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Greetings to all our Satanic Forces and Comrades!

We decare it, as we declared it always. Even when everyone was too overly afraid to do so. In the gravest times and in times of fierce and deadly opposition, from the moment of death, to the moments of hundreds of years after all this will be over.

We are living in a collapsing order of Racial Dictatorship of the jews. People are living with imposed systems, religions, modes of behavior, thinking and even still to some places, forced to physical slavery and worse. This is not some “zionist” order, some jewcy alex jones fabric story, this is not some ethnic thing, nor some mere ideology, this is not about money or resources, anything you have ever been made to accept or think about.

This is a Racial War. Fully blown, evident, unrelenting, Racial War. Its hardwired, biological reality, all of which the above are just springing from.

It’s Jews against Humanity. It's no longer any theory. Its evident Truth. Surely, of course, the enemy has programmed the minds of people otherwise, and many wealkings cannot go against this. But nobody cares about this. All that people must care about is solving this issue above all, as all people of the planet are threatened.

Some wise man stated this, a Man Against Time, long ago, about this element which is known as the "Jew". Now, every being on Earth can know this Truth. Whomever sees this, must take action in advance. This Overman also knew one thing and set the path for something more, sacrificing Himself aside with all the other Legions of Light, for one knowledge they had in common. This knowledge and this Vision was enough... As the ever consuming fire took their bodies, they knew just one thing...

That the enemy is going to fall by the Forces of the coming Overmen, which will be superior men and women of Spirit. Above the lies and deceptions of their enemy, the enemy will be crushed and they will fall from the highest imposter heavens, down with fatal spiritual blows. This is a Spiritual War. For the respect of Humanity, Satan's work and the future of everyone, we must now fight. Fight severely and to the bitter end. You are seeing the results of our work. Now that you taste the sweet fruit, plant more and more. Our work must be relentless. Our sacrifice will bring forward the next epoch, that of the Overman who lives in all of the People of Satan.

Men and Women of Satan! Overmen of Satan, you must RISE!!!


If in doubt and new, then study. If you are stupid, then you must step back and let the real men and women take the lead, drink your last kool aid in some migrant camp getting buttraped for jehova's tolerance, praising the jews as you die your dying breath. People are getting fed up the 6 trillion tears, thoughforms, fake jewish "gods" and everending terror against us, threats, death, whatever, is going to fail. The cleansing fire has been set. The corpus of our work has been set in motion.

With us or without us, the New Sun has been set Ablaze. If we are to burn, then we ought burn, like millions before us and millions after us. Only to rise again in the Body of Light...

This fire, its about to purge the enemy and all those who cannot and are not willing to withstand it. It won't ask even. The enemy asked for this themselves, by severely and savagely attacking innocent Human beings without any remorse. Humanity is literally bleeding out. This Fire is nessescary. It burns in all of you and you must guard it and elevate it to the Heavens. Don't just sit and watch, laugh or cry. Run to it. Force matters to it. It may burn the weak, but for you, it consumes you and empowers you. Let the false enemy jewish created "god" quake in the fear, for he is nothing but a cheap imposter.

If now anyone sits idly, thinking things will do themselves, people are deluded. You aren't these people. Let others do the talking at this point and us who know, do the Spiritual Warfare. Like so many historical times, the enemy is known to hide deep within the sewers, hiding themselves from their judgements. This time it must be different, for this time is the most dire in Human history. Its' a time when people like Satanists are called forward.

As the quote goes...

At the sound of gunfire, is when we march!

Now as for others...Not the whole of Humanity is staying silent. Not all of it, but...

The Awakening is coming in waves. The sound of the revolt of Humanity is drawing closer to us... Let the enemy try to play their music loud, even to themselves. But they feel it below their feet already, as anyone who is aware does. There is a storm coming that will not be able to be corrupted, malformed and misguided by the jews. Soon, their jewish "God" fable is going to die the miserable death it requires, their physical supremacy is going to collapse like a deck of cards and their "logic" and "influence" is moving out the window, as people are waking up and seeking the Truth of Racial and self preservation and freedom. Then Justice will take its decisions. Gentiles have had enough of these attacks.

