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Yogic Is Satanic

Satan Rules Yoga


Shiva is the Lord of Yoga...Who was Dionysus in the West...

As Laurence Garden showed in his book: Genesis Of The Grail Kings that....
"The Serpent Lord was Enki, but in parts of Chaldea He had been called Shaitan."

Shatian was the Serpent God of the Sumerian's who is also called Enki by them. Enki was also called Oannes who is known as Dionysus in the west and Shiva in the east. The Yezidi's the blonde blood line, were part of Sumer and they still call their God Shaitan they also stated they originally came out of the east from the Himalayas. Shiva is the White God [svarupa] who came from the Himalayas in the texts of the Hindu's. His sacred mountain is still there. Shiva's other name is Shaitan.

The Tibetan's stated they got the Kalachakra tantra, the Bon [the rainbow body tradition] around 17,000 years ago from White Aryan Peoples. Kalachakra is a title of Shiva. Mount Kailash, Shiva's mountain in the Himalayas, is sacred to the Bon's as the Hindu.

Alain Danielou shows in his book: The Gods Of Love And Ecstasy. That Siva and Dionysus are the same God.

The traditional image of the Devil in Folk art is a man with horns, adorned with serpents carrying a pitchfork, wearing animal skins and is the god of fire, forbidden knowledge and Siddhi's and personal freedom, He was called the "Devil of Freedom." He is colored red and associated with the Goat and mountains. Its known and admitted the Devil is taken from Pan. This is Dionysus who is Shiva in the east. The God of the Aryan People. Dionysus and Pan are the same God. They are both depicted the same. As they are the same. Pan is born from His father the Ather [Zeus] like Dionysus, Dionysus is shown as the black goat, or partial goat and man and plays the flute, like Pan. Dionysus was also shown red as well, the color of the rising sun at dawn over the mountain. The symbol of spiritual rebirth. Dionysus was also shown as the eternally young boy which is what the grimoiresi attribute to the appearance of the Devil and how Shaitan appears to Sheik Adi the prophet of the Yezidi's. And how Siva is shown as Skanda in the east. Dionysus's title in Rome was "Free". The Devil the Witches worshipped on the mountain Sabbat was called" The Devil of Freedom." The Meaning the serpent of freedom. Dionysus was called the "Good Serpent." Which is a play on words. The God Serpent. Which grants Freedom by the opus, Magnum Opus means Great Serpent. The wine of Dionysus is the Kundalini energy. Devil means serpent from Devi the serpent. Dionysus is also shown horned. Dionysus wine cup is the grail. The rites of Dionysus were based on the Kundallini power. As Evola states the rites of such Dionysian, western traditions are identical to those of Tantra.[1]


Shiva is shown red as well in some cases, has the crescent moon on his head like horns, the trident [pitchfork] is adorned with serpents. Is the God of the mountain and fire, Siddhi's and liberation. He wears animal skins is associated with the panther, goat and bull, the animals of Dionysus. Shiva is the God of the wilds and wine as well. The mythos of the birth of the God Dionysus and Shiva as Skanda are the same. Shiva's Gana's are the Korybantes.

Siva,Shaitan is Lord of Yoga and this is Dionysus.

The point of Yoga as stated in the Tantra is thus:

Outer Vedic ritualistic practices mirror inner Yoga practices balancing the fire and water, Agni and Soma within us. Vedic literature contains the secrets of the practice of Yoga, including the ascending of the Kundalini-fire force and the descent of the Soma nectar that open all the chakras. The practice of Yoga itself arose from the inner Vedic sacrifice in which speech, mind and prana were
offered to the immortal Divine Fire present within our own hearts. Vedic deities reflect a profound psychological and spiritual symbolism relative to the practice of Yoga and meditation, not just outer ritualistic concerns."[2]

What do the Tanta's which as stated are the inner or esoteric aspect of the Vedic rituals state themselves?

"Siva first words speak to the goals of every tantric practitioner: "Eternal youth, immortality of the body and the attainment of an identity of nature with Siva. that is , liberation in the body."

"Liberation arises from gnosis(jnana), gnosis arises from the maintenance of the vital breaths. Therefore. where there is stability mercury is empowered and the body is stabilized. Thought the use of mercury obtains a body that is unaging and immortal.

Supernatural powers and bodily immortality, the goals of the tantric

`So the soul penetrated by initiation [Kundalini fully risen] obtains Siva-hood"

`Therefore the breath overflowing bursting into the medial channel this surely brings immortality'

The piercing of the cakras effects a stadial resorption of implosion of the lower elements into their higher emanates. Thus, when the second cakra is pierced, the element earth whose support is the lowest, the muladhara cakra becomes imploded into the element water, the second element on the hierarchy, and so on, until nothing remains but ether in the cranial vault…. The cranial vault, the locus of the ether-both the site at the Siddha techniques for penetration end and that at which mundane existence first begins, when the absolute first penetrates the human microcosm-is the zero point at which the two infinites meet, the point at which "black holes" issue into "Whites holes" This is the precisely the "end" of the process for the creation of the Alchemical Man….when all that remains of the practitioner is the fifth element, ether, in the cranial vault, he arises-out of the cauldron in which his lowering had been dissolved and imploded into its higher emanates –as a massive, powerful,perfected Siddha...

The more general phenomenon of penetration or piercing that
occurs within the yogic body when the breath, energy, and seed of the yogin embodied in the female kundalini serpent-pierce the six cakras-called cakra-vedhana or cakra –bhedana-is also a sexual penetration of sorts, albeit with sexual polarities reversed, given that It is a female kundalini who awakens, stiffens, rises, even rushes upwards towards the cranial vault, the cavity that is the place of the passive male Siva. As the kundalini pierces each of the cakras, great quantities of heat are produced, which refine and gradually
transmute the seed that is the stuff of her body: it is this transformed semen that becomes the nectar that immortalizes the yogin who holds in his cranium. [3]

This was the sacred knowledge the Yezidi and associated Aryan cultures stated that Shaitan taught them in the Golden age. That of perfection and ascension.


1 Yoga of Power/ Introduction Into Magic: Julius Evola

2 Inner Tantra Yoga: David Frawley

3 The Alchemical Body, Gordon, White

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So Soma is an allegory for the elixir secreted from the pineal gland and not an actual drink then. From reading a bit of the Rig Veda they mention it many times and I've been wondering if that was the case or not and I just got my answer thanks. Also great post as you always do.

Post Thu Jan 28, 2016 10:50 pm
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Soma is the moon god. Which rules such regions of the being. The pineal gland is called the Soma chakra.

SerpentsTree wrote:
So Soma is an allegory for the elixir secreted from the pineal gland and not an actual drink then. From reading a bit of the Rig Veda they mention it many times and I've been wondering if that was the case or not and I just got my answer thanks. Also great post as you always do.

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This post was beautiful and very enlightening, thank You HP Mageson! :D

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