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New Year Resolutions and Future Plans...Of the Jews

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Greetings to all our Comrades and Satanic Forces!!!

Now for all who are aware and they are watching the jewish situation, but also aware of what the enemy wants, but also have been following the events, the jews want to exterminate and Genocide Whites and other people who have been resisting them or that could be a potential threat to them. The late decades and how the jews have been affecting history, its evident that their “prophecies” and all their other “religious” things, these aren’t plainly some stories and lies, these are things they are using as guides to destroy the rest of Humanity and anyone who resists them.

The enemy sparked the problems in the Middle East, got the leading countries evolved, they also do run the corporations and play the Middle Eastern game from all sides. 911 was a jewish inside job to get the USA involved into the jewish domination conquest. In the movie of the “Matrix”, or the Simpsons, but Batman also, the subliminals about 9-11 were launched into the mass mind of the populace. The jews are guilty. They prey and pray for the fact that the Goyim Animals do lack knowledge, determination and intelligence to fight them away of their territories, destinies and lives. They know the masses tend to be stupid, they tend to forget and they know any and all weaknesses and strengths of their hosts and victims. They are not stupid, neither they will ever admit anything, or move away of their goals. They know that after so much they have done, its either-or for them.
The ISIS is their creation, but when things got out of control, they enforced the great powers to get involved and sweep the other Races and peoples who they wanted to destroy. This is all done so Israel can get their way with Border Expansion and to create what is prophesized (from their own, to be done by their own) as the “Greater Israel”. Of course this will be attempted to be built on millions upon millions of corpses.


Everyone also here knows that the enemy is hiding behind Marxism, Leftism and Multiculturalism. Their battle and destruction towards all Races on Earth and also, the White Race above all, has been going for centuries and its even described and laid out in their own “books”. The enemy has also murdered, tortured and destroyed millions of people, directly or indirectly. They are also, shaping late history to fill into their demands, they brought forth the Middle Ages and they are behind every attempt to halt Gentile Evolution and to keep societies and the whole world back and in change, just to further enslave Humanity.

Needless to say, but the “Goyim” (animals in Hebrew) are being educated, they are waking up and now that these dangers are hitting the roasted steel, only fools will remain sleeping. The rest of the people will soon or later revolt against the jewish superpower.

The enemy knows they have been exposed so they will of course, follow certain methods that are supposed to help them out of what they are experiencing. In plain, they will try to protect themselves and again, keep the people away from them when they are enforcing all they are to enforce upon people. The Joy of Satan has laid out in public all the information necessary about them. The World is nevertheless, waking up, despite of all their attempts. This is like how many of you have seen "beyond" the veil of the "good enemy" and have felt on your skin their attacks and attempts to spiritually numb you and destroy you. So much of the "good" and "innocent" god. If anything, it wants to murder you, but it may be too weak to do so and this is the only obstacle. As the enemy openly states in their texts, not only all Satanists, but in addition, all other "Idololaters" are to die (billions of people) but they are also to roast in eternal hellfire, for not succumbing to the Abrahamic Hoaxes that portray as religions. Eternal hellfire after they have suffered eternally in what the enemy calls as the "God World" or "World of the Righteous" (ie Jew World Order). When someone turns against them, mercy mode and misdirection come into play. But the goals remain the same. They don't change an opinion after they watch CNN and BBC, because "Paris Tears" in facebook, or after someone tries to explain them in ethical sugar why they shouldn't just enslave and kill all those who resist their goals. This is what they do, this is what they follow, accept it or not. And if this seems like prehistoric times warfare, well, it exists today, with the unevolved and eternal jew. They never change. They never "evolve" in such stupid ways they have taught the populace to "change" and "evolve". They always keep the same way, mission and path.

If questioned or criticized, their answer would be like this. "No no! It never was us. We never did anything! We are the innocent Chosen Children of God. It was God, it was the Devil, it was Your aunt Matildha, it was fate, it was reality, it was him, it was her, it was it, it is what it is, it was anything but me! The poor jew! How could it ever be me? Look at these evil Aryans and evil others. Of course its not me. All I do is cry 6 billion tears all day! How can I be guilty and responsible for everything bad that happens??? :'( " Then when you believe that shit, get ready to feel the stabbing dagger in your back and wave the heavens as the world you once knew disappears from your sight, forever. Giving place to a Jewish Global Slave Order.

