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New Years Gift Giving to our Best Joo F(r)iends!

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New Years Gift Giving to our Best Joo F(r)iends!

Greetings to all our Comrades and Satanic Forces!

Well. You people are all very impolite. Bad Goyim we are. I notice too in myself sometimes we just aren't thankful. We don't give back what is necessary and ‘just to give’. I mean we have real good friendz who wanted us to, except of roast eternally in a lake of fire, help us see the light of "g-d" and to eventually die off, us our lots and families. And you all know these celebrations are about this, well not exactly, but they think to us everyday that's for sure. They would of course do it right away by chopping heads with a machete, or killing children in Torah Blood Rituals to JHVH (but then there is this unfortunate thing which is called the “Civil State”, which you have to listen to every ungodly bad goyim like Hooded Cobra or any other SS for that liking, or other unfortunate, oy vey, things like Free Speech…). Such an ungodly world we are living in. And its getting worse day by day, thanks to the very bad guys who want it that way.

But don’t worry they do have some alternatives. You will, sometimes, listen them screaming "Allahu Akbar" as they explode and take numerous innocents with them, whatever Abrahamic Religious Solution there is. Its just that the “Natural Allies of Jews in Europe (Islamics)” (as Rabbi Goldschmitt admitted), are for the dirty jobs. You know what our beloved Gentile Friendly Christianity did once, now it can’t do, for it would end up destroyed in 3 weeks. But it did so for centuries. I mean you have to establish yourself somehow, if the people upon whom you are trying to get established, are bad bad Goyims. For centuries, they roasted people like us, even witch cats or witch dogs, into the fires, that is, after months of endless torture, the Salem Witch Trials and numerous other instances. Then they disposed the ashes bodies in the shittiest of graves. But some people tend to not be giving the enemy what they deserve for all this. Y'all just forget, because you are unthankful. Your memory span is like what the enemy wants: A Goyim’s. You get a good meal and some free day and voila, you are all fine. You just aren’t giving our friendz and g-d’s people enough considerate attention, or enough Reversal Torah Rituals. They on the other hand care and tend about you, your past, present and future!

I mean, the Bubonic plague absolved us from Sin and fresh New, Aids, Ebola, Malaria, E-Coli and all other diseases are entering our borders every day. The enemy is bringing funny and easygoing people into our countries, which help make our lives more culturally enriched and interesting by killing and raping children as 7 years old, raping the best women, tripling the percent of AIDS infections every day, destroying the economy and beating teenagers in the streets, because the Joo's said so in their "Holy books". Its all about seeing the new, the unexpected and the different, Goyims! These people are too good and spiritually advanced, like the programs they represent, which happen like Rabbis to have rules and regulations on how to rape children as young as 7 years old.

Literally, these people, who you will probably forget today, gave us the three best things. The Torah, the Bible and the Quran. All books of global ad-vice and global piece! Top quality books, with guides and lessons on civilization destruction, self-undoing, misery, affliction and generally, accepting jewish supremacy, whatever of such nature they have destined for the Goyim Slaves, who are basically in their mind, all Gentiles. Unlike you feasting on New Years Eve or any other celebration and such, they remember you every day. Or they are just in your local church, doing masses to enemy beings and hostile inter-dimensional creations, cursing you and all those who have taken the bad Goyim’s path of Satanic Enlightenment, wishing for their immediate and most brutal destruction, death and impoverishment in every sense of the word.

I mean, these people give you gifts every day. They care for you, even if you don’t care for them, or ever cared about them, at all. In fact, when you was a toddler and was learning about potty training, they still laid down the plans about making you and all your kind/race slaves and animals. You can make no mistake about such deep existential interest. So they formulated some methods to better help you in the purpose they picked up for you and all of us. For the love of g-d! Nothing bad about this! Its what “g-d” wanted after all. And we must all SHUT UP!

Endless brainwashing by all media, news and by all available means. Endless cancer and health concerns by KFC and Mac Donalds, smoking, drug business, keeping the scientific and health community in the stone age. They have made your life a chore by suppressing all forms of advanced science and raw, free renewable energy. On top of this all, they stole your rights to internal happiness and strength (which you, unfortunately for them, regained by joining the JoS, Bad Goyims). Endless non-working cures for diseases, that they and the lifestyle they enforce to you, themselves, do cause. They have also made billions of ways about how you can feel whacky, useless, ugly, putrid and guilty about you merely existing and breathing. Of course your evil bad unethical planet is no exception, so they have sped up its destruction by an unimaginable percent, never known again in recorded human history. They also give all species on Earth endless suffering, just to maintain what they falsely call "profit" (which isn't profit, but just credits the enemy keeps their existence with going, over y'all) and to further their grip onto this society. Sometimes I think to myself, we are being so intolerant, evil us. I mean it’s so bad for us to even point these things out. Why don't you we just want to subject ourselves, get murdered and have our Gods destroyed by the ones, who are rightfully picked by "god" and are "g-d'z" Cheezen people, to torture us, enslave us and destroy us all now and for all eternity?

Then, there are so many positive things these people are doing. They are for instance, producing good music. Well at least sometimes. Good, looped music which is known to brainwash the masses, at a certain hertz and at a certain pace, to drive your brains into jelly and to make you a living representation of the base chakra and a pure animal. Or, their contributions to art. How magnificent is to see a red line on a canvas, a triangle, or a pile of feces and shit with marshmallows onto the “work of art”, which is really spiritually elevating, reversely elevating Gentiles from Children of the Gods to a being that observes feces on a canvas and applauding it? Then I can’t help but mention the beautiful constructions the enemy has came up with. I have never seen a more monotonous, square with windows, simply retarded shape of building. I mean it lacks so much art that it actually might be a trick that what is artless is artistic. It puts the Pyramids and Ancient Shrines to shame.

