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Reverse Rituals after the 15th - Thanksgiving

For those who wish to establish a relationship with Satan.

Topics of discussion include: Demons, Magick, Satanic Witchcraft and much more!

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Greetings to all our Comrades and Satanic Forces!

First of all, we are doing a very good job. The gradually building power of our Rituals is making impact. People are and MUST wake up.

Satanic Warriors, may you all be blessed. Satan will grant us Victory. But we must seize it for ourselves. For Satan lies within.

Do you all remember, where we once were and where we are now? Back in these years where people used to ask, again and again, where are our efforts? Now that everyone can observe how the enemy jewtrix is collapsing and how people are massively waking up, our impact is becoming obvious. And by our effort, we will unmask the enemy, drive away their horrors and wake the people up. This is a battle for Humanity. The ship of the enemy is being plucked serious holes. It can't help itself but sink.

Many of our Comrades have done their Rituals in accordance to this schedule we provided. This is most good, and commendable. As far as my Word goes, Thanks to all of you. But you know who we are striving and who is above us all. He must always be remembered, for He is the only being that has ever given so much, so freely to Humanity. Satan always gave to Humanity, He never took or demanded anything. He bestows to all of us with His Vision, His Power and His Grace. In our hands lie things too important to be left unfought for. If not of us, then who will do this fighting? Also, who but us, can win this fight? It doesn't matter who is only able to fight. It matters as much, who can Win this fight. Because the World is at stake.

The energies were raised and I am sure there have been many, many participations. As most people figured out, we didn't update with a new program or anything, because as a matter of fact, we can take a break. Everything can be paced in such a way, so there is maximum effectiveness. To raise one's powers, this guarantees this. Part of this is when one rests, to get into the fight even harder than before.

Especially those who have been doing the Rituals ruthlessly, its important your energies are on their right track so to say. So taking a few days until the next Rituals are posted, this would be ideal. Now, this doesn't prohibit anyone from doing more Rituals. Its just advice. This advice is for those who have really pushed their own limits so to say.

After the 25th of this Month, new Rituals will be posted by HPS Maxine. Then, we will all join and do these Rituals. Until then, everyone can rest and revamp their energies.

We have a lot of this jewtrix to reconstruct, much darkness to create into light, many lies to destroy and make Truth, many things to annihilate and many things to build again. We have work ahead of us. So take your time, relax, enjoy in what we have created, advance yourselves, live in bliss and experience the Truth through your own eyes.

May Satan bless our work and all of us.

May all of you be blessed with unfathomable Satanic Power!


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That is fantastic!!! :D I'm already waiting for the next stages of our attack and I think I will keep on my Rituals because I feel I can do it. Even fighting is a pleasure for me now ;) For the future wave, I will come with other friends and we will push severely against the enemy 'cause it is True, the World is awakening. I'm forming a team here and in a bit of time we will crush our will on their filthy scum!!! LET'S ROLL MY FRIENDS 8-)

And thank you, for everything.

May the Truth
always bring you

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Thank you HP and Hail Satan !

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I shall rest a few days then, my health hasn't been the best and I didn't have the best constitution health-wise to begin with(been working on that). A few days ago I took it too far; stupid I know, reckless even, and ohhh boy I have never been so exhausted in my life! :o :lol:

Anyways, thank you so very much for informing us HP. Hooded Cobra!!

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been doing way more destructive working then these, which i am still doing. I technically gets no breaks. Yay me, and ill keep on peddling.

I think this is the right video:

Its very fucking enlightening. I mean, no other video says it better. I wonder uf this girl is even alive anymore. Why and the hell would she want to be. This shit needs to stop. NOW!!!!

There goes your multicultural paradise.

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A break could do me some good. Trying to focus on opening my chakras and doing the daily rituals at the same time feels exhausting. I made it my new years resolution to advance as fast and as much as I can by the end of this year. I'm staying true to that.
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I had a brief question about the Rituals and figured I'd ask here instead of starting a new thread: I am pretty new to this and I have a very active, racing mind, so I often have trouble maintaining focus. I'm working on this and already getting better, but my focus is not 100%. I still try with the Rituals and I have the intent, so is it still worth something if I do the Rituals the best I can, or will lack of total focus drain energy?
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Of course, keep doing the rituals as best you can! The more you keep at it, the more you'll improve anyway, as you say you are.

What you should do is improve yourself on your void meditation: ... ation.html

If it helps, before the rituals, you can either write out/think up some sort of scene in your mind to visualize and stick to as you vibrate. This scene can be in accordance to the affirmations of whichever ritual your about to perform. So when your mind drifts, you have something to snap back to when you realize your drifting.

Or as you vibrate, focus on how each word you vibrate is a hebrew word backwards, and that you are countering existing frequencies in the astral and destroying them eternally.

And when you state your affirmations, this is the time to put all insecurities, doubts, and so-called "logic" aside, and allow yourself to be unwaveringly and unquestionably arrogant. Believe that your affirmations are absolute, as the conviction behind this will empower them. This applies to any ritual working, whether personal or in group. In personal workings, only afterwards can you logically review your efforts and results and determine if you need more power (in a way that doesn't dwell on them negatively). However, in the moment, such should be of no concern. Only your affirmations and the irreversible change you make in reality with them matter.
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Thank you, the13thSinner :D . That's encouraging to read. I agree that void meditation is important (I can already tell the difference from a couple months of meditating) and I am encouraged that I am at least making some impact and not wasting my time. Hail Satan!
"There will come a day, when all the lies will collapse under their own weight,
and truth will again triumph."-Dr. Joseph Goebbels

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