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Jews Owning Black Television

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Post Thu Dec 03, 2015 12:09 pm

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Jews Owning Black Television
As we all know the Jews own Hollywood. The majority of blacks in America watch television. These television shows mainly show negativity such as violence, Christianity and everything else negative. The Jews are the ones putting this out there for the goyim to imitate.
First violence, violence in African – Americans is very high. The reason for this is that Jews put this in the media. The mind is very impressionable so if our Black children are watching this they will this is acceptable when it shouldn’t be I think this where the phrase “niggas die every day” comes from because we’re used to this since birth. A lot of blacks watch reality T.V which portrays nothing but drama, fights, and relationship problems. VH1 is the channel these shows are on. Come to find out VH1 is owned Viacom and Viacom’s parent company in National Amusements which was founded by Michael Redstone a Jew and the CEO is Summer Redstone the son
Viacom also owns paramount which created the movie Juice which is a very negative movie along with Bebe’s kids and Get Rich or Die tryin’.
Secondly Christianity, the majority of B.E.T shows are Christian based which infects black gentiles more with Christianity. Viacom also owns all of B.E.T which shows Jews are the ones pushing it on our people just like in slavery. B.E.T also plays the gangster movies on it’s channel which further attacks Blacks. Even if one is not a Christian he/she is smacked in the face with it every time he/she wants to watch black actors on television. B.E.T also puts on movies that show rape.
What all this does is infects this into the young gentile. It seems rape violence stealing is the norm because that’s all we see. Our thoughts are based our knowledge and if all we know is negative than the mass mind sends energy to make this happen in real life. The reason for this is we fear it could happen to us so with the mass mind thinking this it eventually happens.
This website is Christian but it explains how it gets into our mind
“Child psychologist, Dr. Debra Kowalski, explains, "With children having so much exposure to the media, the messages that come across… are very important and they shape how a child sees the world and what a child sees as important. …A lot of the messages related to violence and sexuality can negatively impact a child."

The repetition of violence causes children to become desensitized. The same thing happens to adults, but children are more vulnerable. It also holds true for explicit sexual content. In fact, relatively little exposure to pornographic material at an early age can significantly disturb a child and interact with their sleeping and other behaviors. It can also affect the way they interact socially with peers, as well as foster anxiety and fear in other situations.

Michael Suman, coordinator of The Center for Communications Policy at the University of California at Los Angeles, is doing a three year analysis of the effects of violence on television. He makes the following observations:

"Violence on television, basically, has three types of negative effects on people."

INCREASES VIOLENCE. “…Many studies show that violence on TV actually leads to aggressive, violent behaviors in the world, most prominently through imitation. They see people being violent on TV and they copy them as models. They imitate them.”

DESENSITIZATION AND CALLOUSNESS. "People become desensitized. This includes being callous towards people who’ve been victims of violence." (Ted Baehr, movie and television specialist and publisher of the Christian “Movie Guide”, comments, “We say ‘it’s ok, we’ve seen it on television. That behavior is fine.’ We no longer object to behavior [and language] that a few years ago we would have been insulted by… We’ve become very desensitized, and it’s corrupting.”)

FEAR. “It makes them more fearful.” Children may have the false notion that violence or abuse is around every corner and that there is no good in this world. While this may be partly true, it is misleading and can cause much damage during the developmental stages of life.”
In conclusion it is the Jew that puts this negative filth into our minds to keep it going. I noticed a lot of Blacks protest Black Friday why don’t we protest Jewish television?
Up, you mighty race, accomplish what you will.

- Marcus Garvey

The Black skin is not a badge of shame, but rather a glorious symbol of national greatness.
- Marcus
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