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Jewish lies about...Man, Woman, Gender of God...

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From a reply in another post:

Its sad a mind like Evola or others didn't quite have the spiritual basis upon which he could understand that "Man Good - Woman Bad" dualism is just jewish nonsense and perversions. Which just boil into external and internal and such, having nothing to do with "Evil" in any existential form. Evil and Good never had these ethical charge in the Ancient World. Other than when it came to harming other members of one's Race or polity and such and the list goes.

In Ancient Greek these had to do with law, not some outer space meaning. Also, the Positive and Negative aspects of Male and Female, never had to do with "evil" in the social sense, either. This is a common preaching of the Jewish religions, but the Greeks and others completely understood it. This is why women and men were equally following initiation and such in the Greek Religion, while in the jewish one, the women are put into the bullseye of the "Evil" and "Tempting" in Nature. To be "tempted" is not always evil. In fact, it can be quite a good influence sometimes, if combined with logical thinking.

People due to internal disconnectedness towards their own feminine aspect, or male aspect, tend to externalize this hatred towards the world and other people who are not responsible at all. This is due to the lack, thank jews, of both spiritual understanding and the free circulation of practices for the people. But the jews had to back this up even harder, while they themselves knew the fatal Truth behind this statement, as it was stolen by Pagan Gentiles to begin with.

After all it was "Eve's" mistake and such, Adam is supposed to be a stupid idiot etc etc. Well Woman is only for this idiot and made out of his rib, not much importance. So from this stems all you see in the Middle East and all other insanities of such nature. Which of course didn't quite manifest in the same way everywhere, and the list goes, and this of course involves Race and the tendencies of the major parts of Races. How something of such nature manifests should also serve as the basis of understanding what is what, maybe Racially too. I won't get in details as to not deviate from the intention of the post, but this might help people who are interested in advancing their Race, understand.

Truths about Gender, Race or anything else, the jew has accepted these in others and in their own Racial groups, they move for centuries against Gentiles with the Truth that many are not willing to swallow, or even see. So they win and you lose, because you are too much of a wussy and you always get offended. Because oh my, reality stops where one's comfort zone stops. Yet the jews knew these Truths for hundreds of years, abused these and of course formulated everything in accordance to these, no matter how "too much" were they for others. The jew doesn't have your weaknesses such as Social Marxism and feeling a pinch in the butt every time you hear something Racial. The jew lives by the Racial laws and in the knowledge of the weaknesses and strengths of its own Race too.

Back to the jewish fairytales of world domination which portray as religions. Well, this paved the way for the enemy to abuse the feminine largely on the host populace they wanted to destroy, in plain words. And every misogynist or anyone who didn't enjoy women, or had distorted perceptions about them due to childhood drama, somehow had a cosmic backup about their own cuckoldry, lack of understanding of choice, or affection and such, must be transcendental law. Also backed up by the jewish anti-feminine beliefs. You can be an asshole to all women on the planet, simply because "God" is your backup. Now see where this horrendous crap of the enemy and their lies did lead. Women are still being enslaved and abused in the Middle East or in any other region, only due to the shit some paranoid yids said at some point. And every heart broken teenager, male or female, can find transcendental reasons about why the whole opposite Gender sucks. Thanks jews.

But then they come and of course the jews will solve this issue of women. You know when you make a contract with a jew, its going to be a legit one. For sure. I mean just look around. Most trustworthy people, ever. So they basically try to create feminism to totally destroy the feminine and make every woman start being in denial of her nature, man hating bitchy attitude female, or at least just deviate for what she always felt was the right thing to do. Just hate men for the sake of hating them. Or just, whatever. What the jew says will "Liberate" you. If it happens due to some retarded man who thinks he can treat women badly, because of course God is on his side and teaches that men are to be stupid and animal like creatures, so he is what the jewish "god" instructs anyway, and she does what jewish Feminism said, anyway. I mean "god" is on the side of both, since they are stupid enough to listen the jews as their "god".

Another nice extreme way to see things. Screw everybody. Become either a sexless saint, chop your penis off and feed it to the wolves, for it will prohibit your entry on heaven, or become the wildest whore there has ever been and take everything that moves and walks, destroy it just to feel powerful. Become an animal, or fry your own brain by overthinking around the jewish dogma. Both ways, the jew will win, so it doesn't matter. "Opposite extremes", same racial jew behind it all, same Goyim animal slaves in the middle, trying to figure out why they are always wrong to the slaver demands of the jews.

But no matter what, its never enough. No matter what you do, it’s never enough for the jews and their unnatural and sick demands. You always fall short, because you are in fact looking in the way of uprising in reverse. You are falling and falling lower, every day, and because the jews are on the rock bottom, people keep falling for their shit, sometimes only to find themselves in the mental hospital, only too late. To the jew you will pay debts eternally. Here (you must repent to your sins and bow to the jewish tribal animalistic stupid "god"), before you even were born (Men are born sinners of course, your mothers were whores, so you must repent) and of course, after you die and for all eternity, you will be paying your debts of sins to the jewish "creator" in heaven.!

