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Pope Visits Rome’s Great Synagogue: You Are Our 'Elder Broth

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Pope Visits Rome’s Great Synagogue: You Are Our 'Elder Brothers'

There has always been another synagogue in Rome, its called the Vatican.

Its illegal to question in most nations the Holocaust Potter And Gas Chamber Of Secrets tales. Because they are as real as the original Holo Myth of the one magical Jew on a Stick who happens to the Lord and Master of the Universe. And you must bow before the Jewish People in your synagogue's you call Churches forever. Of course don't expect the Jews to apologize for the One Hundred million they killed in their Soviet Union, the real holocaust. Which is why people were rounding up Jews and putting them in detention camps to deport them out of Europe after the war. Because the Jewish race was collectively working to export the Holodomor to all of Europe. The Jews started the war which bombed Europe to the ground and killed some fifty million people including some Jews who died like millions of other Europeans from diseases born by starvation not in homicidal gas chambers. As proven by the Red Cross reports and British Intelligence. The purpose of the war was so the Jews could export the Holodomor, their Soviet Holocaust to all of Europe, that's it, their attempt to turn all of Europe into one big Palestine.

Truth On The Second War:

The Real Holocaust:

Of course lets not forgot the Pope is calling for the extermination of White Europe with the Third world, rape-you-with-ease, invasion...

Warning Graphic, Pope Demands More Europeans Dead:

The Pope statements is the traditional line the Church always had on the Jews and is from the Bible itself which calls Christianity, the neo Judaism, in Galatians, nothing else the Christian worships the Torah and God of Israel, thus the People of Israel. The Church always rolled out the red carpet for the Jews and elevated them to positions of privilege and protection. When the boot came down on Jews in Spain for acting as spies and saboteurs for the Moors and robbing the populace. The Church was in there on the side of the Jews and made sure the punishment was lessened as much as they could get away with. Not surprisingly it was found all the high ranking positions of the Church within Spain were held by crypto Jews. Same within Rome as well there are at the least 20 Popes in history who were known to be Jews such as John Paul the 2nd. The rest just hid it better.

The Vatican Synagogue Of Rome:

The Jews Made Up The Whole Christianity Hoax From the Start:


Pope Visits Rome’s Great Synagogue: You Are Our 'Elder Brothers' ... dium=gplus


Pope Francis denounced all violence committed in the name of God during a visit to Rome's main synagogue Sunday, joining the oldest Jewish community in the diaspora in a sign of interfaith friendship at a time of religiously-inspired attacks around the globe.

During a visit marked by tight security and historic continuity, Francis also rejected all forms of anti-Semitism and called for "maximum vigilance" and early intervention to prevent another Holocaust.

Francis repeated several times that Jews were the "elder brothers" of Christians, repeating the words first uttered by John Paul during his historic visit to the synagogue but adding that Christians' "elder sisters" in the Jewish faith were also part of God's family.

Francis joined a standing ovation when Holocaust survivors, some wearing striped scarves reminiscent of their camp uniforms, were singled out for applause at the start of the visit. And he elicited an ovation of his own when he paused in his remarks to acknowledge the survivors in the synagogue's front row.

The visit comes amid a spate of Islamic extremist attacks in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere — violence which Francis has repeatedly condemned as anathema to religion, particularly given that Christians and religious minorities have often been the target.

"Violence of man against man is in contradiction to every religion that merits the name, in particular the three monotheistic religions," Francis said, referring to Christianity, Judaism and Islam. "Every human being, as a creature of God, is our brother regardless of his origins or religious belief."


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All I see in that pic is jews congratulating eachother on how jewish they are. Kommissar bergoglio's probably just laughing at the "stupid goys" and praying to his reptillian masters that 2016 is the year him and his kike pals get to start ww3.

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Their souls are just unbearably repugnant.

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