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Post Thu Dec 03, 2015 9:38 pm
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Salutations to all Our Satanic Forces and Comrades!

All of us can see, that the enemy is making their advances against us, with all means nessescary. Above all, these advances have one purpose. To make us succmb to pressure, to make us wither away and stop. To instill fear to our hearts. Our enemy, you see, they have mistaken us, for being as themselves. The advances and attacks of the enemy are obvious. Then let them try to cut with this double edged sword. Someone will survive out of this, and everyone knows that it will not be the enemy.

One must never forget. The enemy is a slaver minority, that forces people to war and slavery by visible and invisible means. They are nothing more.

“The authority of the State can never be an end in itself; for, if that were so, any kind of tyranny would be inviolable and sacred. If a government uses the instruments of power in it’s hands for the purpose of leading a people to ruin, then rebellion is not only the right but also the duty of every individual citizen.”

~Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf.

Our enemy has it all confused. We will solve this riddle for them, right here and right now, as we have always had. We are here to stay. We will stay. So long we exist, we will hold these gates of Truth. We are no different than those before us, but for those that will come after us, we are different. A New Man will rise from our Teaching and from this Teaching, that will be passed down to all generations. A Man without fear, without guilt, with Noblity and Purity.

We have launched our vision into the Eternal Universe. And if we fall, hundreds will replace us. If we march, millions will join us. Its already happening. We are waking the people up and the enemy knows this, so they are trying to rush everyone into war again. Their advances have betrayed them, but above all, they have betrayed their fear. The fear of Retribution, for what they are commiting all along.

We are spiritually unrelenting, we are unwilling of compromise. Our enemy will never know. They think that all their advances or that our fallen bodies, or a broken spirit can force us back. But nothing can force this wave back; It has Started. People are waking up. People do know who plans to force everyone to death, slavery and extinction. They can no longer hide. So now, they are just working around the clock to just speed up their plans of murdering everyone and putting their enemies into extinction.

I am a Satanist, just another Satanist, one of the countless to have went by, and of the countless to come. When will be the time, that all will realize, that this is the Highest Title? That you are already in the most Sacred Place? That you just have to look up, to see the Sun and go towards it? What is of more worth, what will ever be of more worth, what has ever been of more worth? The place where everyone here is striving to reach, is the same Eternal Place. The time will come when all will realize that this was only what was most important, the only thing that mattered most.

As such, like any Satanist, I have only one concern. Its not a concern due to Satan, its a concern that comes from the bottom of every Soul that wants to fight the Darkness. It comes from the Soul of every willing person, that has seen the monstrosity of the enemy. The only thing to worry, is that when I get in front of Satan, The Eternal God, I must be able to state clearly: I did whatever I could. At the times I fell, I went back over. I kept fighting. And when for whatever reason I stopped, I never stopped. I always returned. I stayed there and fought relentlessly to the last bit, to the bitter end.

As a Satanist, also, there is only one Aspiration I too have, no different than any other Satanist. One Aspiration that is common to the Satanic Souls. The Aspiration of Total and Unconditional Victory over the enemy. The day when the enemy is revealed guilty and put to justice for all the endless tons of blood, the Souls they have destroyed, the people they have brought to ashes and the Souls they poisoned forever.

Freedom must be fought for, lives have to be avenged. Or both will be gone forever. Our enemy has always been a savage, no wonder. A faithless monstrosity of cruelty, no wonder. A most cunning and evil being, no wonder. No wonder at all. If they can't get their way, they just want to drown people in the sea of blood. How unpredictable, really. Especially after someone has studied them for what they are, they don't even get shocked when they hear this, as its just hearing about the nature of the enemy...

But our enemy has never been what we have been. They have never been True, neither to themselves, neither to the World, neither anything else. They have never been Truth, or followed it. They are its vowed and sworn enemies. They never had the Truth on their side, which lastly, makes Truth their most mortal and Ancient Enemy.

The Power of Truth is Collosal. This is why this War on our behalf is waged by two things. Education and Spiritual Warfare. Nothing is more potentially more toxic to the enemy. Satan and Satanists are stronger than the enemy and we always were. So don't stay idle and march forward, erase their lies and fight them with the Spiritual Warfare Rituals and our Spiritual Practices.

