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Debunking Nanking and Allied Propaganda

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Post Fri Dec 25, 2015 10:13 am

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This is a great article and was posted by a member of the Asian group, so thanks to him, but it is also very important to be posted here.


During and after the war, the allies spewed out vile propaganda against the Axis powers, namely Germany and Japan.

For example they blame the Nazis for the Lidice massacre (Lidice never existed) and the Malmendy masscre. Both are fallacies and were made to guilt trip the Germans and incite hate against them

They continue to try and put this blanket of guilt over the Germans and the Japanese to these day, and we can now see what its effects are in Germany.
Many Germans believed they should marry Jews, give them their belongings etc due to the holohoax and "all the suffering they endured".

Also, with all the lies the Jews made about Hitler and the Nazis being Racist - such as the much over exaggerated Lebensraum and the bring up of the "Rhineland Bastards", a term not even coined up by the Nazis - The jews have got it in their conscience and have programmed the them t believe that Germany should be a racial free for all and they must accept other races and hoards of refugees.
Germany has no obligation to do this, but as a state that was and will be National Socialist, they have an obligation to do the opposite.

For more info and allied lies and propaganda as well as corruption of Third Reich documents see the links below.
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Finally exposed! Very good!
I remember there was a fucking antijapan hollyjewish movie about it.

Thank you very much for posting this and also thanks for the person who found it! I shared it immediately.

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