Then, how can I neglect the beautiful sons of the jewish race, which have blessed this world with their creation? The Hollywood stars who are mostly empty pieces of meat running around, giving nothing to civilization but a fake standard to compare themselves just to feel useless all their life? Starting from Stalin, Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky, Beria, The al-may-tee Jewsus Emmanuel the Rabbi (never existed, but again, imagine if it ever did), tens of serial murderers and killers in every town and local city, the world’s heads of the worst and deadliest of corporations, state heads which made it there by parasitism, more Ancient friends like Philo Judaeus who burned down the Library of Alexandria, the Popes and Clergymen of the Catholics and the Orthodox Xians who formulated mass murder rape and death, bright Quran Scholars of Piece, the heads of ISIS, bright men like Sarkozy who force people to assimilate racially…You just don’t know where to begin with all these helpful and good friendz. Only positive Vibez!!!

On top of everything, an act of genuine love, they gave you the programs and guides on how to, with mathematical precision, become the most useless, uncivilized and unspiritual of a human being, ever! Now with this guide, you can compete in the “Most Stupid Goyim” competition, which is namely in other words, the “Best Xian Slave” competition.

Oh, I did it again, why am I being so negative about our friendz. Maybe I’m just evil.

And for some children down in the Middle East, this New Years Eve will be an Eve of Terror, death and destruction. People will get killed for throwing rocks to tanks, children as young as 5 years old will be killed with ammunition that is meant to pierce tanks. It will just pierce their shirt instead and go into their heart. Or just have their last meal of tofu (because they don't eat to like the food, but just survive the day), as a bomb falls to end their life, which never even began, thanks to the enemy. They are adding up the list of innumerable murdered people, from the Ancient Times to this present day, hour and minute. The counter still adds up.

But we are again being bigots, impolite, not PC, threatening, bad, evil, aggressive, demonic, Satanic, Nazis and the list goes. I mean, what are the reasons for being critical in all that? Are there any?

All that hate for what? I mean these people really just wanted to just enslave you and keep you, from birth to death, in spiritual and general ignorance. They also stated ignorance is bliss, after all, what they state, according to their own word, is "g-ds" word and "will" and you know its coming from the Cheezen ones, so it is what it is. They are destroying all natural order in the world, while trying to enslave everyone as microchipped, goyim (animals in their own language) and they want to make a "god world" which is basically their race ruling over all others with "a rod of Iron" and pretty much murdering outright every resistance, even in thought.

I mean they provide all lots of baits for you to do this. For one, they provide a comfy life. Well, chances are, that is. In which an unnaturally high majority of people end up without a house or broke in the streets and die of insanity, or wherever else. Then, they offer you enlightenment, which mainly revolves around become a cyborg like low iq filthy being, that spews out their holy books and the TV programs the enemy programs into their mind. Then they offer all sorts of other multitudes of fine and good things to do, like, stop living, die off, destroy your whole Nation and individuality, and become a slave to them. Choice to suicide or die because you oppose them. At least such are the choices they would like you to have.

After all this, don't you think its necessary to have fun and strength through Joy by doing something about this? The enemy needs gifts for this day and for this year's start. Why don’t you repay them with Spiritual Gifts? I mean it’s only sensible, since they are platting your reality, soul, family and all your dreams with their gifts and resistance, every single day of your existence.

Given the initiative of our members on wanting to curse the enemy, we are going to like any other time, make a program for this. So, we are going to formulate a program about this which we will follow, in cursing the enemy. This is going to be posted.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

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I know right, like, after all, we should give these amazing g-dly beings the thanks they deserve. I mean, after all they done to show how much they appreciate us as they steal, kill, brutally rape and murder even toddlers. How dare we not show how much we love them, on the spiritual plane. lets get on board and make another flight towards Israel and reek all the love and promises we wantr to bestow.

How dare we not show these gorgeous dreams are gratitude and commitment for the nightmares they give us everyday. BAD GOYIM, HOW DARE WE!!!!
After all, since we all are going to die someday and burn in the fiery pits of a make-beleive dungeon of fire and stone for not being of the cheezen(lol) pets, let show them our unconditional love and respect so theyll know we really care before our departure.

".....I'm gonna make a change for once in my life, gonna feel real good gonna make a difference..........Cause I'm talking bout that Man in the Mirror."

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bluenitwolf wrote:
I know right

No, left, joo. Left.
If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes...

Shut up and click here

jew: Stupid goyim.

Click here to show your love for Misho

The Beast in the skies has risen - in time it would come. The lands have begun their schism; all bow to the Fallen One.

May the mighty Mjølnir
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I succeeded in giving these things their presents. I made sure to throw in some extra destructive workings. Man, i could feel these bastards try to disrupt me. I mean like, c'mon, you guys flipping started this crap. Dont get mad that we're bout to clean you up. Everyones tired of the flipping smell.

Im proud of myself today. i did more than i would anticipate. Because im bbad, im bad, bad goyim, ahh ahh, because im mmmm, im bad bad goyim. you know im bad

".....I'm gonna make a change for once in my life, gonna feel real good gonna make a difference..........Cause I'm talking bout that Man in the Mirror."

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I have always loved the Dark Side... 'Cause you know... We're Bad 8-)

May the Truth
always bring you

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Darkness rises to prevent the false light from blinding the people.

".....I'm gonna make a change for once in my life, gonna feel real good gonna make a difference..........Cause I'm talking bout that Man in the Mirror."

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