The jews also were the only idiots who put "God" as a "Male" and only in a "Male" form. In the Greek Patheon, there was an equal number of Goddesses and Gods. Also, there were Androgynous Gods like Bacchus, who personify inside them the Union that generates what is called God, as the "third" force in existence, that of creation of Male and Female forces.

Oh and Goyim (Racial jewish slang for non jews, meaning Animals). Since we are all animals and we cannot comprehend our Own Gentile Culture that the jews stole and portray it as their own, (even after historical evidence proves its only recent compared to all other Spiritual Cultures, but, fuck Historical Evidence and praise jooz) and the original is (how original of the jews) they hide from you some things. Well, God is a "male" but...He is dependent on his "Shekinah", which is actually stolen from "Shakti" and is the Feminine Energy or Aspect of "God". Oh, also Jewsus, in other "Gospels" which the church removed because they didn't align with what the they wanted the Goyim to learn, do openly talk about how "Jesus" was either gay or was in sexual relation with Mary the Magdalene. But the Goyim just need to pray to jewsus and the thoughform JHVH, look in the sky, give their energy to a though form and of course, believe in no other "gods" other than the jewish creator of the cosmos, who, with one fart, created the whole existence. Keep the stolen Pagan knowledge the jews used to formulate these things, hidden from the Goyim.

But the Goyim don't need to know. They need to just have a "male" God. After all we are too stupid to figure out how deeply the jews have destroyed the "male and feminine" aspects and too stupid to figure out from where it was stolen...Which happens to be...all our Gentile Religions. Well. It seems like the Goyim know. As they always knew, way before the emergence of the emergency situation of the jew.

The jews due to lack of internal understanding and because they wanted to stupefy the masses and turn people against people, but also because they were gravely afraid of everything Feminine (as feminity is power, the attractive principle and such, all arousing emotions, unconscious mind, Serpent, Ancestral memory, giving life etc- all hazardous to the enemy's death cult). Give to the jews the greatest thing, give them time and a pen or a scribe and you will soon end with a plan on how to put the world into jewish supremacist regime, how the whole world will be degraded into a communist clump and how the people should be better enslaved under a jewish rule. Its just their supremacist and murderous nature showing itself, nothing more. Their evident paranoia and fear of anything Gentile, as well as the hatred for everything we are and do, or ever did. They turn the greatest things and the most exalted things into the lowest garbage and this is the internal nature of the jew expressed in their works and "Creations".

After all, give the most exalted work of Wagner to a pig. What it can understand? Well at least if it doesn't understand, it may just not destroy things, or formulate a plan to world enslavement with what it is given. Maybe I judge the poor pig too harshly, it doesn't deserve to be paralleled to the jew. The Pig would never do that and its a very good animal. The jew on the other hand is worse.

Its only with the power of the feminine forces this world and more especially life goes in the front and in the guidance or pointing of the masculine, which is supposed traditionally to guide the feminine, while paradoxically being guided by it, that balance and power are achieved. Cut one from the other and both remain weak, and incomplete. Harmony and Unity is what the spiritual process is about. Man and Woman are by nature tied together, and in each every man and woman, no matter they sexually prefer or what they like, are the embodiment of both forces. Both these polarities play a crucial role and complete one another. Also, two men and two women, in the same relation, can be of "Masculine" and "Feminine" nature too. This is what harmony is about. Of course, yet more lies about the enemy about sodomy or anything else. Shut it down for the masses, gay people in the Gulag and meanwhile, most of the enemy high ranking priests, do sodomy or other "forbidden" sexual practices all the time.

But when it comes to the real perversions and sicknesses of the mind and spirit, such as raping children or sex with minors, the jewish and Abrahamic religions are openly advocating. Of course. Marry every 7 year old you want, every woman at 9 years old can become a wife, suck toddler's dick for its the covenant of Abraham. But, Masturbation will get you killed by the hand of "God" as the "God" killed Annan in the bible, for masturbating. "God" is fine with sexual abuse of minors, sucking baby dick, taking sex slaves in Israel, what have you. But don't you dare masturbate, sinner.

Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Lovely advice. Quite a people to get your ethical and existential advice from, indeed.

The jew lies to people that they are to hate the other sex, or hate their own, their sexuality and anything else, or their polarity, but nothing of such is to be hated but rather accepted, so everyone can become whole and complete, externally and internally. These are personifications of the Divine and in the same way its expressions. So Women, embrace the fact of you being Women, honor this until death to the highest standard, for you are Divine. Men, do the same thing. People of the 3rd sex, adhere to your own special mission.

The jew is about discord, death and ignorance for others, which all do bring the eventual collapse of everything, in the personal, social, ethical and spiritual sphere.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
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Really good Sermon. Thank you for that.

May the Truth
always bring you

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Why are we saying such stuff in such way?

Nothing...Just historical revision and historical continuity, stating merely the facts of thousands of years in a nutshell:
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