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Hung-Aryan Top Economist: Jews attempt WW3 by "Immigration"

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Another very intelligent Hungaryan person. No wonder, Hungaryans have it within them. Our Rituals have severely manifested through many people and it will only become more furious as we go. The public statements about the jews and massive awareness is emerging. Gentile people have had enough. This jewish racial slaver oligarchy that is ruining everything has its basis shaking under their feet.

Obviously the man above can't openly state anything. This is because we live in a "free" world, of supposed "freedom of speech" and when of course, jews are just innocent people who won't do anything, ever ever, if they are even REMOTELY criticized, because they are so innocent after all. Always the poor harmed lamps...I meant lambs, of "JHVH". They are like their creator, ethnic cleansers, innocent, poor people who are just doing what they are supposed to do, peacefully and all of that, projecting all they are and do to some other scapegoat. Name it Hitler, name it Satan, name it Satanists, name it Humanity, Nature, whatever.

Whatever, so the jews can keep rolling. And don't you dare think about it. Come on, how can 62 people own half of *ALL* the World's Wealth? All of which happen to be jews? How come the planet is mostly bleeding and almost destroyed in just one century where the jews were allowed just of few years of power? How come the whole of Humanity is internally suffering so much, like never before?

They didn't do anything though! Ever! Always someone else! We are always the evil ones, doing evil stuff to them, and even we go against "G-ds will". They are so innocent that they invent laws to protect their innocent, destroying your rights forever. They are so innocent they want to enslave you so that yo will stop the blasphemy. They are also so innocent that they lie in all directions about anything. They are so innocent that they are the only Race on Earth that utilizes international force on a Racial basis, against all the wishes of their Race. They are so innocent that their Middle Eastern advances are guiding this whole world to shame and destruction. They are so innocent they plead openly about how they exactly have layed out all the plans of enslaving and killing the "Goyim", spiritually and physically.

They are so innocent that they have many innocent plans...Which mainly revolve around globalization, genocide of all Races and the state of Pissrael becoming the head of a global empire of slaves, who are barcoded cattle, numbered, communist style. But of course, we are the evil guys. They have centuries upon centuries of plans about the enslavement and murder of the whole of humankind, but even if you THINK against them, let alone anything else, OY VEY, you commit another Shoah! And because all people of the world are evil and the jews are good people, you must let them be. Go around and say shit about whomever you like, nothing will happen. Turn the spotlight to the jews and then, there is another question.

Does all this pressure exist to protect someone from being innocent? Or because they are a criminal race and all that is being said is plausible to the last detail? I leave this up to you to decide. After all we believe, unlike the enemy which calls the people "Goyim", that people do possess a brain capable of thinking.

I have decided and so have millions of others. We are dealing with the World's Greatest Evil. Nothing more evil has come across the surface of this world than that.


Hitler was Right. Hitler was the Good Guy.

In the Face above, we see something fundemental. We see the one who taught and aweakened the world from its slumber, showing us the way and the door to free ourselves from this misery that has plagued Humanity.

Always be prepared, always on the Spiritual Arms, always ready My Warriors. We will undo the enemy, just as our Gods intend. This slavery to the world will stop. Only then will our future be within our control and grasp. All of you here play a major role for the whole of Humanity, never forget this.

This time, all Gentiles on Earth are seeing our common enemy. They want the worst for all of us. Also, the whole of Gentile Humanity is seeing our common God, who is nobody else but Satan. We are living in an epic epoch and fighting an epic war. Never lay down your spiritual arms for this is a war of either total liberation, or total annihilation.

Liberation it will be for us, annihilation for the enemy.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
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How can we factor this in to our reverse Torah rituals, Master Cobra?
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Thanks for posting this...

BUT there is an important thing which everyone must know about this. Even if Bogár László economist said some true facts here, he IS also the puppet of the jews even if he does not know about it. He was and is being invited many times into Echo TV which is also a jewish run TV. Echo TV just like others is mixing the truth with jewish lies regularly.
If he was really against the jews he would have been already killed or destroyed in other way.

As for that filthy Zsolt Bayer, the Hungarian journalist and publicist...he is a CRYPTOJEW and also a christian zealot.
(Enough to see his disgusting jewish face in the above video)

I can write a more than 100 pages exposing post about these people. This Bogár is in the same team as Szaniszló and Drábik, the two pseudo-hungarian filths who pretend to be antisemitic but every second word of them is "satanic government", "satanic world order" and similar jewish crap in their fucking TV-programs.

I just wanted to tell this because it is important since those who are not living in Hungary and cannot speak and read in Hungarian don't know about these things.
It is similar when many foreigner believe that Jobbik party would be a kind of nazi party here when actually it is a total jewish party pretending to be "nazi", full with jews and psychopath christians just like other parties and similar groups here.

"Spiritual satanism is national socialism at its very pure core."


"Nazism IS Satan's New World Order."



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All of these points are already under our attack.
We're removing the deception, making Our Peoples aware of the filthy jews and their crimes, turning this back on them by removing their scapegoating, restoring Demascus is sending the savage retards out of Europe back to their turd world, etc etc.
Just keep up the Reverse Torah, and Runic Destruction Rituals as we are instructed to by the Ministry. They are instructed by Satan and Lilith.
Also educating people online. It's all very simple and highly effective, as we are witnessing.

Olympics 卐 wrote:
How can we factor this in to our reverse Torah rituals, Master Cobra?

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Laszlo Bogar called the jews out before in a more open fashion, however he also tried to make the 3rd Reich look like it was a part of the globalist destructive plan, and he did that in a fucking retarded way:
First he talked about the Ottomans as a tool of global power, since they are ruled by sephardic kikes.
Then he went on with the Fugger and Rothschild owned Hapsburgs, after this he claimed "Even though we can't see who was exactly behind the 3rd Reich, the fact, that they made the combination of nationalism and socialism a bad thing for 1000 years, we can know, that they are also part of the globalist plan." Then he continued with Soviet Union, mentioning Bronstein..

Anyway, the guy who sat quietly there looks like Henry Kissinger.

This lad has more of the hungarian virtue if you ask me :D
"One cannot 'de-Nazify' the Gods." -Savitri Devi


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