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1,000+ Mudslims mass rape women in German Train Station

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All kike programs are united by the same atrocities, by Edward Lonsa:

1,000+ Mudslims mass rape women in German Train Station

Thanks brother eduardoquinonez88 for posting in yahoo.

UPDATE: More details are emerging involving a large crowd of men who sexually assaulted some 60 women at a major train station in Germany.

Der Express, a large German publication, reported that police were greatly outnumbered and were not able to save some women from the crowd. Police said to a 20-year-old woman they pulled from the crowd who had her pants and underwear torn off; “Your three girlfriends, we could not save them from the throng, because we ourselves have been pelted with firecrackers.”

As to who is responsible for the horrific crimes, police officers arrested 8 men from the crowd at one point, and all had “residence certificates for asylum procedures,” meaning they were Syrian refugees or refugees from similar countries.


BERLIN (AP) — German police have described a series of sexual assaults against women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve as “a completely new dimension of crime.”

Officers received numerous complaints from women who said they had been assaulted around Cologne’s main train station next to the western German city’s famous cathedral on the night from Thursday to Friday.

Cologne police chief Wolfgang Albers says witnesses described the assaults as coming from a group of up to 1,000 men whose appearance indicated they were of “Arab or North African origin.”

Some 60 criminal complaints have so far been filed, including one allegation of rape.

German news agency dpa quoted Albers telling reporters on Monday that it was “an intolerable situation that such crimes are committed in the middle of the city.”

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This shit makes me fucking sick. This is what the jews wanted. And what is the German government doing?? Fucking nothing. Those jew controlled fucks need to be fucking slaughtered!!!

Hail Satan! Death to the jews! Seig Heil!

The Reaction:
Pissed off Germans finally use gunfire to combat invaders

From brother angryshaman666: And the German police are trying to arrest the GERMANS for standing against the illegal invasion of their own country.
This is pure insanity, the German government ITSELF should be shooting these muslim rapists not protecting them!


Published On 01/04/2016 | By infostormer | News, World News

The German people are getting backed further and further into a corner.

Now they aren’t just trying to burn down the facilities housing the foreign invaders, but we are seeing people shooting at them also.

Angela Merkel has brought race war to Germany. There is no question about this.

From Telegraph:

Police in Germany are searching for an unknown gunman who opened fire on a refugee shelter in the early hours of Monday morning, injuring an asylum-seeker.

Witnesses said the gunman fired six or seven times through the window of the shelter in the small town of Dreieich-Dreieichenhain near Frankfurt at around 2.30am local time (1.30am GMT).

A 23-year-old asylum-seeker who was sleeping inside was rushed to hospital after he was hit. Police said his injuries were not serious, and he was released later on Monday.

“This was a deliberate attack which was a serious danger to residents of the shelter,” Nina Reininger, a spokesman for prosecutors, said.

Police said they have no information as to the identity of the gunman.

“We are investigating in every direction,” said a spokesman.

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Thanks for posting this. All of Germany is being brought in tumult state because of this mass media news.

All of a sudden (or better yet, parallel with the above news) "German" cancellor Merkel is demanding for less immigrants. How nice of her. Se cares for her german people so much. That`s why she let all these terrorists in in the first place. Sadly, I am not so optimistic about her good will.

Rather instead, I think that this is another induced catalyst from the enemy in an attempt to further escalate things as planned (bring everyone against each other = civil war). There is truth in it and these 3rd world immigrants really need to learn how to behave. And I completely understand the anger of German fathers after reading these news.

But something says to me that 1,000+ Mudslimes inside a train station raping women is a bit unrealistic to figure out in pictures.

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QuietlyLoud wrote:
But something says to me that 1,000+ Mudslimes inside a train station raping women is a bit unrealistic to figure out in pictures.

The title is misleading, that's all. A "mass rape" is when a large group of people rape a small, or equal large amount of people. This however, was a series of rapes.

Anyway, the systematic annihilation of Aryan people, be it in Europe, America Or Syria needs to stop. These people have been under the target of international and National Jewry for centuries now.

What they did, with the destruction of the Aryans in the ME, namely in Syria, Iraq and Egypt through Islam/Communist conquests, race mixing and war is what they are trying to do in Europe. It is solely up to us to stop this through the reverse Torah rituals.

And as much as liberals and commies deny it, the white lands are for whites, the black lands are for blacks and the Asian lands are for asians, therefore, those immigrants who are in the camps complaining because they haven't gotten 5 star accommodation should shut up, and as they say themselves, they would get better treatment at home.

