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The Jews Backhandedly Admit Satan Is The True God

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The Jews Backhandedly Admit Satan Is The True God

Numbers are letters and letters numbers. Satan as stated before is a Sanskrit word, Sat-an means God Eternal. In Sanskrit 100 is SATAM since the M and N are the nasal the M and N are interchangeable, SATAN. In the Jewish gematria HA SATAN is given the number 365 the number of the solar year. 365 is the number given to the sun god in the west. However the number One hundred is also the number of the sun. Showing SATAN is the name of the sun God. Which is always the King and ruler of the Gods. This is why the golden or solar age is the Satya age. And the name of the Aryan Religion was the Satyam.

The serpent of Satan is another symbol of the sun as well. The spiritual sun and enlightenment by the serpent of Satan.

HA like Satan is a Sanskrit word. HA means "The" HA SATAN means "The Enemy" in Hebrew. But in the original and proper Sanskrit the original language which predates Hebrew. HA SATAN means "The God Eternal". Here even the Jews admit SATAN is God Eternal and this makes them mad, right in their own trash religion. The Jews admit Satan is God Eternal. And they have been warring on this Truth for thousands of years. They wish to rewrite history and society so they can pretend to be god themselves. Which can be seen in their garbage Torah which is full of curses against the enlightenment of Gentiles and is designed to bind Gentiles to spiritual darkness on the soul level. So the Jews can rule the ruins.

HA SATAN, The God Eternal, is the enemy of the Jewish race. The Jews are the declared enemy of God Eternal. Since the title of SATAN as God Eternal also relates to the perfection of the soul and its full enlightenment the Jews are enemies of spiritual enlightenment and freedom as well. By their own declaration and deeds. They really are just criminal trash who want others to be enslaved in spiritual darkness and suffering.

The Gnostic's and their Remains. Charles William King.

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Is Sanskrit language of our Gods or is it Enochian that is language of Gods or it like Gods are beyond language ? Thanks I am really ignorant in this matter.


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My. That was easy for me to follow. Thanks, Magey.

I'll never understand how and why anyone would want to rule ruins.
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The purpose of Sanskrit is to create by sound.

roadtorevolution wrote:
Is Sanskrit language of our Gods or is it Enochian that is language of Gods or it like Gods are beyond language ? Thanks I am really ignorant in this matter.

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So they go so far as to contradict themselves whilst knowing they are and still try and trick their minds into believing they are doing (ironically according to their religion) 'what is right'...?

...this really says a lot about the Jewish level of intelligence...
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