We are seeing the enemy crumbling, everyday all the more. Under the blessings of..."666" (WWW) and the Internet, people can now see Truths the enemy has hid for centuries. Now, there will be no sewers to hide, no other rat to be blamed in the sewer, no more sewer dreams about this world, no other Gods to be defamed, no other scapegoat to blame.

For years and years we have fought on each other's side and this has been our struggle. We have given a war that others on our time were too afraid to give. We have spoken the things others were too afraid to affirm or even think about, pointed at those whom everyone was too afraid to point. We have given and we are giving a war against time, a war of Truth against all lies. When you have seen all around us falter and hide, we had the tenacity to go forward and state the Truth, show the door to it. This has earned us many attacks, from visible or invisible sources. The enemy is keeping up their theatrical act, but inwardly they have been shaking and they are collapsing. The work and manifestation of this collapse is coming by all of us. This is the inevitable collapse of everything that ever stood against the Truth.

Yes, for a while it was commonsense that the Truth would be outnumbered, especially in a world such as this. Most people aren’t even interested in it, as such they are taught by whomever is “master” of this whole thing. It was commonsense for all people to worship the jewish god and creations of slavery and destruction. It was normal for billions of sheep to amass themselves under their slaver, or pacify themselves to non-existence. Still for many this is the case. But we can see a bit beyond that matter. It was also commonsense that at some point, the people would inevitably revolt against this order of jewish world domination. Simply because it has lead us absolutely nowhere, but only in a never ending decay, which we are also seeing the effects of. Humanity is actively, on an everyday basis, paying the price of this unholy silence and alliance with the jews.

But some people aren't sheep. The enemy of course sees beings as nothing but a farm, with pigs ready to be devoured. This they too admit. But there is something they don’t want to admit. There are people born and destined to be wolves, inside whom the power is stronger than those of their enemies. And these people will naturally flock in a unity under their Leader, who is Satan, the one Arch-Enemy of all slavery and all its notions. The presently defamed, Anciently Supreme God, the source power over all that is.

Our God, who is the God of Gentiles, is Satan. We walk on this path, hand on hand, comrade with comrade. I know of all of you and how many furious blows of fury you have withstood, because it has been no different for us, either. But just pay a moment to imagine, those people who might have understood something in the Middle Ages, after seeing their wives and children burned alive for being “witches”, if they were lucky to escape. Those people burned at the stake by the jews. Those people who were no less than animals towards them, enslaved. These people who are dying hungry in the streets, falsely waiting for a jewish “god” to help them out of their misery, while this being laughingly spits at them and makes them suffer all the more. Pay just one minute to imagine the suffering of these people who have died in the coldest snow, in the coldest winters in 1945, alone and far far away of their family, fighting against the jew and their insane expansionism.

Now, do you think you have suffered? Do you think you have done, or you are doing, enough? All your power so that nobody will ever undergo these things again?

We have suffered together, we have fought together and as the days come, the days of Victory are drawing closer to us. Do you give what it takes? Have you yet reached the realization of the tremendous effort it takes so that things, when the jews are mercilessly attacking, reach just the point of what is called livable?

When all others chose to kneel before the jews and their demands, we fought and went against them. Back then, things seemed impossible, people were gladly bowing their heads. Most didn’t even realize their suffering. Others who did, were unable to react either way. No matter how many millions have died and the seas of blood, many are still unknowing and struggling to lift their tortured eyelids and see.

There was unending doubt, questions that were not being addressed, uncertainty. But we beared on. We had faith. Total, unconditional and supreme faith. We learned as we went and we learn as we go. Because as most of you have seen, Satan is the gateway to Truth, not some mere philosophy or some sort of statement you can find in a book. Its naked Truth upon which we are approaching, everyone as much as they can.

This builds fate. This is the future and these dictatorial crap of the enemy, who preaches, enforces and manipulates is coming to its own end, by its own work. Our faith is not blind, its based on faith upon ourselves and what we do, which is ultimately in our choice and work. We know our choice to be true and a choice we made for ourselves. You can see this difference between us and those millions who affirm of such everyday.