This is why the sword, smear tactics and lies, the blood of innocent people, the corpses of millions to closely billions of people, the tears and anguish of all Humanity, the lack of knowledge of the people, and the will to enslave them, the massive brainwashing and enforcement, these have been their sources of power and their covenant. These things are what have kept them afloat, from the abyssal judgement that awaits them, on the fires roasting below. Our enemy is a lie. Lies cannot last forever.

Expose the Truth and they will collapse under their own weight, as someone who once sacrificed His life for this Cause stated. His name was Joseph Goebbels.

So, Comrades, Until the day comes, We will Fight. The boldest forces have aligned with us. Make use of these, move forward and don't let them claim they are neither the Truth, nor "God", for the enemy is neither. They are nothing but a lie.

Show the enemy who YOU are. Who WE are. And Who our GOD is. Bring their fake "god" and idea company down to its knees. Preserve the Truth like millions before you, for the millions that will come after you! Comrades, On to the frontlines for Humanity!

On the frontlines for SATAN!!! FREEDOM TO ALL HUMANITY!!!

You can persecute us, you can even kill us, but we will never capitulate!

-Adolf Hitler

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
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Post Thu Dec 03, 2015 10:06 pm

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HAIL SATAN!!!!!!!!!

Post Thu Dec 03, 2015 10:56 pm

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Brought tears to my eyes. ;w; Hail Satan and the Gods!
Hail Father Satan and the Gods!

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I'll face an army!
Can't fucking harm me,
Out on the front line,
That's where you'll find me!
They'll never take me alive!

Post Thu Dec 03, 2015 11:26 pm

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Best post I read tonight, the other 2 brought my spirits down a bit earlier today. I got so mad thinking about the cowardice attitude of those that do nothing while young girls are being raped on and off school grounds and the parents who are being punished for trying to defend the welfare of their children. I Hate These Fucking Jews.

But, thank you for your ability to make sense of the enemy's tactics and explain it to us during times when we aren't thinking clear. All I know is this has got to end no more bloodshed or ignorance of gentiles, the cost is too great. Marching forward with my comrades forever, Hail Satan.

Post Fri Dec 04, 2015 5:10 am

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May the Truth
always bring you

Post Fri Dec 04, 2015 5:19 am

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Post Fri Dec 04, 2015 10:37 am

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Beautiful sermon
May Satans world be shaped in his image forever, and may the armies of Satan march forward, growing stronger with each step! Sieg Heil!


Post Fri Dec 04, 2015 10:45 pm

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I just felt satans energy while reading this very powerful and i thanked him for bringing me the knowledge that will truly save me these hook nosed kikes have it coming

Ave satanas

Post Sat Dec 05, 2015 4:49 am

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"doubt is not necesary when you are a knowledgeable human who trained in Satanism" it's my phrase

it's only about fighting, resting, recovering, smashing the enemy all the time, which clever ways.

we are here for ALL, even for our universe

So I'm also with Satan no matter what,

and the enemy can go eat grey's brains if they want

but we are not changing, backing up , or dissapearing

We are here for the truth in Satan and gentile human life in freedom and power inside nobility

so the enemy must back off or dissapear

our will is more powerful

we have all the advantages and we know we do

we use our advantages, we are here to stay and they to bonboyage

the enemy with no question must be destroyed as the disease it is

the enemy has no chance of winning

we will help our Gods win, and our Gods will help us overcome our problems

it's a win win situation for us

and we have no compassion for the enemy, just as the enemy was totally focused completely in undermining us

the enemy is dead, we outsmarted the enemy and it's cohorts

kikes gotta kike

they are dead and destroyed with hopeless future

our movement will only grow

we are here for being grateful to Satan and loyalty is the most Satanic value in my opinion

thank you Hoodedcobra666 for your words

you always inspire me to keep going too, just as you do

Hail Satan and his Demons

Post Sat Dec 05, 2015 5:30 am

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This reminds me of this song.

We must keep marching forward, with fire and intensity!

Sourd an chiehl
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Post Sat Dec 05, 2015 4:11 pm

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You're sermons always get better and better!

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