They will also use any astral and physical means necessary to accomplish their purposes and protect themselves for all they have been undergoing. They are alike a virus and they will do ANYTHING, absolutely ANYTHING to gain ground to protect themselves and keep the attention away from themselves, so they can escape the judgment for what they have caused and created. The enemy has been revealed completely, both “religiously” and in what they do. They have also been exposed as a Race, which is what they are. The enemy is as thus scared and will continue pulling off acts.

1. Denying everything they are accused of. The enemy will, now that they are exposed, use all vile methods and underhanded methods to deny everything. Everything that is revealed about them, they will try to pass of as a joke, as insanity, as a mere tendency of the few “bad jews”, while actively trying to erase every proof or information that leads to them as the source of what they are guilty about. Denial is a major weapon for the jews and the same goes for every criminal. Even though its glaringly evident that the law, the rules and regulations, the state even, are shaped in such a way as to protect them while damning Gentiles, they will just deny everything and pretend it never even happened. One of their major excuses will be that these things existed only to “ideologically defend them” and of course, they will again pull out the “sorry” and persecution complex card. Since they know 6 millions of lies can’t save them, they may move forward with outright brutal force, but this would inevitably bring over their end. This brutal force they are exacting to the populace through the immigration policies and economic warfare.

2. Re-writing History about Adolf Hitler and the 3rd Reich. The enemy knows that the 3rd Reich has been their worst enemy and that they would be eventually destroyed if Hitler won the War, or if His ideas and philosophies made it into the broad populace. They know that this would eventually bring out the Racial insticts of people and that they would be destroyed. The enemy can only thrive amongst people who are not racially aware. In the bible, they are racially infiltrating the tribes they want to destroy and the same method has been going on for centuries upon centuries. The other lies about how “jews fought in Hitlers Army” and any sorts of other lies, such as that “Hitler was an Xian” will all be used to cover up the greater Cosmic battle that underwent at this point, between Hitler and the National Socialist against the Jew War Order. The enemy will try to dilute, wear down the message and the list goes. Everything will be adjusted so that the jews are left surviving and thriving and in such a way that they aren’t being recognized for what they are. Denial of the facts about Hitler being an anti-semite, or a Satanist and anything of this nature (Which is proven obvious by its outcome and the war HE carried, above all) all are tied into this too.

3. Taming “Nationalism”/Infecting Nationalism with Xianity. If you can’t stop a revolt ( the jews are losing this battle, and also the battle of information against their enemies) they will try to poison this intellectual/physical revolt to fail, by infestation.

Now, Nationalism seems inevitably the future and as people are getting attacked, the jews are trying to force this wave back by their leftist and Marxist narrative. The Racial awareness of the people is coming in and awakening. Things are trying to return to natural order. Since this will no longer work after a point and will eventually collapse, they will work to infest Nationalism with Xianity and making it become corrupt and destroyed from within, while promoting a Race Mixing agenda backhandedly. So long the jewish “god” and the faith to jews remain, the populace still is enslaved mentally and spiritually, so the physical level will only follow. This is why the modern narrative, is about Nationalists being Christians and about “Christian Nationalism”. Underhanded attempts to lure the people include the show offs of the great “Medieval History” and other things that talk into the Gentile Unconscious, somehow tying the Rule of Christianity with “Innovations” and “Power” for the Goyim slaves. The other narrative that the enemy will attempt is “Christian Us, Muslim Invaders”, to again drive in the people into xianity. All this will fail but they will nevertheless, attempt it, as there are always uneducated fools and beta males who are too afraid to be cast into the jewish hellfires, so to say. It’s the duty of the Alpha males/women and people who are intelligent, to wake up these slaves from their sleep and take them over. This is duping many mentally and spiritually enslaved cuckolds of the jews, who are too afraid to go against the jewish “god” and their demands and who see the Christian/Muslim mud, as some sort of “Historical Continuity” of the people, which is just a virus of infection and death for Gentiles and our Cultures.