We are just a handful of unknown people. But through our mouths and minds the next Revolution of Humanity is coming to its maturation. This is not a Revolution of the blade, or the canon, or the weapon of mass destruction, but a Revolution of Enlightenment of the Soul. For once after so much time, Human beings have their chance again to see the Truth and follow their path. This wasn’t a commodity back in time. This was a stolen right, robbed from Humanity without any reason.

The enemy has proven to be unbelievably brutal, psychotic and insane. Their attack is analogous to an insane person looking at some innocent beings who play, advance, evolve, with the purity of children, outright attacked for no reason whatsoever. Humanity was just existing and hasn’t attacked anybody, but was rather on its own struggle to evolve. Only to find itself attacked one day, to the bone and root of its existence. Therefore, after all this slavery, there must be a Revolt.

The Revolution against the jew. We have known them by their work. They also had let us know by their own word and by the stories written on the blood of innocent people, who just stood obstacle to their demands, or just plain out existed and were purposelessly exterminated. With keen insight and against all their terror, attacks and bulwarks, we are piercing through. The lies of their "god" and the alien company who has plagued this planet for centuries are coming to an end, or at least to a weakening. We aren’t here to sell fake promises. As always, I have told to everyone that this isn’t the easy path.

It’s the path of the Strong. You will not be carried on anyone’s back, but if you fall down beyond recovery, then, you will be helped up. If you fall, you will be falling with a crown. All these other people don’t take a glorious way and they die and exist ingloriously, only to come, pass by and die like they never existed. Of course, the enemy disposes them like trash. This path is different, it’s not for everyone. You may suffer and it might cut, but it will cut you into a diamond that is one of a kind. It’s not a fast track, it’s not a path without suffering, but also, it’s a path where you will ultimately prevail.

It’s the path of the light bringer and then, you might be faced with darkness and terror- depending on how much light you carry within. This is a battle played equally within and without one’s self. Nobody came around to state vain promises and lies to anyone. At least, people who have chosen Truth over the pseudo-jewish threats of “eternal hellfire” or even their own head at the guillotine, would obviously understand the price of such things.

Around these times some few years ago, we started doing some workings. Just few of us. Before this, others than us. I had the pride to get the people organized, as I have this pride of speaking in behalf of my heroic Comrades. I speak for both my spiritually forefront Comrades and then, those amongst our ranks who are the silent cutting blades that have undone the enemy. We are still here and we are together. This is a testament of fortitude. We can gladly say that the higher message is well understood by everyone.

Just imagine the terror of the enemy. For once, the Gentile Races are having a common path, they are re-worshipping their Ancient Gods, following their tradition, but not only this- they understand their sacred Racial Separateness. Imagine what terror is filling the jew, or any other agitator of Races and people. The jews have been trying to destroy us by infighting for centuries. Now, we sit down as intelligent beings, centered in our enemy who thankfully is revealed and we are working upon the same basis. Not only that, but everyday that you meditate, you spit at the face of their ideas, promises and demands- every-single-day. This is a huge misfortune for the jews.

The jew kept saying in their books and dogmas, how all worthless you are, how you are destined to be a slave, how you are existing for no reason whatsoever, how you are a crap now and for all eternity. But you thought otherwise. And this was the first time you ever kicked the enemy in the face.

We have went and we are moving against anyone. Not because we are warlike, but because we can’t even exercise our obvious rights. Little did our enemies understand, or better yet they hid from themselves, how warlike and how destructive we can become. We are moving against the dead values of our enemies, in a world which they are decaying, amongst the ranks of all their enslaved sheep.

How can the sheep ever be thankful that the wolves are amongst their midst?

But not all sheep are sheep. This is our attempt to get the wolves to realize they are not sheep. It wasn’t supposed to be easy at first, but it’s getting better. To show this mass that they are not a mass under jews, but they must be a Unity under their own people. This is to show them what we have understood. What we have seen.

Now all of us, do have one thing in common. We don't like lies, deception, hypocrisy and all the things the enemy stands and is about. They are also predatory and destructive, without reason. You can’t ask a hyena why it hates the lions, why it packs with the other hyenas and why it wants to devour animals that way. You would be arguing with nature in that case, so one thing remains. That the lions wake the fuck up.

