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jewish hypocrisy- White Lives DON'T matter

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This is truly appalling- in the news- a 92 year old White woman of British descent currently residing in the UK is being forcefully deported to South Africa. She is ill, suffering from heart disease, and frail and has been in the care of her only daughter, a British passport holder, who lives in Dorset.

Despite the fact that she has no family in SA and no one to care for her, the jewish run government has decided she is no longer welcome and has ordered her to exit the country, and care of her family, within the next 2 weeks. Despite pleading to be allowed to spend her last days on earth with her family, these pleas have fallen on deaf ears and the deportation is set to go ahead as planned.

How can this be justified, when thousands of illegal economic migrants flooding in from North Africa and the Middle East are being granted instant protection and even gifted with money, free housing and food? The answer is- because this is a White woman. And to the jews- White lives DON'T matter.

To deny an elderly, dying woman her wish to die in the care of her loved ones is nothing short of disgusting. Especially whilst the same government is not deporting and in fact rallying behind the thousands of young and able bodied African and Middle Eastern migrants who are wafting in on the promise of being able to live off of the European People, free of charge. Despite the fact that these migrants have brought with them unprecedented increases in crime and destruction unlike Europe has ever seen before- they are more welcome in the UK under jewish rule than an innocent, desperate old woman WITH ANCESTRAL RIGHT TO BE THERE and with no place else to go. In spite of the fact that this ordeal may very well kill this old woman, the jews are laughing from the comfort of their parliament seats.

This illustrates perfectly the sick and twisted minds of the jews. They are becoming more and more brazen with openly displaying their hatred for the White Race.

In other news, here is what happens to White People who kiss the ass of the jewish agenda:

"Anti-racist" Italian woman brutally raped by Moroccan illegal immigrant while attending an anti-racist, pro-immigration festival- ... m-morocco/

Oh the irony. Proving conclusively that with the jews- you lose.

We are bringing the battle to these anti-human scum bags, and every single person here should be participating in the name of Satan! It is up to us to bring this to an end.
Hail Father Satan!!
Hail Beelzebub!!
Hail Lilith!!

Heil Hitler!!
Heil Heinrich Himmler!!


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Aauuugghhhh, im so tired. Just got off of work. Now i have to do my other job. If this job was another form of menial labor that exploited the employee for their capabilities, then i probably would have caved in already.
But you know, i am just thinking how many more woman have to be raped to satisfy an unhealthy yearning for "inspiration". I had to tell myself that "I", we are that inspiration which shall inspire the world with our spiritual knowledge and warfare. A model for all men of my stature. How long shall we endure this crap.
Sooooo time to fight and help liberate this world from this parasitic plague. Im down and ready. Thanks HP

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Speechless. And seems they chose on purpose to send her to one of the most anti-White countries of the World, like they also wish she has more chances to have a violent and traumatic last days, alone and without any safety, even though it is now already possible to happen in occupied Europe.

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With jews you lose should be, as long as the jews exist were losing.
Thoughts become things.

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