Christianity and Mud-slime has always been the destruction and the toxicity which destroyed and annihilated Gentile Civilizations. It halted and destroyed thousands upon thousands of years of evolution and empowerment and it destroyed everything. It put the real God, Satan, into the bad side, while the god of the jews, it made the “leader” and imposter of the Original God, Satan. The jews made sure to kill the greatest Pagans and the Greatest Leaders before the xian era, so the unintelligent dumbs that remained after this, were willing to be enslaved and to become servants under the “Christian” invention of the jews. The jews know that if you control someone religiously, you control them in every other level as well, according to their Marxist narrative. They used the greatest source of Gentile Power, to turn it into the greatest source of weakness. Freedom was perverted to servitude. Knowledge became ignorance, Truth became lies. The source of powers for all Gentile civilizations, were rooted in our Pagan Faith and in our Pagan customs, all of which revolved around personal strength, dignity, resistence to lies and evolution of the spirit and civilization. If these things are crushed or diseased, the jews can move forward easily. Then when this is done with, you remove religion all together because its no longer needed and the Goyim are well enslaved. This is like the Soviet Jewnion, which was the bulwark and spear of 20th century Jew World Order. The jews retain all their copycat religious tenets for these reasons of power, while they strip off and destroy these for others to weaken them down. The second step in this is injecting their own imposter religion, then when the process of enslaving the goyim is achieved, they impose Atheism. In plain, they will try to infect a sane idea, with a point of insanity and open the door for this to be destroyed and unsuccessful. Then it is removed completely and it can never be recovered.

4. Xian church wearing a “Nationalist” façade. This was pulled up many times, especially on Hitlers era. The same kikes and sell outs who worship the jews day and night, enforce their consciousness over the Goyim (Gentiles) and those who bring the servants of the jews in, they will try to attempt to portray themselves as legitimate Nationalists who are interested in the “family” or the “volk” or the “good of the world” and the list goes. In plain, when they will be defeated and destroyed, you may even see the pope or anyone else of the side of the enemy, licking the muddy boots and feet of our own, doing the everlasting thing they always do: Lies and Mercy abuse- in order to survive. Somewhere, somehow. Anti “Muslim” and “Anti Globalist” narrative will also come handy for them, while all their Marxist spewing brew soup is found out by everyone for what jewish nature it is. They will also try to convince the masses and leaders that they didn’t do anything wrong and that they always did what they should have done. They will try to pretend they are helpful to the people and such, as they always do, only this time, on a Racial level or National level. Dropping their own actions into God also ties into this. “God said so” is the favorite excuse of any xian, from serial murdering kikes, to the pope and any other bloody mass murderer like Stalin or any Middle Age “king”.

5. Furthering the Claims about Satanism. After the jews have went very deeply in lying about Satan, trying to destroy the Gods themselves (pure stupidity on their behalf) they will now try other methods. The methods are as following. First, the jews outright attack something. If they cannot destroy it, they move onto the second stage. They try to turn others to destroy it for them. This is what they have done with the Goyim masses, which they turned against their own “god”. If they even lose this, when they are approaching their definite end, they ask for mercy and even beg to join forces and sides with their enemies. If their enemies are foolish enough to accept them or listen to their lies, they are taken in, and then, they are destroyed from within and backstabbed to death. After this, the jews emerge stronger and with double power, expanding onto their next target. This is the same route a virus follows in destroying its victims and evolving.