We first are destroying their "God". Now, their cultural pseudo-matrix and fake slaver social order is crumbling. Their greatest dupes and greatest frontiers are coming down, shattering, like towers made out of paper. They have too foreseen what we have seen. Our inevitable victory over them. They tried to lie about it, they tried to shed the blood of those who bring it, but what they brought with them, was incorruptible and is flourishing.

The people will be free and the people will live free once again. We will too be free by His providence, our Mighty Satan. Like our Father, aeons against aeons we have suffered, we have fought, we have preserved and finally defeated our enemy. Not long has been the reign of their enemy and all the more dishonorable their methods and work, and neither long it’s going to last more. This is up to us. Do not believe in coming future. Believe only in the future we are creating together by our labor. The future that is coming “on its own” is just a future of suffering and deprivation, as many people can already see. One day, everyone might know that we fought and changed this. But it won’t matter. What will matter is not how many sheep applaud all of you, but if you will know inside that you can finally look at the Gods like a useful Human being, that didn’t just give a green light to help the world collapse under egopathic and sick cockroaches.

You see how just so many few years after this, the enemy came forward with their greatest attacks and their last cries. Underneath the ground they once did hold, a handful of people of Satan kept and kept pushing. We never minded our eventual collapse, the inhuman pressure or the chance of fatality which seemed evident at the time. The ground below them is now crushing and below them there is only the abyssal judgment of all the actions they did against all Humanity.

Long after we will be gone and our bodies may be decayed, we will be remembered as those who lit the torch. This struggle must and will be won. We have tried and tried again. We will preserve and preserve again. We are winning. Against impossible odds and against the worst enemy there could ever be.

When dark thoughts, and even darker opposition arises, you must steel your minds and steel your hearts. Arise above this and see the source of it, which is almost every time the enemy. It’s our enemy, and the seeds they left in ourselves. The seeds that all of you have chosen to weed out, the seeds of corruption, fear and insecurity that the enemy tries to make blossom into everyone. But you are not just everyone.

But we are also fighting a personal battle to advance. How much easier would it all be without the curses of the enemy? How much they have inflicted to Humanity until now? How much better of beings would anyone be in a Healthy, Natural, Satanic society? This is a benefit we didn't have, but nevertheless, one which we have devoted our vigor to create. We know dreams aren't just dreams, as most of us like to come in terms with reality. They aren't just the impossible. We don’t wait for things to come, we must bring them. Inside us and in our world we are doing the impossible an everyday work. But those after us will hopefully be free and there will not be things impossible to them. Free of jewish plague, free of jewish idols, free of jewish gods and slavers. We make a choice for these people that will come after us and our choice is for them to live in a beautiful world. Not the world and under the destiny of the jewish dreams of destruction. What kind of “world” is that?

On the frontlines for all Humanity, taking the heat of all of it? Then so be it.

One last thing, Comrades. You led yourselves against all opposition, against all curses, against all attacks, here. Amongst this midst of people. Against all Darkness you took the way to Light. You are freeing yourselves and recovering the lost pieces of what it means to be Human, letting the old self that the jews have imposed upon you, rot away.

On a larger level, this is our work and this is our fate.

It is our fate to fight, one against hundreds, thousands, and millions. It’s also our fate, to surpass hundreds, thousands, millions.

Finally, it’s our destiny, to be what hundreds, thousands and millions will never become. Gods in our own right.

Be proud of your personal war, of our collective achievements and for the victories we have scored. Never abandon your fate and it never will abandon you either, as our Father never did and never will.

Together we stand, Divided we fall. Together, now and for all time.

One Satanic Battalion, one fear and one ever swelling terror for our enemies!!

Let them hear your louder steps…

And the crushing future they bring…The sound of their inevitable defeat!



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Too beautiful for words. If you'd have told me several years ago that I would be part of a group that was actually saving the world and its future, I would have thought you were just some lunatic. I would have never even imagined that I would become part of something so important. Before reading this sermon I simply thought I was just some regular member here, like I was just doing my part like everyone else here was with spiritual advancement and attacking the enemy.

