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The Choice of the Healing Light

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Post Sat Feb 20, 2016 9:45 pm
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Some might call us Utopists, others will call us dreamers. But so many few of them will see what we have had the Honor to see and how real it is. In our eyes, this world is not what the enemy has ever preached, or could EVER preach. This is a world neither sinful, neither evil. It’s just a world plagued by such visions, infected by such and orchestrated to be that way, created by our enemies. But Satanists have knowledge and insight to understand that this is not what it seems. There's more in the whole story.

All of you people, you are having your chance today. No different than all of us. Choose to liberate yourselves and purge the world from this destruction and dirt. Make a wise and heroic choice. Make your life and existence valuable, a true monument. Get to the point where the Gods look at you and smile, while the enemy sheds tears. So many have started from where the enemy just laughed at them, but so many are getting to make the enemy cry, more everyday. How do the times turn, eh?

Seize your chance and don’t be fearful. Listen to me. But above all, listen to your own self which so many people have denied. Just look where these people are internally and you will understand why. Don’t be afraid for there is nothing to fear in Truth. Lies will only break you down and kill you, the Truth might hurt from all the lies that you have been taught, but then, the Truth will just hit you with waves of bliss. Then you will be on your way, if you deem yourself worthy, to sit on the side of the Gods…

Even in this epoch which is befallen, where most people just live purposelessly, all souls moving downwards their endless pit, some Souls still go upwards, where the Ancients use to go. Some Souls really ask loudly for the name of Lucifer, and they are granted the absolving light…

So many few will ever understand us at this point. Down the generations to come, what we create now will though remain. As for our enemies, most do just deserve pity if even this. They will never understand the vanity of their own dreams and how all their dreams have been hijacked. Most people just dream to destroy. But man’s heart deep inside is not like this. Man wants MORE.

Though so many few have still remained into this category, thanks for accepting the enemy. But still, even behind all of that, there is something within man that is pure. Some people are still oblivious to this, some are not, some are in aware. But what matters is not them. As HP Don stated, who matters is YOU.

What we presently might see as impossible, is possible. This is possible, only because, it’s within the Soul of every man, except the Souls of our enemies. What we ask is not too much, neither impossible. So many have died for this and so many will have the honor to do so. But what we create is Eternal. Others will just cower away from what we rightfully exclaim. They have betrayed what is Human inside them, for a cheap price of what is artificial, vain and fake. No, nothing we ever say will appeal to them. Nothing will ever touch anyone of these people, for they are empty and there is nothing to be touched. But, please, don’t taint your fingers anyway.

They do not have the spirit of sacrifice, labor, persistence, and honor. They do just possess a spirit of slavery and cowardice. But others have sacrificed themselves to get a glimpse of themselves. All sorts of people are here, and we share our Soul with them. This is not a mere coincidence. This is a meeting of giants.

When all others push everything as an excuse for their own dreams, have some sort of pacifist nonsense as a dream, or they are duped into trying to materialize jewish lies that will end this world which they have already made sick, others are working tirelessly to reverse this. Brothers in arms, maybe we are as we are now, but you must remember from where we began, always keeping in mind where we are going. Surely, the enemy will throw dust into your eyes, so you must always keep an unclouded vision in your mind. We have treaded long and there is even much more for us to go.

When your loyalty is asked, it’s not because we depend on it. It’s because it bonds us. Now, this is so different than anything else. So many people will ask for your money, your dependency, your fear, your anguish, you to become a slave, anything. How many people have come to you, to demand from you, to free yourselves and become happy and free, no strings attached? How many did just open the door for someone else, expecting nothing of them than that they become the best they ever could, in their own likeness and pace?
So many people have came over and over to put you down, to tell you that you are worthless.




Deny these people! Whatever good you have within you, bring this outwards and make this world better.

How many people had the nerve to come and shake you from your own pit of self-destruction? Well now, you must wake up. If anything, I and so many others, we are working to free Souls from this bondage of our enemies. The greatest man is he who works on himself, because this is the responsibility each of us has. But even better is the man that helps his fellow escape from this. This means, all of you here. Now, we don’t force anybody and keep your words from the deaf ears. Not anybody belongs here.

Because we have saw Satan’s light and the importance of this purpose, which is so much higher than all of us, we are of course different. We ask for nothing and whomever does, they do not know what this is about. They do not know of this higher greatness and its ability to consume the Soul, the heart and the mind. Do you want to belong?

When Satan shows people the door to liberation, naturally, we stand there appalled and happy. What would ever be worse than being left to rot like anyone else, and what could ever be better like this? How much of an honor it is? How many more tears and how much endless laughter will suffice for any Soul that can see, to understand!

You now, at this point, in your whole existence, have the chances, the keys and the knowledge to fathom and unfathomable. You, of all the people. You must in all ways live up to this opportunity to no end. Let your old conscience that doesn’t realize the depth of this die, for its un-necessary. There is greatness in front of us. This will open the door for the New Age of Satan to emerge, as people will again shine again.

What I know, once upon a time, some people have decided, from all Races and Culture, to sit down and fight a war against their common enemy. Against impossible odds, in an environment totally owned by their enemy, who supposedly too had all the power. These people remembered and all these people understood a common Truth.

