which brought his candy kosher ass to fame to just peddle criminal fraud-jewlent, bullshit. Like Communism which materialism forms the key element of. The Big Bang is a proven fraud and was proven by Physicists of the time as well to be such and laughed at. It only rules by force, question this hokum and lose your career that's it.

It was Jews who lied and turned the Absolute into a Being....A Jewish Being. Wonder why......

This retarded, Jew weirdo Einstein who couldn't tie his own shoes and couldn't remember where he lived half the time but somehow...we are supposed to believe. Like figured the universe out. Just stole anything that worked off the Goyim scientists. And people like Dawkin's and the Marxist Hitchens's promote this crap and prompted this crap. Which tricks the Goyim into materialism and neo-atheism [which is Marxism in a new uniform in the west] this is the Atheism the kind that is the real source of this word in ancient Greek, Agos. The Greeks stated was without anything spiritual the understanding of the Absolute and the metaphysical science. This is so the Jews at the top are left with this only which is their key to rule. This is the locus of Jewish Marxism.

The Maverick science which is the future has shown everything in existence is materialized light, sound waves of different density that are of archetypal patterns that manifest from and are of the source or ether field, the Absolute. Materialist Jew nonsense the new hokum of the Jews has been disproven that fast. Billions of shekels and years of enforced lies and the hokum just falls flat.

The fact is everything on earth has gone to a puddle of bagel shit because the Human beings of this world are living in an aberrant system of life which is built on anti-spiritual Jewish lies. And the problems will go on until the Human starts as a society to live proper and truthfully as a spiritual being in harmony with the Absolute laws, the supreme Divine Order of life. We have to live as the spiritual forces and laws that we are formed of and thus are. This was the tradition our Gods who are ascended Nordic's. Taught the world so the world could live without suffering and be at peace and not even know death itself. This is the key to the Great Working which gives people full ascension themselves the Celestial body and immortality.

All suffering comes from not doing this as the ancient Sages warned. And thus all suffering comes from the Jews and their trash heap Reptilian, shit lords of the galaxy that have created the Jew to use them to infiltrate humanity for thousands of years across the globe. The Jews were in the East and still are as well. Which is you look back you find them behind the destruction of civilization and the metaphysical structure of it in the east. Even Hinduism now is a mixture of the Jewish programs of Islam and Christianity which influences it today and current Hinduism looks nothing like it would have just two thousand years ago. Pious Hindu's in the 20th century were engaging in the cultural destruction of ancient Hindu Temples for not conforming to the corruption they follow and the morons never put two and Jew together the whole time. The Jewish Jesuit's went all over India removing and corrupting all spiritual metaphysic's for centuries as Indian Yogi's mentioned. To the point all that is left is corrupted RHP lies and garbage leaving people programmed and helpless for the final sweep of the Jews. A Global Communist Slave System. Run out of Israel.

Post Fri Feb 26, 2016 8:56 am
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Jewish neo-atheism summed up....


Post Fri Feb 26, 2016 1:00 pm

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damn that picture is accurate
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Post Sat Feb 27, 2016 2:55 am
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Parapsychological Powers of the Siddhi's Documented By Science Already

This is from an answer I gave in the groups:

Back in the 19th century the president of the Royal Society in England the top ranking scientific society, Sir William Crookes and the co founder of the Theory of Evolution with Darwin, Alfred Russell Wallace. The Theory of Evolution was called the Darwin-Wallace Theory originally. Documented the existence of human siddhi's. From telekinesis and levitation under scientific conditions. In the case of Daniel Hume. Hume once levitated in front of the scientists up into the air out the open window on the third floor and came back through another open window this just one ability Hume demonstrated. There is also a book "The New Soviet Psychic Discoveries" published by two America researchers who went into the Soviet Union and documented numerous cases of people who have been tested by Scientist's under lab conditions and have the same abilities Hume did along with other powerful psychic abilities. Dr. Radin has also documented the fact humans have ESP in numerous lab tests. You have the numerous works of Rupert Sheldrake on the subject. The prominent Nobel Prize winner's in physic's Pierre and Marie Currie documented the same abilities of telekinesis and other psychic abilities in the psychology institute in Paris. After years of studying such individuals under lab conditions they wrote to their fellow colleagues in the physic's community and stated the Siddhi's are absolutely real and must be taken into accountability.

As Radin stated in his lecture on taboo on Physic abilities. The scientific community has a taboo against researching physic abilities you can lose your career. This is why Wallace's name was taken off the Theory of Evolution and Darwin's was left.

Science and the taboo of psi" with Dean Radin:

The test your mentioning is by James Randi. There was a lawyer who wrote a report on this. The contract Randi offers is not a legal document and is designed so that Randi can you deny you no matter what even if he can't disprove anything you demonstrated. This is what happens people go and prove they have abilities and get denied anyway. This challenge is biased to the point its a purposeful fraud. This has lead to law suits against him and his fake challenge: ... rsuit1.htm

Seems Randi might not be as honest as he claims: ... rested.htm

So who is this nobody who has never been able to proved any evidence of the Siddhi's again....

ac32598 wrote:

Just curious as to why nobody has been able to provide concrete evidence of magick. I know there are certain people who offer a reward if someone can prove they have occult ability bu noone has been able to pass the test I would think someone adept at magick would easily be able to provide proof of magick such as pyrokinesis is this because Jews prevent actual evidence from ever getting out to the public if not y?

Post Sat Feb 27, 2016 10:26 am

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Unfortunately many people who rebels against xianity end up falling into this trap of atheism, I myself fell into this trap for years before becoming a SS.
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Post Mon Feb 29, 2016 5:02 pm

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I have started understanding the jews a bit. They are creating their own sets of GOOD and EVIL where both of them actually doesn't exist, just a piece of hallucination. They have quite understood the human tendency and created their own sets of "demons", "the horrible Great Ones" in order to create fear and hatred among the gentiles towards the true knowledge so that they can get ample of time to manipulate everything. I think they will go to such an extend, if not checked that they will start preaching that Black is White, White is Red, Red is Blue blah blah !!! :lol: They are serious retards 8-) They are actually created to create mess.
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