The Jews want to abolish separation and individuality and put in place racial free for alls where very "goy" is equal.

But at the same time, we point the finger at two things only, the Jews and islam/Christianity. For example, you cant blame the average Syrian because his nation is in a mess, because it was solely the Jews who caused it. And as HPS Maxine has said, these current problems been wanted by the Eternal Jew for centuries.

Islam, Communism, race mixing, the torah Christianity are a gigantic cancer
The reverse torah rituals is the only answer.
Heil Hitler! Heil Himmler! Sieg Heil!

"This battle is not one for the present, but first and foremost one for the future!" - Adolf Hitler

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fourthreich666 wrote:
QuietlyLoud wrote:
But something says to me that 1,000+ Mudslimes inside a train station raping women is a bit unrealistic to figure out in pictures.

The title is misleading, that's all. A "mass rape" is when a large group of people rape a small, or equal large amount of people. This however, was a series of rapes.

It's an actual mass rape or sexual assualt epidemics; a bunch of retarded moslens raping as much Arische women and girls as they can as it is in their sacred Jewish commendments - a Moor or Sovietic invasion of recent days.

It became an open fact, the mass rape in Cologne is even in the mainstream news, the only thing they are trying hard to cover is the race of these sand apes as the fact itself cannot be covered anymore, and it is pushing Europeans to the point they are desperate and acting on themselves.

The law enforcers and related seems to be waiting too much and saddly may have their own family members assaulted before they awake and stop obeying Jewish orders, and deffend their own brothers instead of arresting them.

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The anger is so real. The city I reside in decided to take in this Muslim woman, my parents were telling me all about how "Oh I don't mind if it's the women, it's the men I worry about. If it's just a woman and her children I don't care." I asked them "How many children are we talking?" because I had a bad feeling and they replied with "Oh you know, just nine." "Nine children.... NINE CHILDREN? They're practically bringing in 10 muslims into THIS tiny city? Are you fucking serious? Do you have any idea just how many children muslims have? Basically as many as inhumanly possible!"

It really pisses me off. Disgusting leeches.
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New years eve 2015, Immigrant riots in Cologne Germany - An eyewitness account

Here is a comment from the youtube uploader...

Hello everybody, im not that guy Ivan Jurcevic. I just found his Video on Facebook yesterday under his page that he shared with everybody. I did the quick translation and i think it is accurate. His Video has right now around 3 million views on Facebook and a couple of 100.000 shares. I think at some point because of new "Anti discrimation laws" in germany, it could get deleted soon. And here on youtube probably aswel. So save it on your harddisk and share it.

Truth has to come forward! About the guy: apparently Ivan is a kick-box world champion of 2011. If you google his name you see his pictures - i now understand how he could beat up these thugs. I did the translation and uploaded it here, as its one of the very very rare eyewitness accounts of immigration/refugee crimes in germany that went viral. Ususally everyone is silent about such happenings. The system Press had covered it up until 4th January. Imagine that! Whole system press is left-wing and pro-immigration here in germany. Its scary. "They" want civil war to happen in europe apparently... Maybe to install probably their "New world Order" dictatorship system.

Who knows, it just stinks 10 miles against the wind, seriously. This blind eye pro-immigrant nonsense is all over TV, Newspaper, etc day in day out. Now they blame the victims and the police in the media here. WOW. This is scary folks. Every sane person will hopefully notice that there has to be some sort of "agenda" behind it... it cant be something else. They want to speed-integrate all those people (yes they should stay and bring the rest of family in a couple of years). Even some moderate press paper outlets made the calculation that we will have like 20million!!! new "citizens" in 2020...
Hail Satan Lucifer!

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Ahora es cuando debemos luchar con todas nuestras fuerzas, nunca dejes para mañana lo que puedas hacer hoy, el tiempo es ahora!


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We all know what's happening here and why of course, that's an unspeakable crime against the German people and the White Race in general goes without saying. But what really pisses me off is this isn't the first time this has happened to German women throughout the last century, anyone remember the fact that soviet (not going to capitalise it) soldiers were given direct orders to find and rape as many German women as they possibly could near the end of WW2, to demoralise the German army and people?

So what we have here is these muslim filth are literally using the same vile war tactics against the German people that the jew soviets did. If that's not all the evidence people will ever need that there is a literal war being waged against the White Race by the jews, then I don't know what is.

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