But then you mention the many obstacles we all have dealt with on this journey, and it never even occurred to me that I've actually overcome things most people wouldn't have. I have overcome the enemy's attempts to try and get me to kill myself over and over again, repeated attacks on my sanity that were unrelenting for months at a time, and yet I still prevailed. I've proven to be far more resilient than they'd like to believe, and all they've managed was to simply raise the dosage of the prozac I take for an anxiety disorder; even then that's not lasting. Despite the horrible torment that I went through when I first got off the pills entirely, I plan to get off them again soon. Making all their efforts, once again, for nothing.

Thinking back several years ago before I joined JoS, I remember how I was often depressed and that problems in my life tended to stack and stack, I never even had plans for my future. I didn't know where my life was going and if life was really worth anything. Ever since joining JoS that's all changed majorly. I have a goal in my life, I have desires and big ambitions, I've learned of the errors I've made and I have been solving the problems I face in life myself instead of praying to some false god that wishes me dead. My life is so much better and easier. When I look at the big picture, I can see that I've come a long way from the dreadful mindset I had 5 years ago. I just wish to thank the JoS for basically saving my life. I can only weep tears of happiness of how grateful I am and how important it is to me that you guys have bothered to help us all onto the right path in our lives. I know for certain that I'd have been lost without you.

Now I know we truly are the wolf among sheep. But unlike the sheep, we bite and bite hard.
The elementals that be span across this vast sea
Of universal existence that brought you and me
We have banded together to expand our might
Best you don't forget, there's fire in this fight


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There are no words to comment this beauty you showed us. Some time ago I dedicated my life and my existence to the Never-Ending Truth, and now I'm here and I'm ready to do this. I want to do this.

In regard to rituals: is there a new calendar like the one we followed in January? In the meantime, should we just do the rituals we like without any team work?

May the Truth
always bring you

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In my opinion, i would say do the Ritual that was just given first and foremost. Also destruction rituals if and when you can. It doent take long.

Also, HP HoodedCobra. FUCKING EPIC!!!! You probably haave no idea i thought about the same as implied. We are not getting starve or mass executed. We are not standing in sub zero degree weather being forced to raise our arms as buckets of ice cold water are thrown on us. The attacks of the enemy now is weak compared to what are respective people have had to endure. We have no right to complain.

You know what Im thanful for? Finding my birth family ffrom, which we were seperated for 14 fucking yrs. And guess who told my mom she would never hear or see from us again. Then, the bitch got our name changed so our mom can never find us. Jews have to go.

We are hear because we have been called. We have heard the voice of our people and ttruth, and then we asked ourselves(or at least i did), what the fuck is wrong. Why cant i have friends? Be loved? Wheres my family? Comfort? Seriously, what is the need for this random crap we possess and live with, when underneath our very breathe lies the words that can solve any promblem. People are walking around confused and lost. Life is being drenched from her own vitality. We hate and resent even our beloved, for they have, we have forgot what altruism means. Why do we starve, when we can all grow amd take care of ourselves without pay, but simply to do so for our own growth and well being.

We need to fight. We have to fight, And we are. The enemy tried to drug me up many times as well in the best. Slight ttactics and annoyances are petty compared to the driving force under Father Satan Will that can and will demolish them all. We must fufill our sacred duty, and if we slacken, know that the lives which could have been saved are forever gone. This is our fucking time. Tonight, today, we FUCKING RISE!!!! HEIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

".....I'm gonna make a change for once in my life, gonna feel real good gonna make a difference..........Cause I'm talking bout that Man in the Mirror."

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Not surprised things are going the way they are now. I posted in one of HP Don's post towards the end of last year that the swastika was coming back 2016 and beyond and now we see the ground work for this happening and jews are scared shitless. And for good reason they realize that us so called goyim ain't nothing to mess with. Now they see what us "animals" can do when we follow our satanic ancestry. So the only thing left for us to do is to keep giving them hell since they mocked and laughed at us in the beginning, but they ain't laughing anymore. Suddenly they take us dead serious.

Return of the Gods is amongst us.

P.S. Great post HP Hooded Cobra.

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That was great!!!
Never have I felt so excited at 1AM after hearing a lengthy sermon like that! :D
May we all fight for the greater goal of humanity!
This too, shall pass.
Just keep that in mind when your facing unwanting temptations.

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