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Carnival Now A Brownz, Rapezone And Warzone


The Jews are the cause of all these problems they brought the Brownz in and created and run the anti-White establishment in the west. This is all to destroy the White race as they openly state and do. The leftist establishment has thrown all its claimed general surface values out the window to make a total alliance with the Brownz Islamic's against the White Race. Because its always been about Anti-White nothing else. Just as one example where are all the Feminists to protest White Women being raped along racial lines by Brownz on the streets of Europe? They are no where to be found.

Just a new day in Europe with the Brownz ruled no go zones for Whites, were any Whites within them get attacked and were Brownz restaurants refuse to serve Whites for being Whites. Which might not be a bad idea since Brownz chopped up the little White girls they raped and put them in Kebab's like in England. Now Brownz who are already sexual assaulting White children are now threating the children's carnival cause like Mohammed and his nine year old wife, that's were Brownz go to get a date that or the donkey barn as bestiality is also normal in Brownz town. We have Mossad run ISIS trying to launch a new Paris style massacre on the German Carnival and already dozens of new Brownz sex attacks on the first night of the popular festival. And with the French Army now training to take back large area's from a Brownz uprising. You know those no gone zones for Whites were they have pro ISIS parades.

Now in Brownz town, North Africa and the Arab world gang rapes are a long standing tradition that are seriously very common there. So bringing the Brownz to Europe's streets is going to do what again? This with the fact the Brownz are from Arab nations were 30 to 50 percent of all marriages are from first cousins for centuries......These people are violent inbreeds with an average IQ of 85 which already makes them more prone to schizoid rage and mindless aggression. Its like the banjo kid from Deliverance, enraged on Meth in a turban.


Anti-Semitism is not the problem not enough Anti-Semitism is the problem, because Jews are the problem.

Cologne Carnival: Police record 22 sexual assaults

Police in Cologne have said that 22 incidents of sexual assault occurred in the city on the first night of the traditional Carnival street party.

They have 190 people in custody and officials have described them as "a cross section of the general public".

Security has been beefed up in the city, after many women suffered sexual assaults and robberies there on New Year's Eve.

Germany was shocked by the New Year assaults, largely blamed on migrants.

Cologne sex attacks: Women describe 'terrible' assaults

Cologne migrant 'embarrassed' at carnival

More than 100 women were victims, but the full scale of events on that night only emerged later.

Police said the number of sex attacks on the first night of Carnival was higher than at last year's event.

A suspect was in custody after a woman was attacked and raped while on her way home, they added.

The city in western Germany has deployed 2,500 police officers for the week-long event, which usually draws 1.5 million visitors.

Turnout is said to be lower than usual despite the extra security, which some officials have attributed to rainy weather.

Enhanced security measures include the use of "body cams" which can film suspects during incidents and are being trialled by German police.

The New Year unrest in the city fuelled German unease about a huge influx of asylum seekers. Authorities spoke of a new type of crime, in which gangs of drunken men - described as North African - targeted women

Migration to Germany from outside the EU soared to a record 1.1 million last year, with Chancellor Angela Merkel criticised for having welcomed so many asylum seekers.

Cologne resident Miriam was attacked as she and a friend made their way home on New Year's Eve.

She said she was going to the Carnival celebrations "but with really mixed feelings".

"I'm wondering if something like that could happen again."


Threats Cancel Children’s Carnival ... -carnival/
The annual Children’s Carnival in the German city of Wanne-Eickel, North Ruhr, has been cancelled after the venue received a letter containing “anti-German messages in Arabic and German,” Der Westen newspaper has reported

Although the exact content of the letter were not released, it caused enough “fear and concern” that the organizers decided to call off the carnival, now in its eighteenth year, spokesman Rüdiger Pfeifer said.

The letter, sent to the carnival’s venue, the Volkshaus Röhlinghausen, contained a number of newspaper clippings annotated with comments, including, Der Westen said, the word “infidels” scrawled next to a report of local Christmas carol singers.

Elsewhere in the letter it said that “Germany kills all Muslims,” in reference, Pfeifer said, to the flights which have recently started by the German air force in Syria.

