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Rape-ape, Murder's 15 Year Old Boy For Stopping Apes, Rape

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Rape-ape, Murder's 15 Year Old Boy For Stopping Apes, Rape

Syrian Migrant Stabs 15 Year-Old Boy Dead for Defending Female Classmate from Sexual Assault

The Rape-ape and Rat Face [brownz and Jooz] strike once again and its going to keep on getting worse. But wait a second here! Who's the criminal problem some White dude for wearing a T-Shirt protesting Rape-Apes, thus Rat Faced policy. How dare he get in the way or rape and murder of Whites by Jooz and Brownz...... Jooz and Brownz are the problem, White Racism is the solution. If Whites were as Racist as we are told we are.....This 15 year old kid would still be alive. That Aunti-Semtism the Jooz whine about is what's going to keep them from making sure its you or your family next in line for this treatment. Jooz and Brownz are the problem, White Racism and Anti-Semitism is the solution, its pulling up your man pants and running the tolerance train right into expulsion now town. Which is why Jooz and Brownz do not like White Racism.....Itz harder to rape, rob, parasite and exterminate you, because your White. if you don't bend over and let them do it. ... -assault/#


Author: Jim Hoft – The Gateway Pundit

A Syrian migrant stabbed 15 year-old Arminas Pileckas to death at school after he defended a female classmate from sexual assault.


Arminas Pileckas was stabbed to death at school in Sweden this week.

The parents of 15 year old Lithuanian boy Arminas Pileckas have blasted Sweden and the Swedish media for cowardice in the face of the migrant threat, and for covering up the murder of their son.

The Greatest Crime On Earth Since Holocaust Potter And the Gas Chamber Of Secrets Is........Some dude who wore a T-Shirt protesting rape.......The real crime is a thought crime against the Anti-White Jewish narrative. ... e-t-shirt/

Head of German Anti-Migrant Group Faces Prosecution for Wearing Anti-Rape T-Shirt

Jim Hoft Jan 11th, 2016 8:38 am —59 Comments

The head of the anti-migrant PEGIDA movement in Germany faces prosecution for wearing an anti-rape T-shirt at a rally this weekend.

Lutz Bachmann wore a “Rapefugees not welcome” to a rally after hundreds of women were sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve.


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sweden is undergoing an EXTREME BRAINWASH control conducted by the jews,they are being the subject of several experiments,one of them is the feminization of men they are literally taking their balls replacing it with a vagina to see the differences in's a really"good" experiment to study the depth of human psychology and behavioural cues.

THANKS JEWS! you really are proeminent intellectuals without you we wouldn't even had the creative capability to conduct studies of this nature. :D
I am sure that Nero didn't set fire to Rome. It was the Christian-Bolsheviks who did that , just as the commune set fire to Paris in 1871 and the communists set fire to the Reichstag in 1932

-Adolf Hitler


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Bunch of goddamned animals....So many innocent whites dying and suffering because of this jew shit.

Someone posted on the groups on how Swedish police are NO LONGER ALLOWED to state the race of those committing the crimes...

This is so very sad. As the gods said, things will have to get really bad before they can wake up and fight back.
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This is awful. That boy was being a real man, defending a young woman from being raped, and he was killed for it. All the cowards in the world who ignore when a woman or child is being raped, and it's the heroes who are murdered. It's sickening.
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Well he slapped the the Brown-rape-ape in the face , which was really cool and I enjoyed very much seeing.
Then the rape-ape was faithful to his trashy coward instinct and ran away , later once again he behaved like the fearful trash he is and waited for a safe and confortable opportunity to kill Arminas in the back. Making sure there was no time for a face to face reaction. You think hyenas confront Lions face to face.... no they Gang Up and attack him in the back while the other make a distraction, this way its more confortable and safe.

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If White Europeans were as racist as the jews claim we are, this shit wouldn't be happening in Europe. These people MUST wake up.

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Thoughts become things.

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