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Greetings to all our Comrades and Satanic Family!

This time, we can share some fundamental things for advancing one's being and being happy. Having certain things in mind can help all beings advance, and this is the aim of this post.

Upon a conversation with Satan, He went on about the nature of our choice and what do these account for. Many times, people are forced to make certain choices, for certain areas and certain times. Whether or not, one accepts or knows the outcome, when one accepts the choice, they accept the outcome. This Satan simply shared as "When you make a choice, you also choose its outcome [The outcome of that choice]." Whether or not this outcome is known, its accepted. There are of course many times, than the outcomes are not known, yet in many choices, we can predict and know what will come from these.

Many times, we are told how important choices are. Most people don't understand when they are told, but rather when their choices lead them to ruin or something. One can though understand, before this. It takes enormous time to re-create, let's say a building that has collapsed to bits compared to just shedding of dust upon a building that is already in perfect condition, or painting the walls.

For instance, so many people are not doing worthwhile things with their lives. Everyone, in their quest to find pleasure and happiness, they try to approach this certain thing by ways which according to what they know or they were told, bring happiness to someone. This movement toward happiness is normal. Yet, the ways we are taught this happiness can be achieved can be quite abnormal, or even fake. Let's say, one of such things are drugs. So many people are wasting their time and existence on things that can at best, give them some transient experience, that isn't even worthwhile. Upon making this decision, they are also making the decision to suffer from what these drugs will cause to them, in the long-term or in the short term.

At this point, whether one is aware or mature enough to understand it, not only they are making a choice, put they are putting themselves in the road for the outcome. This outcome has many faces. It has the inner and personal face, the face of your health, the face of your social standing, whatever applies. In other words, when one does this "shot" they are also at the same time injecting all this misery and affliction that comes with this practice. In cases that one knows, that their choice is going to be a disaster and they choose this anyway, they are shaping their own fortune and their own future alike, but also their present. It doesn't matter to nature what you are doing, if you knew or didn't know, as all this is into the ethical realm at best and these do not apply here, at all.

When one raises their consciousness through meditation, knowing the enemy, they know the enemy works Human beings in very certain ways and attacks them with very certain carrots. They hit on the lack of knowledge and also, the lack of happiness, both of which are inflicted by the enemy. When one doesn’t know it and they aren’t self-content, then they are setting themselves for disaster. If you also tie in the factor needing something, then, this person can be totally enslaved. The enemy works on creating all the above, in ways to make people suffer. The enemy can only rule in suffering, because lies need suffering to survive. Where would be xianity or piss-lam in a happy world? It only profits from mercy, misery, death, lack of knowledge, affliction, deprivation and anything else of the same nature. In order to exist, it must re-create these conditions. And reinforce them if nessescary. Otherwise, how could ever these hoaxes and programs of servitude survive? They aren't even needed in reality, at all. They serve no purpose other than the purpose to keep everyone enslaved, within and without.

For instance, so many people are totally complaining all the time about how their life is. How they weren't the born son/daughter of a multibillionaire, how life is supposed to be some other way, how they are supposed to be something else. Mostly, people are complaining about things they do not have, which they think that if they had, they would elevate them to a better inner status. And this many times, is the case. But equally many times, it is not. Many times, we are able to go into the outcome of a pleasant choice at once.

But most people are afraid to face reality, or the possible labor that something might take, and above all, they are trying to push their own standards upon reality, from a weak point and by being unwilling to change. They are just stuck in the modes and behaviors that will never bring them what they want, need, or would like to have. Their person isn't changing or advancing, and as thus, their reality doesn't either. In other words, people become either stubborn cunts or they just quit. This of course, isn't the way to follow towards any desire, and unfortunately, the jewish enemy has lied to all of you about how things do happen in "Nature". This doesn't work and then people get into a self-defeating attitude, which brings one into a spiral of downwards movement, which the enemy exploits to enslave or destroy people that could otherwise be strong. The enemy doesn't want people who are strong around. Intelligence is a thing they hate.

Now, the reality behind reality is that things are coming from one's self. For instance, many people are complaining about things that are in fact, the reaping of what they sowed. Or the reaping of what they are afraid to sow. They just complain about their own choices, or lack thereof. Many people are also sitting idly and watching, without making any choice, but this is also, the choice of not choosing, which is again a choice. This can be understood from a very simple paradigm. So many people every day, they do complain for not being happy for instance, or not feeling good etc. The enemy has taught people that if they self-whip themselves and they make themselves suffer, somehow, something will "See" them and give them mercy, or something. This is untrue and it never comes, and don't be surprized the jews and their media and teachings are lying to the Goyim again, because this is what they do. When one goes downward the spiral of sadness and despair, only the same thing they will attract. This isn't some bullshit like the law of attraction, but the reality behind such is simple.