After centuries and lies about Satan, or even their most recent lies, the enemy will now slowly tune down the “Anti Satanic” narrative, or after they have lost and the Pagan Practices can no longer be stopped, what once they tried to outright kill, they will try to join and poison from within. Or they will try to claim other lies, such as they “had” to do all they “had” to do in order for this faith to be restored and empowered, yadda yadda, we played our part for the Creator. The list of lies here is endless. EA Koetting and others are serving in this, to further the lies about Satanism and make it seem like some sort of charlatan religion, while in the very core, Satanism is the only religion which worships Truth and basically, worships the one all the Ancient Civilizations (except the jews) called as “Eternal Truth”. The enemy if they see the popularity of Satanism is adding up, they will do all they have been doing, like the TV series “Lucifer” and all these movies, portraying Satan in a half lies, half positive light. The other filthy lies they are doing, these revolve around lying and projecting all they are and do upon Satan.

One major projection of what they are, is saying that Satan is a reptilian who wants to enslave the World and aligning themselves with the “Satanic side”, while in Truth it’s the exact opposite. The jews are aligned with “JHVH” and who they outright openly state, while at the same time, they themselves and their “JHVH” are the reptilians and those who want to destroy the World and make it succumb into darkness and slavery. This is a clever move, as their second move after denial, if it fails, is illusions and then, there is reversal. 60% Truth 40% lies is the favorite of the jews. This is what they do in movies and famous literature, for the reason of its effectiveness.

The lies also, as they always have, as the smear campaings, may run about the Joy of Satan too. Personally, impersonally, it doesn't matter. These might range from mild, to outright outrageous. The people Spiritually attacking the enemy, and this can only happen through "Satanic" Power, but also education, is what harms the enemy the most. Don't expect them to sit back idly and watch you take over from them, what they killed millions and abused millions for centuries to get. They just won't do it.

6. Attempting Outright Force/Transmuting if there is failure. If the jews weigh the circumstances in their ability, they will try to outright attack those who stand against them. Since this would cause their destruction, they will even matters out and they will persecute and try to destroy their enemies in more sly and backhanded ways. This goes especially for people on high politics and position who they can’t destroy outright. If they fail, they will wear the good mask, or pretend to be innocent and never have touched anything. This is for instance, the claims of Trump about how he will just “momentarily” shut down the Internet, or other more obscure ways the jews will try to confiscate guns and leave the USA and any other country robbed of the ability to defend itself. Accurately, not the country, as the weapons of a country if its under the jewish thumb, they have become jewish guns. They just want to rob the populace of this right and they have succeeded in many places. Outright force is not the way to go to some, to some others it might be. Subliminal programming, lying to the masses, keeping them preoccupied and lying to them about everything, is the key. Its not about driving others where you want them with force, but winning a battle without starting a war. This way you have no casualties and losses on your own side. This is what the enemy aims for.

7. Upping the pre-occupation of the masses to the extremes. Now this might drag onto the far ends. When the jews are found out and the populace is being educated about them, they will try at first to destroy the economy. Then, they may even outright attempt to cause a WW3, as they have been trying to sow in Syria and other places of the World. War is where the jews thrive, as they thrive for chaos and war makes sure to keep people onto the lowest level possible, never-minding the jewish problem. The jews have shaped reality in such a way that people struggle for survival and if you struggle for such, how the fuck are you somehow supposed to look at the capstone of this slave order and see the jews? Its fairly easy to look matters as they are, but when you have a blindfold, then you can’t do this. The enemy is also enforcing a false conception of reality towards all people and beings, only to just hide themselves behind this and also, dillute the lives of people into nonsense and needless things. They want all the Goyim to come, "live" and go, like they never actually existed. This is the purpose of every animal, after all. To live, to serve, to be eaten and to feed the master. Then to become mud once again. This is what the jews want to ensure by keeping the masses stupidly "pre-occupied".

Understanding it all around.

