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Post Sat Dec 12, 2015 1:50 am
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Shiva the [svarupa meaning White] God in the West is know as Dionysus [Zeus] the archetypical God Of Europe. Dionysus's most ancient name is Saba this is Sava the V and B are double letters. SAVA is an ancient spelling of Shiva, its also SAIVA. Zeus was also called Sandan which is Santan, Satan.

Something I stated before is Shiva in His highest aspect of god the being of the perfected five elements, the divine androgynous god. Is called SADA. This is SATA, the D and T are double letters. Showing what SATA is union of soul SA and body TA. It might also be the SABA or SAVA is actually SATA as well. SATAN is the original name of the White God. Which is why the Jews hate and fear this name so much. SA is soul and TA is body unified together. By the serpent energy which is SATANAS, the devil is the serpent. And the serpent brings eternal life and enlightenment.

Kularnave Tantra: The body the temple of god. The living being is the image of SADA Shiva. Shiva in His aspect of being. The adept pronounces the identification formula "I am he" to worship the body is thus to worship the god whose image it is we worship the god by worshipping his work.


If you note SAT means being in Sanskrit this is also SATA in its full form hence SATA Shiva. The "I AM" is NAS you can note this in Egypt [Araya is the ancient name of Egypt, Sanskrit was their language] with I am, being NUS its NAS. I am he, is I am being [SAT]. SATANAS is the formula of being mentioned in this text. The temple is called NAOS in Greek this is also NAS. Which is the microcosm of the god. SADA Shiva is the serpent god. And Naos being Nous in Latin the term for the Greek word Logos [God]. Meaning SATA is the name [of God] SATANAS is the original name of God on earth.

Post Sat Dec 12, 2015 9:56 am

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Oh, I thought SAT meant truth In Sanskrit? Hm. So, SA-Soul TA-Body NAS- I am SAT/SATA- Being. I remember in a previous sermon of yours describing similar combinations having meaning as well, at the top of my head, I think you were describing SA or something similar as meaning for the serpentine energy to ascend to the crown chakra, or to direct energies to the crown. My point being, SATANAS seems to be a whole combination of different aspects, do they all play a role collectively when Satanas is vibrated, or do you have to focus on a certain aspect to bring it out during vibration? Basically, say I wanted to focus on SA-Soul. Vibrating Satanas with "SA" in mind, would this in turn directly empower/stimulate the soul?

Another thought, that occurred to me while reading this, was during the "I am he/I am being" section. I know that by focusing and meditating on the gods or their sigils, you can manifest certain aspects within yourself. So with SATANAS meaning "I am he/I am being", I'm thinking that vibrating Satanas with a god/goddess' certain trait in mind would help manifest it much quicker. You are focusing on the trait you want or the god/goddess in question and literally telling yourself "I am he/being", this sounds like a present tense affirmation to me, with power in itself. Purely theory and speculation of course, but it was compelling enough for me to write about.

Thanks for another sermon, HP.

The path we walk is full of danger, and with that danger it gives us pride, courage, and power. Forever with Satan, forever in his name.


Post Sat Dec 12, 2015 2:43 pm

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I found this to be very revealing --

A variation, meaning the same thing, is Satyan.

Post Sat Dec 12, 2015 3:04 pm
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In a rush now, but Satan or variable of Satan do mean the highest and most exalted spiritual things in all languages, all having to do with the Serpent, the highest levels of consciousness, the enlightenment of Human beings in the personal and collective level. It also means light and Truth, it means the Highest level or adobe of Truth.

SATAN has many dimensions as a name. What it does to us, who he is as a being, what force he does represent, then more occult or more personal meanings, or meanings for all Humanity. In all languages, these connect into the point of Truth and highest elevation of the Spirit. This all relates and has one basic meaning that all people tried to touch in the same way. Its the common Name of our Central Gentile God, all of us worshipped Him.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

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