If you are too stupid to be convinced about how you need certain things to be happy, or too stupid to be convinced that you are to self blame and make yourself suffer, then you deserve your suffering. If you are unwilling to take the labor to correct something, you are unworthy and undeserving to either ask about it. Not from the ethical standby, but from the standby of how Nature works. You can't complain you don't feel perfectly physically fine and like a supreme athlete would feel, if you aren't even walking down the block once a day. You also are too stupid if you are jealous and complaining about others who have achieved things that you watch and think that make them happy, because again, not only you don't know if these really make them happy or how THESE people are, but you are also wasting your energy idly by jealousy and resentment, remaining in your own stupid little universe of suffering. You are putting yourself on the chair to suffer, and you of course, suffer.

More so, if you can correct this and you don't, but rather continue down the same road, whining and crying, you are nothing but worthless and nobody is going to save you from this. So many people are carrying self-guilt, self-fear and self-hatred, for no absolute reason at all. This reality has made the worthy and intelligent people unhappy, while the dumb parasites are all around being all joy, because they don't even understand a thing. It doesn't matter how much life has inflicted upon you, or what has happened, or who is what. It doesn't matter if you are the richest man alive, or a prisoner, or you were a drug abuser. If you still can make a choice, you can escape from this misery. Making this choice and adhering to it, will help you out.

Of course, either in the dowside or in the upside, the same rule applies. The more choices of a similar nature you make, the more you will advance into this direction. The more choices of misery, the more misery. The more choices of good and joy, the more joy. Its that easy, really.

Also, the velocity of going into a direction, does add up. If you go upwards, the velocity adds up. If you go downwards, the same applies. And going towards heavens, you can never crush onto concrete...Unless some evil entity has put some sort of barrier between you and the heavens, which of course, you can too shatter…But going downwards, you will certainly meet the ground at some point. Oh, and the more velocity is added, the more speed and then the more violently you will hit the ground. So you better start developing strong wings to fly, rather than putting weight upon yourself to crush onto nothingness. It's only what's good for you after all.

So many people also borrow time from the future. Well, I might suck today, but in the future I will be good. Yes, this makes sense. But many people are breaking this AFTER they say such thing. For instance, one can complain they don't have spiritual power or any very serious occult power. Well, after their complaint, here they are, doing weed, playing a computer game, or senselessly chit chatting with people whom they know will bring nothing to them. Obviously, they don't have a right to complain. Then, you have this other guy. He understands he is weak and on deep problems, and on the next day, or within the next hour, they are trying to come up with plans, whatever, to surpass that issue.

They know they suffer, so they follow the way of their Ancestors and on the next 10 minutes, they are trying to meditate. He is going to go the extra mile. In the end of the day, he will be relaxed. He will be better than the other slob. In the next day, the first slob will be two times weaker. The other guy, will be two times stronger. Not before long, whether guy one and guy two started from the same spot, the second person will be on their way towards greatness. While the first one will remain a slob.

The enemy is hiding you the power of your choices. Satan wants everyone to know this. If happiness is in front of you and you don't seize it, if there is a way to go and you aren't going, then you don't love yourself enough. You have to face this. If you don't, then find the reasons, know there are no "sins" in Satanism and move on. Forgive yourself. And become happy and whole again! It’s that simple. The Gods have given us the ways.

This guy will sit down and realize, that what they have given up for so long, has a right to have given them up. One cannot expect to feel like a supreme Divine being when they have been following another road, or treating themselves like the lowest of excrement. They are just reaping what they have sowed.

Satan wants His followers to make choices that will make their life, inner condition and Soul better. Don't want for gifts to fall from the skies, ascend to the skies and get your gifts. While the stupid enemy preaches that "God" and the creator is always somewhere else, that joy is in something you will buy, that a psychopathic jew that sits on the clouds governs the universe, reality hasn't changed. The Truth is that the Creator runs within yourself and within your own blood, every moment that you exist. If you choose to bring this out, then you will be eternally joyous. Because, guess what, our Creator Satan, put the Creator inside us.

He didn't want us to be the slaves which will praise Him for all eternity. He wants people to remember them in joy and love. He made beings to be free. He gave us the keys to our own freedom. When one applies these keys, devotes to meditations and opens their ears to listen, they are making the choice to become Gods. To be happy. To be strong, defiant and powerful. To be what the Creator has intended for beings.

Satan gave His own personal essence inside us, the Kundalini Serpent. To save us from this decay, inside and outside. Satan saves from within. Satan isn’t about coming from the skies and solely that. Satan gave everyone the ability to save and become their own salvation, together with Him. And let other fools seek their salvation and rupture in the clouds from jews, where you, you can close your eyes and experience the Salvation of the Serpent for yourself. Satan gives you wings to fly to these skies for yourself, only if so you choose. He also additionally will provide a map, someone to be with you just in case you get lost, protection from the vultures of the enemy which want to eat your corpse.. The list goes…

Then, another fundamental thing. Most people become crazy or displeased or unhappy, when certain things go gamut inside them. That is, where certain forces are out of equilibrium and control, or not harmonious. This is for instance especially True when it comes to people who suffer from over reactive minds. These forces are left to wander on their own, without order and without harmony and as thus the consciousness suffers. Satanism is about being powerful and putting these in place. The minds of so many people are not even owned by themselves, but the enemy, or someone else, or just at the mercy of whatever else.