The jews are ferocious, deadly but they are sly and physically cowardly. They are also masters of deception, and the real masters of lies. Therefore, they outright try to destroy their victims and if they can’t do this, they sic onto them, they try to deprive them of their power and then, by division and destruction, they take them over and drive them to the cliffs. Then, they repeat this process from whatever angle it worked. If the jew is approaching defeat, they are puffing up their feathers to show they are not, or they will just get into the ground and ask for mercy, backed up by half-baked lies and illusions as to allure the victim to give them mercy or to make their victim think that the existence of the jews would make them more powerful, whatever works on each foolish victim. The jew is the only being that asks for mercy, after evident attempts at killing and destroying you, only to do this again and to keep trying to do this. They are also the only being in existence which wants you, based on some ideological assumption they have created, to sit idle and die because they are rightfully, your murderers. They are again, the only being in existence which will complain and throw off an ethical tantrum about you not succumbing to their murder attempts to your spirit, soul and body. Lastly, only the jew is the one who abuses natural laws so much, but wants you to be weak and guilty when it comes to doing this yourself. This is because the jews win only by deception and by confusing/numbing the mental and spiritual faculty of their victims and prey. If otherwise, people knew this, the jew would have been defeated.

If their victims are foolish enough to give this mercy, they are doomed and they will be eventually destroyed. One member in the groups had in their signature, to never accept what the enemy has to offer, or listen what they have to say. This is most True in this case. The jews work by some very certain ways:

1. Blinding/Illusions/Deception.

2. Abusing every invisible force such as law, Human Rights and anything else.

3. Outright Brutal force (only if they can exact this safely)

4. Making themselves needed and making others unnaturally dependent to them, ie, tying the survival of the victim with their own, to keep a parasitic relation going, up to the point that the removal of the parasite means the death of the host.

5. Abusing and using all the weaknesses imposed by xianity and pisslam to their victims. Which include stupidity, senseless mercy, “love all”, “all equal” and all the other “values”, false and senseless “hope”, etc etc, all taught on by these enemy beings.

6. Robbing of the senses, be these spiritual or the judgment of victims. One being without keen senses can be destroyed fairly easily.

7. Keeping their enemies endlessly preoccupied.

8. Bride. Self-explanatory.

9. Uniting wrong and right to produce wrong, strong Gentiles and jews to produce more jews. Ie, Assimilation and absorption. The same thing goes for everything, be it an idea, or reality, or anything else.

10. Causing Divisions in groups that try to bring them down. Self-explanatory. How many times have you seen big ego-pathic fools and teenagers thinking they are the “shit” and trying to backhandedly fill their empty life by destroying Satanism, for instance.

11. Labelling. This is like Racist. When jews and the enemy is losing their arguments, they are just forcing labels forward, so the foolish people who listen to these and are afraid of being pinned of these for any reason, just succumb to the pressure behind this. This can happen in the smaller or larger scale.

12. Turning the masses against their enemies/Hyper Individualization. The masses is where the enemy overlords now. They don’t lord over individuals, are the individual is analytical, while the masses in nowadays world aren’t this at all. Most people hate and disagree with the jews as persons or individuals, and if they knew, they would be at the very least dissatisfied and hateful towards them. But on a massive level, the jew is trying to control people like cattle. As the time goes and the “WWW” does it job, the enemy knows this individuality will lead to their ruin, as individuals tend to think a bit more. So they try to overly- individualize people over bullshit, as to divide them from their own kinds and teams, only through which the enemy could be defeated.

This must be kept in mind, that neither the hyper senseless mass nor the individual is the way to go, but the golden node between such must be taken as a route. Satanism is the religion of the Individual, but it’s also the religion for the Whole. When great and bright Satanic individuals make up a whole, then this whole is bright and great. If sheep and cattle make a whole, then this is the jewish farm.

13. Reflection/Projection. The jews always work on reflecting and projecting what they are and do to their enemies. They will for instance call their enemies pedophiles, while they themselves are sucking toddler’s dicks everyday long in the synagogue. The list goes endless and this ties into all the above. Reflection also has to do with trying to steer the hatred that is directed against them, onto someone else. Now that Hitler and Satan don't exist to be called as the source of all evil, it makes everyone wonder who will be next. Relocating and reflecting the hatred that is for the, the judgement and criticism they are to receive and such, is a common jewish spiritual, physical and astral method.

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I find this article very true and even from my personal experience and from my world and media observations.
Well done HP. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Ave Pater nostri Enki.

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Very informative, I'm guessing we shall have a whole slew of reverse rituals to do in the coming year I take it.

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