I know in all of your hearts does stand a future for your people and your Race, away from all that which the enemy has created. We have made our choice, denied the enemy and we are flying away. The Honorable Soul at these times in history is faced with fierce opposition, but Satan always wins in the end. And so, we will win. Satan Wins and Liberates. Seize your chance and liberate yourself, because this is YOUR chance. Treat it accordingly.

These are Dark Ages, but something is coming. The Souls of Satan can feel this. It has been a long waited Age, for all Souls that ask for the light. Finally, Truth has had a chance to speak out. And look at our marvelous work in these few years. How we are united, putting a halt to the enemy advances, giving it our all. And we must seize this chance with all our hearts. All of you are given the colors to paint this world and take the pain and misery away. We come as the long expected saviors of Mankind and we fight as such. We do not come in war, but in peace. Yet our enemy has declared the unholiest of wars to us, and we will reply. But we will fight their ignorance and knowledge, their emptiness with light, their impurity with pure deeds and thoughts.

As for us, we are unequal and happy about it, diverse and happy about it, one in all the world and happy about it. This is because we see in everyone else and to betray this Divinity, it would be the highest “Sin” if there is a term of such. Long has the enemy lost the battle for us.

Our enemy naturally will quake in terror. Because they knew something I knew too when I came down here to help all our Comrades, one by one. When I touched the faint hearts of some and the tainted hearts of others, the strong brave hearts of others, I knew one thing. And my conviction in all of you is unrelenting and fanatical. I have always believed in all of you, when we were new, when we became stronger, from the bottom of the abyss to the top of the world. I believed in your ability to attain the un-attainable, because this is what the New Man of Satan will consist of. This is the ability which must be cultivated, must be regrown and must be brought into fruition.

So many people, so far away, yet, their hearts so loyally focused onto the same Destiny and fighting over a common war? Most people just did cower and move on the back when things were harder. But some other people preserved and fought. Now that this is happening, people are healing. This is the hardest harvest but the most rewarding of ALL harvests. Because you can see what almost nobody will ever see. All of you are being regenerated, every day that you take back your own Soul. One day, you will be again whole and free, unlike so many others who will remain corrupted forever. You are being healed. From all the scars that others have inflicted you, seen and unseen enemies, you are coming on top.
Hope is being renewed in the hearts of our people, as the stronger help the weaker, so they can become even more powerful and Strong. As Satan transfers the Divine Light, we all become receivers and we exalt ourselves. We have been raised from the dead, and I know how many of you can relate to this statement. People from all sorts of addictions, mistakes, damage and walks of life, all sorts of stories, but all under a common banner of Light. A healing Light, in a world where everything collapses. Now, you have the freedom to own yourself, follow your dream, and hope for the future and defiant protection and support.

You will never be alone again. We will be together. And after we live, others will replace us. Now that we are taking a roll and that we are a formidable force, you will see them coming around us, pleasing and begging.

Not everyone has had the gut to see the light, especially when it was weaker and dim. But some people chose to dive into the abyss and they understood the Truth early on. These people are our Veterans.

Part of respecting Satan, is respecting the creativity within. Falling in love with it. Allowing yourself to fall into fanatical love with our vision, for a free, safe and diverse world, where all people will belong to themselves, where no Souls will suffer and where the Divine will be able to freely express itself.

Despite of the Soul that frees itself, there is a Soul of some other, even more higher level. The Soul that returns to save others, after it has been certifying its own freedom. To these Souls, may you all be blessed forever, which you surely will. Especially in a world where everyone seeks open and destroy the Souls of those people who still have something pure within. But these people you will understand from the reek of their own nasty subhuman existence. They are self-defeating themselves.

So, heal yourself, heal your Soul, heal your dreams and bring them to back to existence. Root them in reality and discern them. Satanic people, exalt yourselves! Get rid of your scars and shine your light upon this falling Humanity. All together, we can reverse everything. We are a Rising and Formidable force. Until Eternity and Beyond! Let others call us utopians, let them call us dreamers, or even insane. But for us, the impossible is our everyday work and labor. The impossible is our job…And we must do our job well…

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Post Sun Feb 21, 2016 3:48 am

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Beautiful sermon!! Thank you so much for these words.

Post Sun Feb 21, 2016 6:43 am

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Success is our duty , obligation ,and responsibility.

Hail Satan

Be great.
Thoughts become things.

Post Sun Feb 21, 2016 8:32 am

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Thank you.
Hail Satan!

Post Sun Feb 21, 2016 2:55 pm

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Nicely put together Speech, very inspirational and very meaningful choice of words.
As an American, learn your rights at (This stuff got me out of trouble with police once)
Never lose your will to live. In all times of turbulence, the only thing you will always have with you is your body. It will always be there for you as long as you live.
I once asked a girl why do people wear makeup, she said "it's a blank canvas, you make it your own." Your body is also a blank canvas, make the paper strong, make the fabric soft, and make it ever lasting.
Never let anyone control your body. It is yours, forever.

Post Tue Feb 23, 2016 1:10 pm

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Thank you for this topic, HP. I will remember your words.

May the Truth
always bring you

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