According to Der Westen, the carnival’s sponsoring organization called the police, and after consulting with local parents, decided to cancel.

“That seemed the right thing to do,” an employee said, adding that there were “good reasons” to assume that the letter had come from a Salafist sect—an ultra-conservative movement within Sunni Islam—and that the Volkshaus Röhlinghausen did not want to expose the children to any unnecessary risks.

The existence of the letter was at first kept secret, and a press release from the Volkshaus Röhlinghausen only said that it had been canceled “for organizational reasons.”

It was only later, when Der Westen was informed of the existence of the letter, that the organizers confirmed its existence and admitted the truth.

The carnival party has been sold out every year of its existence, and usually features around 250 children, dressed up for the most part, who take part in a procession. There are also street performances, parades, clowns, and the usual merriment for which German carnivals, a tradition dating from medieval times, are famed.

It is very regrettable that it has had to be cancelled,” Pfeifer said. “It makes me very sad and very angry.”

Local police spokesman Marco Bischoff confirmed that they were investigating the letter’s origins and that they were taking it “very seriously.”

Earlier this month, the German town of Rheinberg, near Cologne, announced that it was cancelling its annual carnival over fears of Cologne-style sex assaults on women.

In a statement, the organizers said that it “cannot rule out’ the possibility of drunken refugees coming into town to prey on women.”

Rheinberg has at least 600 nonwhite invaders in its local “asylum camp” and the city said in a statement it believed a “problematic audience” would turn up “who had chosen the parade because they think it will not be so closely controlled by police and security personnel.”

The city had, said Paul van Holt, head of the organizing committee, “run out of time to develop a new security plan in the wake of what happened in Cologne. We would’ve needed half a year to come up with a new security plan,’ he added.

Other cities such as Cologne have announced that they will be proceeding with their carnivals, although a larger than normal police presence is expected to try and prevent the mass sex attacks by nonwhite invaders as happened over the New Year.


Police arrest 'IS' suspects as Carnival celebrations kick off in Germany ... a-19026137

Several men said to be linked to the "Islamic State" militant group have been arrested at the start of Carnival. Police have increased security in the wake of the Paris attacks and sexual assaults committed in Cologne.

German police on Thursday arrested two Algerian men with possible links to the "Islamic State" militant group during raids in the capital Berlin, Hanover and Attendorn in the North Rhine-Westphalia state.

Police are searching for two other men after being tipped off by Germany's domestic intelligence agency.

The main suspect, a 35-year-old Algerian man, attended a training camp in Syria and was found in possession of material linking him to the "Islamic State," according to Berlin police. He is also wanted by Algerian officials for links to the terrorist organization.

The group of men is suspected of planning a "serious act threatening the security of the state," police said in a statement.

The two men who were arrested were living in refugee shelters, Berlin police spokesman Stefan Redlich told news channel N24.

"The refugee shelters where the suspects lived were searched," Redlich noted.

Authorities also confiscated mobile phones, computers and recordings. The group was expected to meet in Berlin to hash out plans for a terrorist attack on German soil, although police confirmed they did not know if they were close to fulfilling their ambitions.

"There were possible attack plans for Germany - concrete ones for Berlin," the Berlin prosecutor's spokesperson Martin Steltner told DPA news agency.
Police boost security

The arrests come as "Weiberfastnacht" begin on Thursday; kick starting a five-day celebration of Germany's carnival in the region surrounding Cologne and running through to Ash Wednesday on February 10.

The "Islamic State"-claimed attacks in Paris in November and a spate of reported sexual assaults and thefts that were largely blamed on North African migrants during New Year's Eve celebrations in Cologne were the backdrop of a tense atmosphere ahead of the celebrations, prompting increased security measures.

"No form of violence has any place at the carnival," said Cologne police chief Jürgen Mathies after announcing bolstered security measures across the city.

"That's why we will take vigorous action against all those who overstep the line. That goes for drunk abusers, thieves or sexual offenders who cannot accept that a woman says 'no'," Mathies added.

Some 2,500 police officers are expected to be stationed across the city of Cologne, marking a significant increase to last year's security presence. The security budget for the celebrations reached a high of 360,000 euros ($399,000).

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