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Muslim brags about devastating 7man gang rape of German Girl

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Muslim brags about devastating 7-man gang rape of young German virgin girl, "full of dirt and sperm"

You need nothing more than a brain and the dialogue to understand. Oh please, spare the PC and Cultural Marxism judeophillia, away from here. Brownzphillia is a disease we aren't supposed to have, especially when we are raped and attempted murder on. I think it should be normal. Or do the jews state its not, therefore it isn't? Because after all so many are too foolish to assume what they say is universal and godly decree by now... If you are happy and accepting of this, then I wonder where you stand really.

Might as well watch the below to find the difference.

Saith the Rapefugee:

“Dude, We were seven guys. Some on the floor, three on the beds. They were bunk beds. Three were on top, three were below. Adim switched of the light and we fucked her.
He deflowered her. She was a virgin. You must Imagine that! Virgin!
And we were still six guys on top of the bed, dude. And he: Bang! Bang!
And we on top of the bed jumped down, she screams and of course she was fighting back and so on.
And we had her legs, dude. Bang!
One held her over there, the other over there, dude.
And then, dude: Sinan and the Others. One after another, dude. Virgin, dude! Well done, dude! I swear to you.
She cried after that, she couldn’t go on any longer.
And we, like pigs, we spit on her. Sperm and dirt all over her. We really got milked.”

His rape-fugee friend asks:

“And you fucked her in the ass, right?”

His friend of course answers:

Dude, it was a virgin! And we DESTROYED her with seven guys, dude.
Didn’t fuck her ass. But not in the ass though.

Of course, these people roam around freely. Others are in jail for questioning the holohoax, or pointing anything of such nature out. Others are in prison for shirts. Meanwhile, all these people are roaming freely. Who knows, who the next target will be.

But since the first are in accordance to the will of the jews, then they are good. No matter if you are a murderous rapist, being in alliance with the jews certifies that you will be fine. At least the jews hope so. You are their loyal lapdog battalion. As for the fools who state this isn’t Islam, well, it is.

These Muslims just did what Islam says. They defiled this non-burka wearing girl, they happily destroyed her, for not obeying just another jewish created religious program. That’s that.

But we know the Truth, right? I think it should be evident by now.

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Are we sure this people are gentiles ? Can spiritual degeneration be the sole cause for this disgusting behaviour?

Curse all muds and joos!!!
I am done with this shit...furious!!!
Launch a full co-op deathspell upon them!
How are we gonna win if we only target joos?
Target their puppets aswell... They have shit for dna anyway!
Blasphemous lie defying, illumination ov darkness toward human birthright ov light, Godhood!
Shine and shatter the 9 veils, blast with unending darkness, illuminated it is... by my soul, burning everlasting ov black flames, ov herecy.
Will, love, desire, residing in darkness, like me.
In my makers image I go through chaos evolved, born ov clay, set on fire, light!
A god will I be, never shall I see an other light
Brighter than me!
Hell is where I will party!

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“Don’t be shy to use violence and break the racial pride of German women. Take them as your legit property, you, gallant soldiers of the Red Army!”
- Ilia Ehrenburg, Russian Jew, holohoax propagandist.

Their insolence to our race is beyond limit. White people will have to stop being docile and give this sub-human scum what they deserve and send them all to concentration camps. No more summer rooms called "prisons" in Europe:


When this "spineless" White people awake, you all know what kind of punishment these rapists can expect...

Don’t be shy to use violence and break the religious pride of islamic and Jewish men. Punish them as the legit responsibles, you, gallant Aryans of Europe!


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User wrote:
Are we sure this people are gentiles ? Can spiritual degeneration be the sole cause for this disgusting behaviour?

Spiritual degeneration and the curses of the kike and their foul book, the torah.
These beings really do not deserve to be alive. I don't see them as "gentiles" anymore..they are even lower than animals...animals do not even do shit like this..
It almost seems as there is no fixing these fucks as they are too corrupted and jew like.

I am so disgusted. These degenerates need to get the fuck out of Europe.

The Aryans really need to wake up fast. We have to keep spreading the message, this cant keep going on. This is getting ridiculous.
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Isn't it time to bring up spiritual workings to destroy both jews and their gentiles lackey, ignorance or not, who propagate the enemy's agenda? OR maybe when it is said that the Whites will have their backs against the wall before they will fully rebel against this White genocide, it's implying that things will get far worse than this to where lots of Whites are frequently murdered by these subhumans in broad daylight before they will revolt. The majority are blind to what is really happening around them because of been stuck in the rat race, been brainwashed into racial guilt by the holohoax and also the jewish control of the media but how more terrible things will have to happen before the masses get a clue and fight back?
This is really terrible...

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We have to keep the pressure up with these reverse torah rituals.
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