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Post Thu Jan 28, 2016 8:55 pm
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Well, since Aryans and Europeans did the mistake of buying into the jewish lies, cultural Marxist, Christian Doctrines and all sorts of other gibberish like the "Bad Hitler" story, then, now there are consequences. Which pretty much boil down to the most dangerous times in history for the White Race, this evil Race that has given people from spirituality, to elevated cultures, to money, to education, to shelter and anything else. Of course, the jew appaulds at this stupidity and enjoys the murder taking place. People are dying and others are drinking their emotionally jewish egalitarian Kool Aid, as their teenage daughters get raped on their way to school.

Somehow, if Whites talk about themselves (just doing what every other Race is allowed to do and is supposed to do) we are evil, egoistical, devils and the list goes. Let alone defend ourselves. Others of course have the rights to complain over their "emotions" and somehow, everyone must shut up. Don't you dare insult the kikes, or there will be issues. Or the Blacks, or the peaceful people of the Middle East who are in fact destroying even their own people, or the Jihadist horde coming into Europe. Because "Muh Emotions" that's why. And because "Muh Holocozt". Well "Muh Emotionz" and "Muh Hollycoz" or "Muh Egalitarian Kool Aid" or "Christianity Injection" can no longer tame what is going to come.

“Muh emotionz say all people must die because I feel like it, thanks to jooz who gave me a purpose to live”. “Muh emotions say I kill you with a machete, beat muh woman senseless, cut her clitoris, rape kidz and evil Westerners. Then I take da loot. Muh emotions and muhstar says is good! I muz do then!”

Kill, Murder, Rape and Enslave Whites and all is fine? Well, its not fine. We are not going to let this happen. We have done our best to now allow it to come to any Gentile Race, and we have been betrayed by almost all others in their entirety, even in the Ages of being invisibly enslaved and parasized for the jews, we have tried and tried again. Most people who are living a decent life they have followed this prototype we have freely given, no matter the forcible attacks of the jews against us. Of course, the jew knows where all this ends. And its not with them being victorious...Its with them losing everything they have. The jew will lose as he has been revealed and this train is off the rails going to the cliffs for them.

After all, thats what the Immigruntz are bringing in and its their "culture" which we somehow have to respect and admire. We somehow have to also be thankful and accept all this. Rape has become common place, Diseases that have been eradicated for centuries are returning, Xianity is doing its part in stupefying the masses, the states are in economic decline and aside anything else, endless Race Mixing.

Don't hurt the poor brownies. They want to kill you with a machette and take your head, take over your lands by their "Islam" and place the psychopathic jew as conqueror of the planet. You must stay there and enjoy the trip. Others are rotting in jails of questioning the "Holo-Holey Loopholey Gas Potter Chamber of Secrets", facing fines and brutality just because they open their mouth, these people are just roaming the streets freely calling the next intifada which pretty much means the death of all Europeans, Americans and anyone else...But that's okay, the kikes approve.

At least, this is how the things want to go for the jews. Of course, we have to soft soap anything. The Brownz are in our Townz, raping goats and cows, women and beating people senseless or murdering in the streets, but all that matters is if one is coined with the term "Razist" (Made by a Bolshevik Jew to undo all opposition), or if they hurt the feelings of anything that is brown. You somehow are compelled by universal decree to get your pants down, get raped and accept another modern Inquisition, as well as the jewish advances. Somehow you have to die over jewish invented ideas and the feeligns of others.


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Post Fri Jan 29, 2016 3:47 am

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did the mistake and mass slaughtered , europeans soon to be mass slaughtered if they dont wake up and give a shit about their own survival
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