This is why so many people are experiencing so many wrongs and misfortunes, what is negatively and falsely called as "Karma". You must take your minds and Souls back, my people. And regenerate them. Make them whole again. This is what Satan wants, and to dedicate one's Soul to Truth, means this exact thing. This process and how much it will take ranges, but time doesn't even matter. The day when you will belong to yourself and be whole in yourself as an existence, all this past will disappear. Equilibrium = Peace and Joy. Chaos, forces Gamut = Suffering.

Misery and Happiness are also, contagious. They add up, they spread like a ‘plague’ and they return back multiplied. This is why, the enemy by enforcing pain and misery, they are creating a shithole inferno of a world. This is to where, a miserable person can drag down 10 persons who are good, and not the other way around. So bad reality has become from the enemy, that the spirits of many people are thrown into the pit of doom simply for existing, or better yet, so the souls of the natural enemy, the jew, can thrive on. Satan and the Forces of Hell want the enemy punished. All of us all must spiritually manage this situation.

Last but not least, so many people are being fooled. The enemy has put into the minds of people, that one's happiness is another man's misery. And of course, with every lie the enemy states, they create a society, reality or problem to reinforce this and drum it into the minds of people. This doesn't apply and its yet another lie. Yes, there can exist a world where everyone is smiling and is more or less happy and content with their being.

Such were the worlds before the jewish advances. In these worlds, nobody's sexual orientation was evil, nobody's work was derogatory, nobody's existence was a shame and mistakes were treated as mistakes, not as existential mucus that sticks upon a person forever. Satan and the Gods are very forgiving and they want us to too, forgive ourselves if that is necessary for our wellbeing.

You are my people and I love you, as much strange as this may sound. I see our Creator in every and each-one of you. I don't want the enemy to lie to any of you, or to keep you in chains, or any of you to live a life in suffering, most of which you never even deserved to begin with. One of the birthrights of every Human being is to have the ability to ascend with the practices and to have the ability to choose to do this. The enemy has stolen and perverted this, but we are giving this back to everyone and with all our powers, we stand in the name of our Creator, Satan, and In Truth. If anything, our collective efforts are to both free ourselves and free Humanity. Satanism is about the Light, but also the Darkness, which symbolizes the Eternal Powers of the Cosmos.

So many times, one hears that all change starts from one's self. But only Satanism can actualize this, because this is the core religion of Humanity that works really deeply inside the person, in all levels, bringing equilibrium and harmony. People do actually heal in Satanism and through the knowledge Satan given us. Meditation will bring this, so delve, try and try again. Choose to be happy. Choose to advance. There are no failures, there are only lessons, and no mistakes, but only teachings. Move forward and advance your Souls in Satan. The Great Work of Satan upon Humanity, starts from the Self. This is why Satanism places emphasis on the individual. The many perfected selves, do as thus create a perfected whole. This is why Satanism places emphasis on the Whole. When these both unite and become a whole perfection, then there can exist everlasting joy for everyone involved.

You exist here and now. Inside you do live both your parents, your Ancestors. They live through you, even after they are gone from our physical sight and existence. They aren't you, and you aren't them. You are separate, but you are connected.

In the same way, Satan exists in us. In the same way, Satan lives through us. In the same way, Satan is the Savior...He saves us from within, when we save ourselves, by choosing and adhering to the choice of becoming our own Salvation.

In His day, the 23th, the day will start to grow larger, the darkness will start giving into the Light. The Light will start becoming stronger, in the darkness that comes with a Message of Wisdom. The Sun will start Rising ever stronger, Reborn. So make it a gift to Him and yourself, to become such a Sun. Rise from the Ashes, and be reborn. Chose this, the totality of your existence.

Become what you are: a Satanic Sun.

My Comrades,
May Satan bless all of you,
May Satan be blessed!



-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

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Thank You Hp HoodedC.
This is beyond beautiful and absolutely the truth.
Hail Satan and all Gods of Duat !
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Hail Satan e tutti gli Dei di Duat.

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"Become your own Sun"
This is what Satan told me some days ago and it is wonderful to have you state this.
It is important for all of us to come into our own and becoming our own divinity. To overcome the conditions of the unfinished work.

Happy Yule and Lord Satan's sacred day to all dedicated Satanists. Enjoy and have a worthwhile celebration.

For those who are new: ... IDAYS.html
~May The Serpent Transform you and guide you to your own divinity~

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Kool post, liked it a lot.

Thank you!

Love, joy, and all the best to all SS's!

Happy Yule! That all our plans work out perfectly this year!

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High Priest, you have a unique talent to inspire and bring out the most beautiful emotions from the people. Thank you so much for this sermon and for all of your time that you give to us. You are Sir truly great !

Hail Satan !

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Thank you for beautiful it brought tears to my eyes :_)

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